All The Tea In China: Plandia Bio (PLPL)

All The Tea In China

All the Tea in China is no longer All the Tea in China. I’m sure you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about.

China is where they invented the stuff, and it’s been consumed as an enjoyable beverage with some perceived positive side effects for 5,000 years. In the last 20 years, scientists have started to understand the very powerful healthy side effects Green Tea extract delivers to the body- therefore, while the euphemism“All The Tea in China” used to mean a whole bunch of tea- about all there was in the world, it’s no longer the case. Tea- more importantly tea extracts- have spread globally, and all the Tea is no longer In China.

There is more tea consumed globally than any other individual beverage. The only liquid with higher human consumption is water. Only about 2.9 million tons of tea are grown annually around the world. The beverage was discovered about 5,000 years ago by Shan Nong, a Chinese Emperor, in 2737 BC. Like many of the world’s great discoveries, it happened by accident. A few leaves fell into his drinking water as it was being boiled, and he is said to have enjoyed the alluring aroma and taste.

Western cultures have only consumed tea for the last 500 years as trade expanded between East and West.

Tea has taken on a whole new persona in the last 10 years as research has proven the therapeutic value of tea has long been underestimated. Tea extracts, through multiple clinical trials, have now been proven to extend life, reduce medical costs, decrease weight, increase metabolism, decrease stress, and increase anti oxidants.

The demand for healthier alternatives is proven out by two outstanding companies in this sector:

  • GNC (NYSE: GNC): This retail chain has grown to 5849 US stores, and 504 International stores generating about $1.2 billon in annual revenues.
  • Royal DSM (NYSE Euronext N.V) is a global science based has 22,000 employees and annual sales of $11.8 billion. Royal DSM manufactures a Green Tea Extract that is used in many US based products.

Green tea extracts have become a prominent part of the businesses of many of these health product companies. There are six major manufacturers of Green Tea Extract globally, and the stuff sells for anywhere from $80 per kilo to $540 per kilo.

Today’s new idea has the most exciting new technology to ever come along in this sector. Plandia Biotechnology (PLPL) has developed an extraction process for Green Tea Extracts that delivers many times the health benefits of the status quo.

Read on McDuff………

Enter Plandia Biotechnology Inc (OTC BB: PLPL): Superior Technology

PLPL is a complicated story. However, the way you can make money in the short term is very simple.

Here’s the 30,000 ft overview. A couple of pHd scientists spent the last 10 years developing new extraction technology that creates by far the best green tea extract known to man. In several studies it has proven to be far and away the most “Bioavailble” green tea extract. About 2 ounces of their extract provides the same benefit you would expect from a gallon of the other guy’s stuff.

In order to begin commercialization using this revolutionary new technology, the company ventured to one of the best places on Planet Earth to grow green tea. It also happens to have a very favorable political climate- money is available from the government.

The tea growing region of South Africa has a 70% unemployment rate and tea plantations have grown fallow since Apartheid. Native South Africans took back their plantations, but they didn’t have the skills or resources to operate them.

At the end of January PLPL received a formal commitment from the Land and Agricultural Development Bank of South Africa for a 100 Million Rand debt financing (about $13 million).

The capital will be used to restore 300 hectares of prime green tea farm land in South Africa. This land is absolutely ideal for this crop. Nine months of the year green tea can be grown and harvested every 19 days.

A smaller portion of the funds will be used to restore the tea growth. The larger portion of the funds will be used to build and install PLPL’s proprietary Green Tea Extraction technology, which is patented and proven out in many scientific studies.

The loans have not closed as of this time. The Land Bank, which is a quasi government agency in South Africa assigned to task of making loans that will put people to work, has required the company to restructure the loans so they could be divided up equitably amongst the company’s subsidiaries. To read the SEC filing that describes the delay on funding and the subsequent completion of the requirements, simply click here.

140% Upside

Since I’m going to be covering this one for the next 6 months, I’m going to leave out a lot of information I’ll save for future editions.

I could write volumes on the revolutionary new Green Tea Extract method the company has devised and patented. When seen to fruition, this extract will be far more “Bioavailable” to the human body (meaning the body will absorb a far higher percentage), and be pharmaceutical quality. Lots more on this in future editions.

However, making money in the short term is a very simple matter, and the chart tells us exactly what’s likely to happen.

PLPL announced the signed commitment for the capital from the Land Bank at the end of January. As you can see from this chart, the stock traded up to $.60 on the news.

The closing of the financing has been delayed, and the stock is now $.25.

If you invest in this stock today at about $.25 while it’s at the very low end of it’s trading range, and wait until the company gets the funding closed, the stock is likely to head back to the $.60 level- where it was when the market expected the loan to close in the short term.

Hence- 140% on your money from today’s levels if and when it happens.

While no one can use the word “guarantee” with regard to the closing of the loan, I have interviewed CEO Roger Duffield extensively from South Africa, and reviewed last week’s SEC filing.

I believe it’s highly likely this loan will close, and the company will immediately begin the process of restoring these lands to productivity and assembling the required equipment for their amazing extraction process.

There you have it- $.25 today. Back to $.60 on the news, which could come any day. There’s not much technical downside as the stock is trading very close to its lowest historical level.

Once the funds have been secured, we can take a much harder look at the value of Green Tea Extract, and in particular PLPL’s proprietary technology that makes for the highest grade and most bioavailable Green Tea Extract in history.

I would suggest accumulating at around $.25 with a short term price target of $.60 and an SSL of $.15.

Take your position, then hold for the news, which will be just the beginning of this story, and the start of a highly profitable saga.

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If Steve Jobs Had Known

Laser Targeting

Treating cancer- it’s a huge industry. The estimate? Glad you asked: The number is so large, I couldn’t even find an estimate. One study shows Americans lose $2.3 billion every year waiting for cancer treatment.

The answer on how much is spent is many billions. Cancer is a wide ranging term, so numbers are only available for specific types of cancer. $1 billion is spent on research for breast cancer alone. The estimate for therapy costs- $13.9 billion for breast cancer. That’s a whole bunch of billions.

Chemotherapy- the introduction of chemicals that kill tumors, is one tried and true therapy for either slowing down the spread of cancer, and/or sending it into remission. However, the downside of chemotherapy- it’s a shot gun effect treatment. Another words, patients are heavily dosed with poisons that have been shown to greatly effect specific kinds of cancers. In many cases, the treatment is worse than the disease, and patients often opt to live out their lives without the aggressive therapy.

A new delivery system known a “Bioencapsulation”- nicknamed and copy writed as “Cell-in-a-Box” has been designed to significantly increase the locally available amount of an active cancer drug directly to the tumor- thereby minimizing the surrounding damage and reducing harmful side effects.

Rather than the shotgun effect- this is a laser targeted “Sniper” effect designed just to kill the tumor: Read on…..

Pancreatic Cancer - Hard to Diagnose and Quickly Fatal

Pancreatic Cancer is a solid tumor with a very poor prognosis and extremely limited treatment options. The median survival time from this difficult to diagnose condition is less than 6 months. There’s about 120,000 cases diagnosed annually in the US, Europe, and Japan combined.

US based Nuvilex (OTC BB: NVLX) has acquired the rights from SG Austria to develop and market this revolutionary “Cell-in-a-Box” therapy that has been proven effective in a Phase I/II clinical trial on Pancreatic Cancer patients in Germany. The trial was performed on 14 patients at the Rostock Medical University.

For those of you who are not familiar with the FDA process for drug approval, here’s the overview for dummies like me:

  • A Phase I trial is used to prove the therapy won’t kill you
  • A Phase II trial is used to demonstrate the product has some level of effectiveness on a small sampling of patients
  • A Phase III trial is a much larger patient study and is the last step prior to an FDA approval- if one is granted.

It takes about $1 billion and many years to get a new drug through the FDA process. Sometimes, depending on the severity of the disease being treated, studies are combined for patients with little other recourse- another words- extreme terminal situations.

Such is the case with the Phase I/II trial performed on 14 Pancreatic Cancer patients in Germany.

The patients’ median survival rate doubled compared to historical controls when using Chemo drug Gamzar. The one year survival rate tripled, and only 1/3 the standard chemo dosage was used.

Pain was diminished and quality of life was improved considerably while visible tumors stabilized during the course of treatment.

How It Works

NVLX’s cancer therapy is not a new drug. It is a new way to laser target the delivery of an existing drug. The delivery system works something like GoreTex- the water proof fabric that breathes. With GoreTex, the pores in the fabric are designed so that smaller air molecules can pass through, but water molecules cannot. Hence- the fabric breathes, but you stay dry.

The drug is “bioencapsulated” in a cell and injected into the body near the site. Immune cells- like water molecules with GoreTex are too large to attack the “Cell-in-a-Box”, so they are ignored by the immune system.

However, small cells can pass out of the Bioencapsuled cell and attack the tumors in the immediate vicinity.

Using a catheter, the Bioencapsulated cells containing 1/3 the normal dosage of the cancer drug were introduced near the tumors using a catheter. These x-ray images show the actual catheter and subsequent implantation of the “Cell-in-a-Box” placement.

Now- are you ready for the eye opening results?:

The patients’ median survival rate doubled compared to historical controls when using chemo drug Gamzar. The one year survival rate tripled, and only 1/3 the standard chemo dosage was used.

Pain was diminished and quality of life was improved considerably while visible tumors stabilized during the course of treatment.

There’s More

Here’s what one of these capsules looks like- this is an actual photographic image.

Pancreatic Cancer has been the first target for a clinical trial- mostly because it’s so difficult to treat and nearly always fatal. The harsh reality is exotic and unusual therapies are easier to get into trials when patients and doctors have little recourse.

However, the whole process of bioencapsulation has far greater potential uses.

Plans are underway to use Encapusation technology for many other purposes. This same technology can be used to laser target Stem Cells.

It is also suggested Encapsulation can be used to target infectious diseases such as Hepatitis C Virus, West Nile, Dengue, Influenza, and HIV.

Diabetes is also a potential disease for NVLX to pursue. Early studies suggest encapsulated cells can still deliver insulin 6 months after implantation.

And, of course, other and more widespread forms of cancer could become targets for its use- such as Lung, Breast to name two obvious candidates.

Various therapies are being explored in joint activity between NVLX’s us operations in Silver Spring, MD, and the SG Austria operations in Singapore.

Where to From Here?

There’s a lot more to cover on NVLX. I’m just showing you the recent developments in this first edition. More to come as I’ve committed to follow every move this company makes for at least 6 months.

I’m very intrigued by the potential for this therapy- here’s the hook- At $.06, the market is saying this company is worth about $20 million.

The therapy they own for market in the US just demonstrated in could DOUBLE THE SURVIVAL RATE of 14 terminal Pancreatic cancer patients, using 1/3 the normal dosage of chemotherapy, and double their life expectancy.

True- it’s a small sampling of patients, but $20 million is equivalent to about zero in the biotech world. As this story develops, I could easily see this stock trading at $.50 as the company works towards a partnership to go into Phase III clinical trials and turns its attention to other potential uses for Bioencapsulation.

As you can see from the chart- buyers have been coming for this stock. About 10 days ago this stock traded nearly 13 million shares over two days.

It surged from $.03 to $.09 and settled back at about $.06. Someone decided they needed to own a bunch of this one in a hurry.

I say we give the company 6 months to thrill the market as it develops this Bioencapsulation technology.

We can sit around and guess all day where the stock might go- that’s a “subjective” issue.

However, double the survival rate, tripling the one year survival rate, and doing it with 1/3 the chemotherapy dosage is a fact- there’s nothing subjective about it.

This little $.06 gem is just starting to show up on some radar screens- Long term, I like it for $.50. Short term- it’s hard to predict- a break above that $.09 surge would give the stock a ceiling of anyone’s guess. It might happen today, in two days or two months.

It’s easy to hold since the company has proven it can help extend life.

Let’s at least go for $.12, or a double in the next 30 days. $.50 longer term. For those who feel they need an SSL, use $.03- the level the last surge started from.

If Steve Jobs had only met NVLX sooner- who knows?

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If Steve Jobs Had Only Known

If Steve Jobs Had Only Known

On October 6, 2011, Steve Jobs- the helmsman of Apple Computer, died after a long battle with a rare form of Pancreatic Cancer.

Jobs was not fortunate enough to find a treatment that would extend his life, and he might have only been months or a year or two from a therapy that might have been able to extend his life for at least several more years.

There are many companies developing cancer therapies designed to extend life anywhere from several months to many years. However, its a real rarity to find a small stock, trading with about a $20 million market value that has already completed a Phase II clinical trial that demonstrates a therapy effective in the treatment of Pancreatic Cancer.

If seen through the entire FDA process, this therapy could be worth billions.

Here’s the real kicker for those of you who like a low priced stock- this was a 6 cent stock at the close on Friday. Moreover, about 2 weeks ago, this little stock traded over 13 million shares in 2 days and surged to a high of $.09- 50% above Friday’s close.

It’s time for us to make some money in the penny market again. This story reminds me a lot of Cel-Sci (CVM)- a biotech company I’ve covered on an off over the years. CVM is working therapies for head an neck cancer. When you’ve been publishing for 14 years, you have a lot to look back at.

On June 13, 2009, I published an edition on Cel Sci (CVM) at about $.47 per share. Here’s a chart of what happened with the idea over the next 4 months.

As you can see, CVM headed up to the $2 mark at its peak, and settled in around $1.50 for no less than a three to four fold return for all.

Tomorrow after the market closes I’ll be introducing a new idea that reminds me a lot of CVM when it was at the $.50 level- only this one is just $.06.

As I said above, in the last two weeks this little stock traded 13 million shares in two trading days two weeks ago and surged to $.09. The company has completed a Phase II clinical trialon a therapy for Pancreatic Cancer, and it gearing up to move to Phase III trials.

What a find. I’ve committed to covering all the developments with this new idea for six months, so I have expectations this one could be absolutely huge.

Watch your inbox post close tomorrow- especially if you love the really low priced ones.

It’s worth noting- the whole market is buzzing about Apple’s move from $400 to $600 this year. I assure, this little stock could go from $.04 to $.06 in a day- or even $.06 to $.10 on a good day. Of course, there’s more risk, but it’s no different than AAPL running to $1,000 per share.

CALL Short Killed by Oppenheimer

I’ve never seen this happen before, but you live and learn. Friday, with no news release and no conference call, CALL put out its year end numbers through an SEC filing, and they were lousy compared to 2011. Their revenues were down, and losses up.

However, the moment they put out the numbers, Oppenheimer raised its price target on the stock to $27, and it started working higher.

I immediately published a “close out and cover” recommendation. Since I had recommended shorting at $24, and it was about $25, the loss was only 4.1%- 8% on cash in your margin account. If you own put options or shorted calls the loss would have been a little higher- I lost about $1,000 on a $3,000 investment. I was going for a higher return, so I had a higher percentage loss on a lot less money.

I’ve never seen a firm come out so quickly with a price upgrade, so something very positive is going on for CALL. Better to take a small loss and move on.

Stand by for one of the best stories I’ve seen on a very low priced stock tomorrow post close. I believe you penny stock fans will love this one.

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In Case You Were Wondering

In Case You Were Wondering

Just in case you were wondering, I thought it was time to provide and update on my latest ideas- one that has been rather disastrous, and one that is yet to be decided.

Shorting Magic Jack (CALL) for a quick trade and owning iTrackr (IRYS) have been my ideas over the last month, so here’s an update on both:

Shorting Magic Jack (CALL)

I’m not opposed to taking a bite out of both sides of the apple. Magic Jack (CALL) provided us with a generous meal this year as we notched a 400% gain on the call options I recommended back in January when the stock was $16. Now it’s $24.

When you think about the gain, it’s extraordinary. Let’s look at stock market darling Apple (AAPL)- over the same time frame, AAPL has risen from $400 to $600, while Magic Jack (CALL) has risen from $15 to $24. AAPL is up 50%, with CALL is up 60%. So far this year, CALL has been the better stock to own.

Last Friday I recommended going short CALL into their annual earnings report which, according to Yahoo!, was due out Monday after the market closed. I describe this kind of trading idea as an “Event Driven Trade”. The events leading up to recommending the trade are the upside movement in the stock over the past two months, combined with the earnings release.

It’s been my observation over many years of trading that whenever a stock runs up into an event- in this case the year end numbers, 95% of the time it will sell off once the proverbial cat is out of the bag.

In the case of Magic Jack (CALL), apparently Yahoo! and the management at CALL are not talking, and Yahoo! has it wrong. CALL has not released it’s 2011 audited financials, and as such the event I’m betting on has yet to happen.

In fact, if you look at the daily earnings calender, Yahoo! how has the company releasing its numbers every day. Sooner or later their calender will be right.

Fortunately, I chose to buy the April $25 put options at $3, which leaves me plenty of time to wait for the release.

Under normal circumstances, CALL is required to file their annual 10k audited financial statements today- March 15th. However, there are several factors which could affect the timing. If the numbers are not disclosed today, I believe the company has a grace period of a week or so, and then it can file for an extension to buy another 10 days if required to do so. When companies file for an extension, the market generally views this as a negative, so I would expect the stock to ease down during this time frame.

There’s one other factor that could effect the timing- CALL is actually a “foreign issuer”- the company is domiciled in Israel. This could effect the amount of time they are given to disclose their year end numbers.

So, we have no choice but to wait it out- at present, we are simply on CALL Waiting. The company itself has provided no disclosure about when its numbers will be coming out, but this could be one of those situations where they make some sort of announcement a day or two before.

I’m still long the April $25 puts.

iTrackr (IRYS) Clobbered -Attention Kmart Shoppers

My most recent penny stock idea- iTrackr (IRYS) is a bit troubling. There’s really no nice way to say it- this stock has been an absolute mess. This could end up being a great opportunity for those who either sat on the sidelines or sold on the way down, but the chart is just butt ugly.

There’s been a number of explanations bandied about. My own personal conclusion- I believe short sellers pounced on this stock and beat it down back on Monday, the 5th. The sudden drop caused existing shareholders to panic and just sell with little regard for price. Shorts targeted this one due to some rather inflammatory information that was published about the company.

As an young and under followed penny stock, the bottom simply fell out. The volume in this stock has been rather insane against an estimated “effective” public float of about 3 to 4 million shares. At present, the volume would suggest the entire float is turning over every 2 to 3 days.

I suspect this stock could be good for a bounce for a few reasons. For starters, their platform for marrying local consumers to local merchants is just getting off the ground. It’s only available in Beta Test version, but it’s very robust and has a lot of features that should eventually play well with both sides of business.

Secondly, if there is a big short in the stock, eventually the shorts will buy back and close out their positions. That’s how they lock in their profits.

A Fibonacci bounce suggests this stock is entitled to regain 38.2% of the ground it lost. If it does, the target price is circled in green on the chart. The stock would be entitled to bounce back to about $.38 which coincides with the 50 day moving average.

From today’s level, that would be a 52% gain, and a suitable risk. At this point, it’s unlikely there’s a lot of downside risk technically for the next few weeks, as it’s likely everyone that wanted to sell has done so- or pretty close to it.

I sold very little of my rather large position in this one on the way down, so I’m still holding quite a bit and hoping for a turn around.

There’s the update on both situations- just in case you were wondering.

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Flipping the CALL and IRYS Pancake

Flipping the Pancake

Two of my 2012 calls have gone insane this week to the good and the bad, and it’s time to turn the pancake over on both of them. Magic Jack (NASDAQ: CALL), which has been a monster win, is offering us another opportunity to make money in my view. More below.

Recently introduced iTrackr Systems (OTC BB: IRYS), has been a absolute mess and I believe has been targeted by market makers who are aggressively shorting the stock. The stock might have now sold off enough to be good enough for a bounce, and that’s the other side of the pancake.

Here’s a review:

iTrackr (IRSY) Under Attack

My recent idea on IRYS looked pretty darn good out of the gates- having made a short term move from my $.68 entry level to about $.85- a quick gain of about 25% in the first two trading days. Yesterday, however, was a different story.

While I was making an appearance as the guest host on the Big Biz Show ( btw- sorry the online broadcast got screwed up- it should be working now)- the stock got absolutely annihilated.

To me, this looks like a classic manipulated short raid on the stock by market makers. You simply don’t see stocks trade like this for no reason.

Actually, in my view, there were some reasons behind this little penny stock getting tagged with the short seller bulls eye- there was some content published on the company from other sources that was highly inflammatory in my view, and brought poor little IRYS squarely into the short cross hairs.

The stock has traded an incredible amount of volume since making it’s debut last week. There are only about 8 million shares in the public float. The stock has traded 8.8 million shares since last Wednesday- there’s no way every single share in the public float has changed hands.

A quick look at the chart tells the whole story. Stocks don’t drop like that with no news. The two day drop is insane.

The stock may have made its bottom today. There was mid morning news that seemed to turn the tide, and it’s an endorsement of the company’s potential from a really strong investor.

About mid morning IRYS disclosed it has received an executed term sheet from Cornucopia Fund- managed by Omar Amanat. According to the news, Mr. Amanat is the co-founding board member of Twilight Studio as well as Summit Entertainments largest shareholder; Peak Group Holdings. He provided and raised 50% of the capital during Peaks $1 Billion financing of Summit Entertainment. Recently Summit was sold to Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. (NYSE: LGF - News) for $412 Million.

Summit Entertainment owned Twilight Studio- the studio of the Twilight Movie Series Franchise. Just Google Omar Amanat - you will see this guy is one big hitter. The fund executed a term sheet which allows them to invest up to $1 million in IRYS at a fixed price of $.40. It was not disclosed how much has been invested so far. The shares the fund is purchasing will not be free trading for 6 months.

The stock is regaining some ground since this news came out. Perhaps short sellers are rethinking their view on this company after the indirect endorsement of one of the most astute investors and successful businessmen around.

In the meantime, my SSL, as published on the home page, for IRYS was $.60. If you’re out, you might want to consider coming back in. This could be a “V” shaped bottom if short sellers decide to start covering.

This one could be good for a bounce. I haven’t seen one attacked like this in sometime, so it’s a little strange, but could be a tremendous opportunity.

BTW- Full disclosure-I’m still long every single share I had when I published on IRYS last week. I have my own money at risk. I have not been paid anything by the company.

Magic Jack (NASDAQ: CALL) - Let’s Have Another Look

CALL has just gone nuts, rolling through $20 without much problem as settling in around $23. Fantastic move, and I hope everyone clipped 400% off the call options I recommended.

It might be time to either buy a put, sell or call, or short this stock. Next Monday the company comes out with the 2011 year end audit numbers after the market closes.

Now, I have no idea how good the earnings will be, but here’s what I do know.

95% of the time, when a stock makes a big run into earnings, it blips up briefly after the release, then sells off as the hot money comes out on the news.

I see no reason why that pattern wouldn’t repeat itself here.

Tomorrow I’ll have a specific recommendation for a trade on a post earnings pullback.

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Hang Up on The CALL: Catch Me Live With iTrackr (OTC IRYS)

Catch Me Live and In Person

From time to time over the last several years I’ve made appearances discussing all sorts of market related topics on the Big Biz Show. The Big Biz show is a kind of irrevant stock market and business related TV show that is also streamed online. It started out on radio, but evolved.

Here’s how the show’s description:

“Thanks for listening and watching ”The Big Biz Show with Sully and Russ T Nailz” nationwide and coast to coast in 35 million cable television homes, and 150 radio stations in 175 countries via American Life Network, Biz Television, FOX Business Network, Armed Forces Radio Network, CBS Radio Network and The Business Talk Radio Network!”

The show has been broadcast every business day from 3PM to 5PM. Starting Monday, the show is moving to the new time slot of 12PM to 2PM eastern time.

Yours truly will be the co-host of this Monday’s first broadcast in the new time slot, so please tune in. I plan to talk about generating income from your stock positions by writing covered calls. Forget dividends- this is the way to go for investors seeking higher returns.

More importantly, the first of my “Big 3″ penny stock ideas is iTrackr Systems (OTC BB: IRYS). IRYS opened at $.68 this past Wednesday when I released the pick, and closed Friday at $.80. There’s been a volume explosion, and reasonable price movement of 17.5% in the first three trading days.

Tune in at 10:20 Eastern time to catch Jeremy Brooks, the President of IRYS, interviewed live on the Big Biz Show.

Rather than try to figure out where it might or might not be on your local cable system, you can watch it, or listen online.

Go to WWW.BIGBIZSHOW.COM on Monday morning.

Click on the button that says “Watch Us Live”, or click on “Listen Live“.

Time to Hang Up The Call

Any way you look at it, my recommendation to invest in the Magic Jack (NASDAQ: CALL) options has been a gigantic win. At the same time, I suggested the Dexcom (DXCM) options, and those were a break even, so no harm done there.

The March 15 CALL call options I recommended back on January 18th at $1.30 closed Friday at $6.70 bid- yielding at gain of 415%.

Time to hang up on the call. Anyone still holding those call options should sell them and close out their position immediately.

Those options will expire in two weeks, and the stock has run up very nicely into their earnings release. No matter how good the earnings, there’s a 90% chance the stock will briefly blip up then sell off after the earnings release.

Hang up on the CALL, take your 415%, and move on.

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