If Steve Jobs Had Only Known

If Steve Jobs Had Only Known

On October 6, 2011, Steve Jobs- the helmsman of Apple Computer, died after a long battle with a rare form of Pancreatic Cancer.

Jobs was not fortunate enough to find a treatment that would extend his life, and he might have only been months or a year or two from a therapy that might have been able to extend his life for at least several more years.

There are many companies developing cancer therapies designed to extend life anywhere from several months to many years. However, its a real rarity to find a small stock, trading with about a $20 million market value that has already completed a Phase II clinical trial that demonstrates a therapy effective in the treatment of Pancreatic Cancer.

If seen through the entire FDA process, this therapy could be worth billions.

Here’s the real kicker for those of you who like a low priced stock- this was a 6 cent stock at the close on Friday. Moreover, about 2 weeks ago, this little stock traded over 13 million shares in 2 days and surged to a high of $.09- 50% above Friday’s close.

It’s time for us to make some money in the penny market again. This story reminds me a lot of Cel-Sci (CVM)- a biotech company I’ve covered on an off over the years. CVM is working therapies for head an neck cancer. When you’ve been publishing for 14 years, you have a lot to look back at.

On June 13, 2009, I published an edition on Cel Sci (CVM) at about $.47 per share. Here’s a chart of what happened with the idea over the next 4 months.

As you can see, CVM headed up to the $2 mark at its peak, and settled in around $1.50 for no less than a three to four fold return for all.

Tomorrow after the market closes I’ll be introducing a new idea that reminds me a lot of CVM when it was at the $.50 level- only this one is just $.06.

As I said above, in the last two weeks this little stock traded 13 million shares in two trading days two weeks ago and surged to $.09. The company has completed a Phase II clinical trialon a therapy for Pancreatic Cancer, and it gearing up to move to Phase III trials.

What a find. I’ve committed to covering all the developments with this new idea for six months, so I have expectations this one could be absolutely huge.

Watch your inbox post close tomorrow- especially if you love the really low priced ones.

It’s worth noting- the whole market is buzzing about Apple’s move from $400 to $600 this year. I assure, this little stock could go from $.04 to $.06 in a day- or even $.06 to $.10 on a good day. Of course, there’s more risk, but it’s no different than AAPL running to $1,000 per share.

CALL Short Killed by Oppenheimer

I’ve never seen this happen before, but you live and learn. Friday, with no news release and no conference call, CALL put out its year end numbers through an SEC filing, and they were lousy compared to 2011. Their revenues were down, and losses up.

However, the moment they put out the numbers, Oppenheimer raised its price target on the stock to $27, and it started working higher.

I immediately published a “close out and cover” recommendation. Since I had recommended shorting at $24, and it was about $25, the loss was only 4.1%- 8% on cash in your margin account. If you own put options or shorted calls the loss would have been a little higher- I lost about $1,000 on a $3,000 investment. I was going for a higher return, so I had a higher percentage loss on a lot less money.

I’ve never seen a firm come out so quickly with a price upgrade, so something very positive is going on for CALL. Better to take a small loss and move on.

Stand by for one of the best stories I’ve seen on a very low priced stock tomorrow post close. I believe you penny stock fans will love this one.

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