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December 2004

2004 In Review

Posted on December 29, 2004
Today's edition was supposed to contain my year end wrap for the two companies I haven't covered; Family Room Entertainment (OTC BB: FMLY) and Aegis Assessments (OTC BB: AGSI). I always make an effort to contact the management at the companies for some feedback prior to sharing my views of both the... More »

BrandPartners and American Water Star Year End Comments

Posted on December 27, 2004
I have four more companies to cover prior to year's end. Since it is a quiet week and there is limited time before we turn the corner into 2005, I have decided to publish two more editions. AMW and BPTR are covered in today's edition. Look for AGSI and FMLY in Wednesday's edition. BrandPartners (OTC... More »

NeWave Corp: Should See New Wave Of High Prices Next Year

Posted on December 22, 2004
NeWave Corp (OTC BB: NWAV)- Should See New Wave Of High Prices Next Year NeWave was without a doubt one of the best fundamental growth stories the OTC Journal covered in 2004. The company, through its turn key solution for putting individuals in business on the internet, found a sweet spot for those... More »

Nutech Digital Year End Wrap Up- A Failed Idea

Posted on December 20, 2004
Year End Wrap Ups in December Today's edition features one of the stocks I won't be covering in 2005 unless something dramatic changes. I publish these year end reviews so you have the opportunity to lock in a tax loss for 2004 if you choose to go that way. This stock has been a big loser in 2004. Successful... More »

NetWork Installation; Building For a Big 2005

Posted on December 18, 2004
Just for fun you might want to go back and read the June 20th edition entitled I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas. This was the first edition of several discussing seasonality in the market. I believe this year's strong Santa Claus rally has been the result of a lackluster year. There has been pent up... More »

GPS Industries: Due To Bounce Off Oversold Condition

Posted on December 15, 2004
GPS Industries (OTC BB: GPSN): Due To Bounce Off Oversold Condition There have been two short term trading ideas offered up for the Santa Claus rally this month. Global E-Point (NASDAQ: GEPT) was a huge success, yielding nearly a double in a few trading days and looking like it could go higher from... More »

Vitra Systems; Breakout Triggered By Debt Conversion

Posted on December 14, 2004
Year End Wrap Ups in December Here's another year end review coupled with some great news and a stock breaking out. VirTra Systems announced the results of its recent efforts to convert its long standing and overwhelming debt to equity in a very favorable arrangement for shareholders. As it turns out... More »

HyperDynamics; Satellite Image Results and Year End Review

Posted on December 09, 2004
Year End Wrap Ups in December It's getting to that time of year when I start publishing year end reviews on the microcap companies we follow. Of the nine the OTC Journal currently follows, several will be dropped to make room for others will more upside. In the microcap world you are inevitably going... More »

NetWork Installation: Sets Sites on '05

Posted on December 06, 2004
Year End Wrap Ups in December It's getting to that time of year when I start publishing year end reviews on the microcap companies we follow. Of the nine the OTC Journal currently follows, several will be dropped to make room for others with more upside. In the microcap world you are inevitably going... More »

GPS Industries; Shark Invests and Stock Cruises; FLSH and GEPT Profit

Posted on December 04, 2004
Profit Alert- M Systems (NASDAQ: FLSH) and Global E-Point (NASDAQ: GEPT) For those who were in it for a trade, I recommend taking your profits on FLSH- one of the stocks we featured in the October 9th trading ideas edition for the annual Santa Claus rally. The stock had a parabolic move to the upside... More »

Santa Rally Off and Flying: Updates on Ideas Since August

Posted on December 02, 2004
Santa Comes to Stocks- Updates on Ideas The annual Santa Claus rally is well under way, coming right on cue as it does most years. Despite mixed economic data, fund managers are now buying the high beta names. If you don't understand why the market is rallying in the face of high oil prices, mediocre... More »

November 2004

Global E-Point: Upside Break Likely as Company Transitions Into Homeland

Posted on November 29, 2004
Global E-Point (NASDAQ: GEPT): Transitioning to Homeland Security Global E-Point has not been on a lot of radar screens in recent months, but I believe that is going to change. The stock is very cheap and under followed, and therefore I don't believe there is much downside risk in this idea. The upside... More »

NeWave Delivers Record Quarter

Posted on November 23, 2004
NeWave (OTC BB: NWAV) Delivers Record Quarter NeWave delivered its September quarterly report today, and the results broke all previous records. NeWave generated $2.1 million in revenues for the quarter, up from a mere $334,000 in the same quarter one year ago. The comparison is not really fair, as... More »

NetWork Continues Torrid Growth Pace

Posted on November 22, 2004
NetWork Installation (OTC BB: NWKI): Rapid Growth Continues NetWork Installation was out with its September quarterly results today, and as it turns out the company has stayed the course of rapid growth. This strong growth has been reflected in the stock price and corresponding uptrend since the August... More »

Family Room, BrandPartners, and Torrent Deliver the Goods

Posted on November 18, 2004
Family Room (OTC BB: FMLY): Cautious Optimism is Warranted It's been an eventful week for long suffering shareholders of Family Room Entertainment. Earlier this week Family Room made several announcements. The most exciting came Wednesday when FMLY announced the first profitable quarter in company history... More »

VirTra Systems: Like a Duck on a Pond

Posted on November 16, 2004
VirTra Systems (OTC BB: VTSI): Like a Duck on a Pond Virtra Systems is just like a duck paddling along on a quiet pond. While the duck is moving along smoothly on the surface, his webbed feet are paddling furiously just beneath the surface. The company is now paddling furiously beneath the surface to... More »

HyperDynamics Goes Into Outer Space

Posted on November 13, 2004
HyperDynamics (OTC BB: HYPD) Goes Into Outer Space You are looking at HYPD's west African offshore oil and gas concession as seen from the space shuttle Columbia. Satellites are now going to start taking pictures of the 16 million acre concession in order to help identify the exact location for the... More »

BrandPartners Delivers Blow Away Results: NuTech Correction

Posted on November 10, 2004
NuTech Digital (OTC BB: NTDL) Conference Call Next Tuesday Over the years I have received a great deal of constructive criticism concerning the numerous typos, misspellings, and poor grammar mistakes made frequently in this publication. The members have been watching. In fact, many have suggested I... More »

NuTech Digital Conference Call Tuesday

Posted on November 08, 2004
NuTech Digital (OTC BB: NTDL) Conference Call Tuesday Today NuTech Digital announced President Lee Kasper would be conducting a conference call just after the market closes on Tuesday, November 9th. NTDL has been a huge loser for OTC Journal subscribers, and tomorrow's conference call could mark a turning... More »

Santa Comes Early; American Water Makes Comeback

Posted on November 06, 2004
Santa Comes Early To the Markets Santa got in his sleigh early this year and starting spreading the Holiday cheer. Technically, this has been a huge week. All the the major equity indexes are breaking out above downtrend lines that have plagued us since last March. Make no mistake about it- technically... More »

The Winners: Bush and Avanir; American Water Star Comments

Posted on November 03, 2004
The Winner- George Bush and Avanir Pharmaceuticals (AMEX: AVN) George Bush has been re elected for another four years, and the market seems to like it. All three major indexes: the DOW, S&P; 500, and the NASDAQ gapped opened this morning. If there is going to be one, the perennial Santa Claus rally... More »

October 2004

The Election and The Market

Posted on October 30, 2004
The Election and The Market The Presidential Election is finally upon us. Next Tuesday is the big day. I haven't published any political commentary as this newsletter is about the stock market. Therefore, I won't comment on who I prefer personally, because you don't read this tome for political views... More »

Bloody Wednesday: Cash At Any Price

Posted on October 28, 2004
Bloody Wednesday: Cash At Any Price It has certainly been a lousy week for several current ideas. eReasearch (NASDAQ: ERES) and M Systems (NASDAQ: FLSH) both sold off on great earnings reports. I'm still hanging in there on both of those ideas as we are now coming into the seasonally strongest time... More »

American Water Star Conference Call on Thursday

Posted on October 26, 2004
American Water Star (AMEX: AMW): Conference Call Thursday This Thursday, fifteen minutes after the market closes, Chairman Roger Mohlman of American Water Star will be hosting a conference call to bring investors up to date on developments at the company. In terms of stock price performance AMW has... More »

Torrent Energy Making New Highs- Drilling Program Getting Underway

Posted on October 25, 2004
Torrent Energy Makes New High (OTC BB: TREN); Drilling To Commence in November In August I published a couple of short term trading ideas in microcap stocks. Perfisans (OTC BB: PFNH) was featured with their new, low cost, specialized microprocessor. Torrent Energy was featured with their coal bed methane... More »

BrandPartners Has $50 Million in Crosshairs

Posted on October 18, 2004
BrandPartners (OTC BB: BPTR); $50 Million in Crosshairs Here's a recap if you missed the original presentation in the September 6th edition. BrandPartners is in the bank service industry. They are one of three major players in a market estimated to be about $2 billion annually. There are 106,000 bank... More »

Family Room: Ready To Join the Rebound Party? - Three Ideas From Members

Posted on October 16, 2004
My apologies for an incorrect statement I made at the beginning of Thursday night's edition. In the prologue I stated NTDL was trading solidly in the mid $.30's. As I was writing Thursday's edition the stock was behaving quite nicely and was in the mid '.30s. As has been the pattern in the past, the... More »

HyperDynamics: 55 of 57 Samples Hit Pay Dirt

Posted on October 14, 2004
Despite a lackluster market over the course of this week, a number of the OTC Journal's nine core microcap ideas are starting to come off the canvas after the severe body blows we all suffered through this summer. The three N's are all doing well. NWKI, which I covered on October 11th, is indeed breaking... More »

Perfisans- Break Out Alert

Posted on October 12, 2004
Perfisans was the one microcap idea I offered during the month of August that delivered an impressive short term profit. At the publishing of the August 6th edition, the stock was trading at $.99. By the first of September, Perfisans had worked its way up to $2 for a cool double if you were skilled... More »

NetWork Installation; Volume Surging: Price Improvement To Follow?

Posted on October 11, 2004
Many thanks to those who sent in their best trading idea. I have about 100 charts to go through this week. Hopefully I will find the time to include the three best looking charts in this weekend's edition. If not, I'll get them out there before too long as we are moving into the best season for stock... More »

Do Oil Prices Matter Any More?

Posted on October 09, 2004
Do Oil Prices Matter Any More? Despite having a few moderately down days this week, small stocks have begun trading extremely well. There are a lot of very good looking charts out there. Nearly all of the stocks within our little universe of microcaps are beginning to show signs of life. AMW finally... More »

BrandPartners: Already in Your Bank

Posted on October 06, 2004
My staff and I have been involved in the small and microcap market for nearly 20 years. Over the course of 20 years you develop a network of acquaintances. Some good, some not so good. In February of 2003, one of those acquaintances called me and shared an idea. This individual manages a hedge fund... More »

VirTra Lands Record Contract- Largest Order in Company History

Posted on October 04, 2004
VirTra Systems (OTC BB: VTSI): Lands Record Contract VirTra Systems kicked this week off with the biggest news in the company's history. For those of you have hung in there through a pretty tough six month market correction, your time may have come with VirTra Systems. You are looking at VirTra's IVR-300... More »

NuTech Digital: Buy, Sell, or Hold?

Posted on October 02, 2004
Today's edition is the second in this week's series on the OTC Journal problem children. NuTech Digital has been a big disappointment in terms of share price. The company's corporate performance has been good enough to justify higher levels, but not remarkable. NuTech's financing at $.40 has become... More »

September 2004

American Water Star: Buy, Sell, of Hold?

Posted on September 30, 2004
Both today's and the weekend edition will be devoted to exploring two of the OTC Journal's current problem children. I want to share some thoughts on both of these issues, so as to clear the decks for next week. There will be a couple of major positive developments from covered companies next week... More »

NeWave Starts New Service: eBay Drop Off Stores

Posted on September 28, 2004
NeWave (OTC BB: NWAV): Announces Expansion With eBay Drop Off Stores You are looking at a chart of Auction Mills. This equity trades in the obscurity of the Pink Sheets, which means they don't have to file any financial disclosure with the SEC. The stock rocketed into the stratosphere early this summer... More »

I Don't Trust September

Posted on September 25, 2004
October. This is one of the peculiarly dangerous months to speculate in stocks. The others are July, January, September, April, November, May, March, June, December, August and February. -Mark Twain, Pudd'nhead Wilson I Don't Trust September I could have said I do trust September- I trust September... More »

NetWork Installation: Persistance Breaks Down Resistance

Posted on September 23, 2004
Special Alert: Microsoft Service Pack II Special Alert for users of Windows and Outlook or Outlook Express. If you have downloaded the new Service Pack II, you have probably defaulted to settings which don't allow you to see either the images and charts in the newsletter. If you want to see the images... More »

Torrent Energy: Unparalleled Track Record of New CEO

Posted on September 21, 2004
Special Alert: Microsoft Service Pack II Special Alert for users of Windows and Outlook or Outlook Express. If you have downloaded the new Service Pack II, you have probably defaulted to settings which don't allow you to see either the images and charts in the newsletter, or the scrolling ticker. If... More »

$12.50 Price Target on AGSI; NWIS Does 2 for 1 Split

Posted on September 20, 2004
Special Alert: NetWork Installation Completes 2 for 1 Split NetWork Installation announced and completed a 2 for 1 split this morning. As a result, the symbol has now changed from NWIS to NWKI. You now own twice as many shares at one-half your former cost basis. The stock is now trading at a multi month... More »

World Water Poised to Flow Back Uphill

Posted on September 18, 2004
World Water (OTC BB: WWAT) Poised For Rebound You are looking at a schematic which will revolutionize the way Solar Power is used. The system was 20 years in development. Solar Power now can be used to generate 600 horsepower, vs the normal 5 horsepower generally reserved for enhancing home utilities... More »

The Company That Insources: American Water Star

Posted on September 15, 2004
American Water Star (AMEX: AMW) Conference Call On Thursday, August 26th, AMW Chairman and CEO Roger Mohlman hosted a public conference call to update shareholders and interested parties on the current state of the company and its anticipated path for growth. Since many people are out of touch at the... More »

HyperDynamics Surges At Open: Completes Phase II

Posted on September 07, 2004
HyperDynamics (OTC BB: HYPD) Completes Phase II Hyperdynamics kicked off the end of summer with an impressive rally this morning on a day when you would expect minimal interest in microcap stocks. In early trading, HYPD charged up to $2.73 in the first half hour on about 100,000 shares of volume. The... More »

WorldWater Revolutionizes Solar Industry

Posted on September 04, 2004
Scorching Short Term Ideas I tried to spice up the Dog Days of August with a couple of exciting short term ideas. Track Record: 1 for 2. Perfisans Holdings (OTC BB: PFNH) was a scorching win. The company was featured in the August 6th edition. The stock closed at $.99 that day. On Friday, PFNH closed... More »

August 2004

VirTra Announces Major Contract Win

Posted on August 30, 2004
VirTra Systems (OTC BB: VTSI) Gets Traction and Is Speeding Do you remember this picture from the May 17th edition entitled VirTra Systems Finally Starting to get Traction? Based on today's announcement, Virtra Systems has not only started to get traction, it is full speed ahead. VirTra is establishing... More »

Hyperdynamics Offers Further Confirmation

Posted on August 24, 2004
Hyperdynamics (OTC BB: HYPD) Gets Further Confirmation Do you believe there is viable recoverable oil under the surface in this concession off the coast of West Africa? The drilling rights to this concession are owned by HyperDynamics. Itspans 16 million acres, and has been awarded to HYPD by the Republic... More »

3 N's and a V: Quarterly Results Reviewed

Posted on August 23, 2004
Quarterly Results- Three N's and a V The June quarterly results from most of the OTC Journal's eight core ideas are in. Today, I've compiled a brief overview on four of those companies. Stocks trade on investor perception of the future. Looking at trailing financial statements is important, especially... More »

American Water Star: Double News Today

Posted on August 19, 2004
American Water Star (AMEX: AMW) Update Email inquiries about AMW have overloaded my inbox as the stock recently succumbed to selling pressure and dropped to a 52 week low. Since last reporting on AMW, they have filed the June quarterly financials, and there are some revealing facts contained therein... More »

Feedback From Members On

Posted on August 18, 2004
This past weekend's edition, entitled Is The Bear Back? sparked a number of well thought out comments. I asked for your thoughts, and promised to publish some of my favorites on both sides of the argument. Delivered today, as promised. I have been receiving a number of concerned emails from members... More »

NetWork Installation: Past Capitulation Phase?

Posted on August 16, 2004
Lots of great comments from members concerning this past weekend's edition entitled Is The Bear Back? It will take me a few days to go through them all. I hope to publish my favorite comments in this weekend's edition barring any unforeseen major events. Most were in agreement we are due for a major... More »

Is The Bear Back?: A Look At Both Sides of the Argument

Posted on August 14, 2004
Is The Bear Back? - Both Sides of the Argument Lately, I have spent a lot of time trying to assess whether we are entering the next leg down in a long term bear market, or just suffering through a nasty correction in an ongoing bull market. Most of the time, the stock market trades at a growth premium... More »

NeWave Riding Revenue Rocket Ship

Posted on August 10, 2004
NeWave (OTC BB: NWAV): Riding a Rocket Ship of Revenue Growth If you define Faith as "Belief in the Absence of Data", you can draw on your faith to believe you are eventually going to make money in good growth companies. The "Absence of Data" refers to price appreciation in stocks. There is little or... More »

Are You Kidding Me? Perfisans: A New Idea

Posted on August 07, 2004
New Ideas in this Market? Let's face it, the market is terrible right now. The market is convinced sky high oil prices have derailed the economic recovery. Chain store sales are weakening (i.e. Wal-Mart, Sears, etc.). Cost conscious consumers shop at these stores, and the $50 fill up is definitely slowing... More »

American Water- New Orders Flowing Better Than Oil

Posted on August 05, 2004
American Water Star (AMEX: AMW): The New Orders Keep on Flowing While the market continues to focus nearly all of its negative energy on oil prices, companies continue to deliver outstanding corporate developments which are not being met with corresponding upside moves in stock prices. Despite that... More »

Uncle Sam Wants VirTra

Posted on August 04, 2004
Uncle Sam Wants VirTra (OTC BB: VTSI) Early Tuesday morning VirTra Systems put out a press release which was important and meaningful. The stock responded by trading about five times normal volume and starting a rebound phase. This is the first opportunity I have had to cover it. I know many of you... More »

Trading Alert: Torrent Energy

Posted on August 03, 2004
Energy Stocks- The NewTech Stocks? There are many who believe $40 a barrel oil is here to stay (over $44 today- energy stocks were on fire). Certainly, the War with Iraq was the catalyst which sent oil prices skyrocketing, but the surging prices may simply be reflecting the true supply/demand dynamic... More »

July 2004

Jessica Simpson DVD Signing: NuTech Trading Alert

Posted on July 31, 2004
I haven't published any "Trading Alerts" this summer. I won't call any edition a Trading Alert unless I feel there is a better than 50/50 chance the stock will trade up high enough in the short term for a quick profit. Anemic volumes and lack of interest in the market have led to few breakouts in microcap... More »

Aegis Delivers Fist Unit Homeland Security Department

Posted on July 29, 2004
"The inability to communicate was a critical element at the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and Somerset County, Pennsylvania crash sites, where multiple agencies and multiple jurisdictions responded. The occurrence of this problem at three very different sites is strong evidence that compatible and adequate... More »

A Bear or Not A Bear?- That Is the Question

Posted on July 27, 2004
A Bear or Not A Bear?- That Is the Question The NASDAQ has been getting pretty soundly thrashed since the end of April. Three months of declining valuations wears on anybody who is long and believes in the future. Fear rules the market these days. In market declines, as in market advances, value doesn't... More »

Family Room Going Debt Free

Posted on July 21, 2004
Family Room (OTC BB: FMLY) Going Debt Free: Sets The Table for Profits I haven't written any editions on Family Room recently, so today's post close news release is providing an opportunity to bring everyone up to date. This is the only company I am continuing to cover which didn't provide any significant... More »

American Water: Rapid Distribution Expansion Continues

Posted on July 19, 2004
American Water Star (AMEX: AMW): Rapid Distribution Expansion Continues On July 15th American Water Star made a new multi month low of $.82, and rebounded to close at $.93. This brief move South precipitated many emails from OTC Journal subscribers, and hopefully today's edition answers all your questions... More »

Nutech Delivers Outstanding Results; Market Comment

Posted on July 15, 2004
Market Comment: Summer Rally Rained Out Projections for the next 52wk operating earnings for the S&P; 500 came in at $68.81, up another $.19 last week and at another new all time high. So far, 71.1% of companies who have reported June quarterly earnings have beaten expectations, soundly thrashing... More »

VirTra Delivers Biggest Win To Date

Posted on July 12, 2004
VirTra Systems (OTC BB: VTSI) Delivers Biggest Win To Date Dynamite news came out of VirTra Systems after the close today. The company announced its largest judgemental-use-of-force simulator sale to date. The order is significant for several reasons: First, according to the press release, the order... More »

NeWave Riding Huge Wave of Growth

Posted on July 10, 2004
The Large Caps Finally Break Down Large cap tech stocks broke down this past week. Earnings warnings, coupled with spiking oil prices and cooling employment numbers did the trick. The semi conductor index broke its recent support line, taking large technology names down with it. Yahoo (NASDAQ: YHOO... More »

American Water Delivers More; Greenspan Does Not Disappoint

Posted on July 05, 2004
American Water Star (AMEX: AMW) Adds Major New Customer This past Wednesday morning American Water Star announced a major new edition to their ever expanding customer base. According to the press release, the Safeway/Vons chain will be placing the Hawaiian Tropic beverage line on their store shelves... More »

June 2004

Important Read: Quarterly Review Edition of 8 Companies

Posted on June 27, 2004
I decided to publish the quarterly review early. This edition is important, and I thought I'd get it done before the long 4th of July weekend so all members had an opportunity to review it before escaping for the holiday. I believe these eight companies comprise an outstanding microcap portfolio. All... More »

American Water Star: Wal-Mart Reorders Suggest Robust Sales

Posted on June 24, 2004
American Water Star (AMEX: AMW): Wal-Mart Reorders Suggest Robust Sales I've been expecting American Water Star to get out some disclosure on the results from their initial deliveries to Wal-Mart. As it turns out, the initial sales results of their Hawaiian Tropic sugar-free, carb free, caffeine free... More »

NuTech Digital: Oversold Bounce Imminent; June Quarter to be a Record

Posted on June 21, 2004
NuTech Digital (OTC BB: NTDL): Will Deliver Best Quarter in Company's History After a mildly disappointing 1st quarter, NuTech Digital looks like it is going to live up to my previous expectations for exciting and explosive growth in both sales and earnings. Today, just after the market closed, NuTech... More »

I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Posted on June 20, 2004
Still Mired in the Doldrums The online discount brokerage stocks got beat up pretty badly this week. Charles Schwab led off by announcing May trading volumes were down nearly 30%, and the stock responded with an appropriate sell off, dragging the rest of the group down with it. Etrade, Ameritrade, and... More »

American Water Makes Quantum Leap: Trades on AMEX Tomorrow

Posted on June 17, 2004
American Water Star (AMEX: AMW) Makes Quantum Leap to AMEX When you check you quotes tomorrow morning, you won't find American Water Star trading under the symbol "AMWS" anymore. The company has upgraded its listing from the OTC Bulletin Board to the American Stock Exchange. Tomorrow morning when you... More »

NeWave Reports Sizzling Revenue Growth

Posted on June 12, 2004
Former President Ronald Reagan's passing this week put the country and the markets into a reflective and remorseful state. President Reagan earned the respect of both friend and foe during his tenure at the most important job in the world. The NASDAQ opened Monday at 1991, and closed the shortened week... More »

VirTra Full Steam Ahead: First US Police Department Order

Posted on June 08, 2004
VirTra Systems (OTC BB: VTSI): Full Steam Ahead VirTra Systems continued gathering a head of steam today as the company announced its first sale to a US domestic law enforcement agency today just after the market closed. This order is significant, as it marks VirTra's first order of the IVR-300™ HD... More »

Aegis Assesments- Elegant Homeland Security Solution Communications

Posted on June 05, 2004
The S&P; 500 opened Friday morning within four points of the first trading day of 2004. The market has achieved a perfect standoff between the bulls and the bears this year. Perceived future interest rate hikes, combined with rising oil prices and Middle East/terrorism fears, versus outstanding corporate... More »

NetWork Favorable Level; Paradigm Shift at NuTech

Posted on June 02, 2004
Today's edition contains an update on two of the OTC Journal's favorites which have succumbed to selling pressure in this tepid market environment. I have been getting a lot of emails on both situations recently, and I thought I'd update everyone at the same time. I will probably be publishing at least... More »

HyperDynamics Delivers Major Credibilty Upgrade

Posted on June 01, 2004
HyperDynamics (OTC BB: HYPD): Delivers Major Credibility Upgrade HyperDynamics is a favorite of many OTC Journal Members- I can tell from the email traffic I receive on the company. It's been quiet for the last couple of months, but today's news could put a good deal of life back into the stock. As... More »

May 2004

Profit Alert- CADA; Oil Vs Equities

Posted on May 29, 2004
I wasn't going to publish over the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend, but I came across some market data which was too interesting to pass up. I hope you find this edition entertaining and informative. First, here's and update on CADA which reached our target price this past week. Cam Commerce (NASDAQ: CADA) More »

Quarterly Results From 3 N's: NWIS, NWAV, NTDL

Posted on May 24, 2004
Don't forget to check out our new feature: Daily Market Commentary can be found every day just prior to the market's opening at www.otcjournal.com. The Three N's: NetWork (OTC BB: NWIS), NeWave (OTC BB: NWAV) and NuTech (OTC BB: NTDL): Quarterly Results Reviewed I have been holding off on doing an edition... More »

Family to be Profitable; Traders Stay Out of the Market

Posted on May 22, 2004
Traders Stay Away- This is not Your Kind of Market After spending many years in Wall Street and making and losing millions of dollars I want to tell you this: It was never my thinking that made the big money for me. It was always my sitting. Got that? My sitting tight! Excerpt From "Reminiscences of... More »

Trading Alert: American Water Star- Bargain Basement Steal

Posted on May 20, 2004
Trading Alert: American Water Star (OTC BB: AMWS) The May 11th edition, entitled the "Four Phases of Microcap Evolution" covered the process for achieving success in the microcap world. At the end, I cautioned investors to look for an outstanding buying opportunity in American Water Star, who's recent... More »

VirTra Gets Traction; US Military Orders Again

Posted on May 17, 2004
Don't forget to check out our new feature: Daily Market Commentary can be found every day just prior to the market's opening at www.otcjournal.com. VirTra Systems (OTC BB: VTSI) Finally "Getting Traction" "Getting Traction" is the phrase analysts like to use when describing a company who's new products... More »

NWIS Stages Impressive Rebound; Market Paralyzed

Posted on May 15, 2004
Market Participants Petrified: Paralyzed By Recent Past It was a classic Mexican standoff this past week. Neither the Bulls or the Bears were able to get momentum. The buyers strike continues, as the market is paralyzed by nightmares of the recent past. Sellers have little left to sell, and shorts are... More »

Pacino Joins Family Room; Biggest Movie Ever For the Company

Posted on May 13, 2004
Al Pacino Joins Family Room- Signs on For High Budget Movie Every time I look at the price of Family Room shares, I have to scratch my head. Nearly every stock I have covered this year has had a significant run at one time or another, with the exception of Family Room. This is particularly frustrating... More »

Opportunity Looming on American Water; 4 Stages of Microcap Evolution

Posted on May 11, 2004
Four Phases of Microcap Evolution On September 27, 2003, I published an edition which described the four phases of corporate evolution which lead to big profits in the microcap world. Here's a recap of the four phases: Phase I: Recession starts, capital dries up, stock prices go down, companies go into... More »

A Week of Fear and Confusion

Posted on May 08, 2004
Fear and Confusion Ruled the Market This Past Week I believe the market always gets in right in the long term, but often emotionally over reacts in the short term. Irrational fear and confusion ruled the markets this past week. The anticipation of some moderate interest rate hikes has the market scared... More »

American Water Star; Wal-Mart Update

Posted on May 04, 2004
What A Difference A Year Makes The market has been beaten up over the past six weeks. As I wrote in a previous edition, good news is bad news and bad news is bad news in today's environment. The market's short term focus is on geopolitical conflict and and interest rates relative to inflation. Earnings... More »

News of the Week in Review

Posted on May 01, 2004
Don't forget to check out our new feature: Daily Market Commentary can be found every day just prior to the market's opening at www.otcjournal.com. The News of the Week in Review- What A Week It Was The Sunday NY Times always has a section entitled the "News of the Week In Review". The NY Times is one... More »

April 2004

NeWave Opens New Division: Rapid Growth Continues

Posted on April 29, 2004
Don't forget This means 50,000 people have now paid a fee to the company to access its service. This is quite an accomplishment, when one considers NeWave only began operations last August. After the close today, NeWave announced it would be opening a new division to fill the demand on the bargain... More »

Trading Alert: Wal-Mart Adds American Water Star

Posted on April 27, 2004
Last month over 50 semi trucks filled with American Water Star's line of Hawaiin Tropic zero carb/zero calorie flavored beverages were delivered to the central distritbution depot for Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT) Superstores. Wal-Mart Superstores will begin selling the Hawaiin Tropic Line this Saturday, May... More »

US Air Force Orders VirTra Simulator; More Likely to Come

Posted on April 26, 2004
As I mentioned in the weekend edition, one of the big winners from 2003 is kicking the week off with an outstanding news event. Tomorrow after the close I am going to introduce my microcap idea for the exploding market in low carb/sugar free; Atkins/South Beach food products. I have a really strong... More »

NetWork Kicks Off 3 Day Party; Market Comment

Posted on April 24, 2004
Don't forget to check out our new feature: Daily Market Commentary can be found every day just prior to the market's opening at www.otcjournal.com. Market Comment: Greenspan Moves Markets This Week I believe the market is nearly human. Just like most people, the market overreacts emotionally in the... More »

NuTech Delivers Largest Order in Company History

Posted on April 22, 2004
NuTech Digital (OTC BB: NTDL) Delivers Largest Order in Company History Recent problem child NuTech Digital was out with news just after the market closed today. The company announced it has entered into a national distribution agreement with NASDAQ 100 index member Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. (NASDAQ... More »

HyperDynamics News; Company Discloses Next Step

Posted on April 20, 2004
Don't forget to check out our new feature: Daily Market Commentary can be found every day just prior to the market's opening at www.otcjournal.com. HyperDynamics (OTC BB: HYPD); Discloses Next Step HyperDynamics was out with news after the market closed today which describes the next step in the exploration... More »

Important Edition: Spring Cleaning Time; Changes Coming

Posted on April 17, 2004
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank both the new and long standing members of the OTC Journal. Over the last year things have changed dramatically. The growing membership is more responsive to ideas than it ever has been since we first started publishing in 1998, which has opened some doors... More »

NuWave Rides Prosperity Wave; NuTech Comment

Posted on April 13, 2004
Don't forget to check out our new feature: Daily Market Commentary can be found every day just prior to the market's opening at www.otcjournal.com. NeWave (OTC BB: NWAV) Rides Wave of Prosperity The picture is increasingly favorable for NeWave shareholders as the company continues to paint a picture... More »

NuTech; Growth is Fait Accompli; Announces Investor Conference Call

Posted on April 10, 2004
Don't forget to check out our new feature: Daily Market Commentary can be found every day just prior to the market's opening at www.otcjournal.com. NuTech Digital (OTC BB: NTDL); Growth is Fait Accompli in 2004 This past Wednesday morning NuTech Digital announced CEO Lee Kasper would host a conference... More »

NetWork Installation: Poised To Soar With the Eagles

Posted on April 03, 2004
Don't forget to check out our new feature: Daily Market Commentary can be found every day just prior to the market's opening at www.otcjournal.com. NetWork Installation (OTC BB: NWIS); Born Last Year, and Ready to Soar Like an Eagle Network Installation was out with news after the close on Friday. The... More »

Profit Alert: CADA; Naked Shorts Over With; Market Comment

Posted on April 01, 2004
Don't forget to check out our new feature: Daily Market Commentary can be found every day just prior to the market's opening at www.otcjournal.com. NASD Regulation 3370 Goes Into Effect Today: Illegal Naked Shorts on the Run For those of you who have been following this issue, I have an update. If you... More »

March 2004

NeWave Reports Blistering Growth

Posted on March 30, 2004
Don't forget to check out our new feature: Daily Market Commentary can be found every day just prior to the market's opening at www.otcjournal.com. NuWave (OTC BB: NWAV); Setting A Blistering Growth Pace Investor's Business Daily published an article entitled "EBay Provides A Way For Any Entrepreneur... More »

HYPD Raises $5.5 Mill; Short Term Market Forecast

Posted on March 27, 2004
Don't forget to check out our new feature: Daily Market Commentary can be found every day just prior to the market's opening at www.otcjournal.com. The Market - Where to From Here? Wednesday's edition sparked lots of requests for a little more commentary on the market direction. Our team of crack technicians... More »

Rin Tin Tin Barks His Way into the Family; Market Comment

Posted on March 24, 2004
Don't forget to check out our new feature: Daily Market Commentary can be found every day just prior to the market's opening at www.otcjournal.com. Market Comment- A Long Overdue Correction Has Arrived A long overdue correction has finally sunk its teeth into the market. There may be more work to do... More »

VirTra Delivers First Multi Unit Order

Posted on March 22, 2004
Don't forget to check out our new feature: Daily Market Commentary can be found every day just prior to the market's opening at www.otcjournal.com. VirTra Systems (OTC BB: VTSI) Delivers First Multi Unit Order VirTra Systems was our single best performing idea of 2003- First introduced at $.10 last... More »

Profit Alert- HyperDynamics

Posted on March 20, 2004
Don't forget OTC Journal Members' Forum on HyperDynamics Positive Contribution: Sir, I went to visit the offices of HyperDynamics a few weeks ago to see for myself what the scoop of this concession had to offer. Let me tell you this, they are being conservative as to what they have put out in public... More »

Trading Alert- NuTech Digital: Corrected Version

Posted on March 17, 2004
This is a corrected version of an earlier version some of you may have received. Please disregard the first version. Don't forget to check out our new feature: Daily Market Commentary can be found every day just prior to the market's opening at www.otcjournal.com. Trading Alert- NuTech Digital (OTC... More »

NetWork Reduces Debt; When To Sell? and Track Record Visited

Posted on March 16, 2004
Don't forget to check out our new feature: Daily Market Commentary can be found every day just prior to the market's opening at www.otcjournal.com. Winners and Losers, and When To Sell I've been receiving a lot of emails lately concerning both our Track Record and the issue of when to sell. I have never... More »

NeWave Teams w/Bob Eubanks; Goes High Profile

Posted on March 13, 2004
Don't forget to check out our new feature: Daily Market Commentary can be found every day just prior to the market's opening at www.otcjournal.com. NeWave (OTC BB: NWAV) Goes High Profile To date I have only published one edition on NeWave. On February 15th I published an exclusive first look at the... More »

Family Room Cleans the Slate; Junior Mining Stocks in '04

Posted on March 10, 2004
Don't forget to check out our new feature: Daily Market Commentary can be found every day just prior to the market's opening at www.otcjournal.com. Junior Mining Stocks - One Place To Be in 2004 Last year was a blockbuster for Junior mining stocks. As I stated at the end of last year, the OTC Journal's... More »

ActionView Back in Action?

Posted on March 09, 2004
Don't forget to check out our new feature: Daily Market Commentary can be found every day just prior to the market's opening at www.otcjournal.com. 2nd Monthly MicroCap Forum- Tomorrow at 12:00 PM Eastern The second monthly microcap forum, cosponsored by Trilogy Capital and the OTC Journal, will be... More »

HyperDynamics Discloses Exciting Seismic Results

Posted on March 06, 2004
Don't forget to check out our new feature: Daily Market Commentary can be found every day just prior to the market's opening at www.otcjournal.com. Upcoming Special Event Next Wednesday, March 10th at 12PM EST, 9AM PST, the second monthly OTC Journal/Trilogy Capital Online Micro Cap Forum will be broadcast... More »

Profit Alerts: CADA and NWIS and New Feature

Posted on March 04, 2004
Daily Market Commentary Too much information can be crippling. For zealous market watchers like myself, financial news flow is like an artichoke. You have to strip away the hard exterior to get to the heart of the key market moving information in the middle. This week we introduced a new feature avid... More »

NetWork Delivers

Posted on March 02, 2004
You are looking at charts of Lucent (NYSE: LU) and Notel Networks (NYSE: NT). As you can see from the charts, shares of both of these companies rocketed in January, fueled by perceived growth in capex (capital expenditures) for telecommunications infrastructure. Analysts are now prepared to accept that... More »

February 2004

Hyperdynamics and Family Room Featured

Posted on February 28, 2004
Over the next three weeks I am planning to introduce some new features we have been working on for quite some time. I will be publishing an edition with six or seven larger cap aggressive growth ideas. Each idea will represent the best idea from one of the top fund hedge managers on the planet. You... More »

Value Doesn't Matter Until It Matters

Posted on February 25, 2004
I have been away for the last week, which is why there haven't been any editions. Now that I'm back, it's time to get caught up. Many of the featured companies have exciting events to report, the first of which will probably be covered in the weekend edition. Until then, here's a comment on the current... More »

Exclusive 1st Look- NuWave Trading Alert

Posted on February 15, 2004
OTC Journal Exclusive First Look: NeWave (OTC BB: NWAV) Today's Trading Alert is an exclusive first look. If you're wondering about past "first looks", consider NetWork Installation (OTC BB: NWIS), an unknown on August 2nd at $.80, VirTra Systems (OTC BB: VTSI), also under followed unknown at $.10 on... More »

NuTech Digital Gets a Jump On 2004- Revs up 33% in January

Posted on February 11, 2004
Investor Forum Off To A Bumpy Start If you caught the initial broadcast of the OTC Journal's investor forum on Tuesday, you might have been disappointed by the technical glitch. The timing of the audio track was off by one slide. The problem has been corrected, and you can now view the intended version... More »

Justin Timberlake Joins the Family

Posted on February 10, 2004
Family Room (OTC BB: FMLY) Surging As They Hit Variety Shares of Family Room began a mid day surge yesterday, and are following through today as the company made this morning's Variety and was mentioned on ABC last night. The Variety article revealed that Emmett Furla Productions (FMLY's Wholly Owned... More »

NetWork Working Higher on News; Special Event Announcement

Posted on February 07, 2004
The Internet Is A Mess The Internet is a mess these days. It's like LA's famous 405 freeway. Some of the recent viruses are grid locking networks, wreaking havoc with ISPs and desktops. I believe it is likely many of you may be experiencing some interruption in the flow of the OTC Journal. It may be... More »

Amnis is Re-Reincarnated; HyperDynamics in the News

Posted on February 04, 2004
Amnis Systems (OTC BB: AMNM): Could This Be Reincarnated Reincarnation? Amnis Systems is back in the news today, and the story gets crazier by the minute. Last week I had to report bad news. This week I have good news to report. My expectations for Amnis in the beginning of the year were far different... More »

Illegal Naked Short Sellers; An Endangered Species As the Regulatory

Posted on February 03, 2004
Last year I wrote two editions on the problem of Illegal Naked Short Selling on the bulletin board market. Is The Pendulum Swinging In the Regulatory Community? was the April 19th edition. The follow up, entitled The OTC Rebellion, was published on May 18th. If you are not familiar with the issues surrounding... More »

January 2004

Three Problem Situations Reviewed: VirTra, ActionView, and Amnis

Posted on January 29, 2004
Excerpt From The Psychology of the Successful Microcap Investor Dr. Richard Geist, Ph.D. in Psychology, Harvard University Because there is a much higher failure rate among micro-cap companies, successful micro cap investors have developed the capacity to tolerate loss. They have come to terms with... More »

ActionView Back in Action; Cam Commerce Rockets Up Charts

Posted on January 27, 2004
Update- Cam Commerce Solutions (NASDAQ: CADA) Cam Commerce reported December quarterly numbers yesterday just before the market opened. For those of you who have been paying attention to this little followed Nasdaq gem, you have to be ecstatic. CADA has not been a major feature, but I have reported... More »

Trading Alert: NuTech Digital

Posted on January 24, 2004
The Digital Entertainment Revolution is Here The digital entertainment revolution is upon us. Entertainment is no longer turning on the TV or heading to the local movie theater. Between MP3 players, PDA's, cell phones with games and movies, portable DVD players, digital satellite music, and a whole... More »

VirTra Expands To the Other Side of the World

Posted on January 22, 2004
VirTra Systems (OTC BB: VTSI)- Finds New Clients In Far Corners of the World Today was a red letter day at VirTra Systems. Just after the market closed, VirTra Systems announced the company received its first purchase order for a 3D Judgemental-Use-Of- Force Training Simulator from another continent... More »

Paris Hilton Joins the Family; Profit Alert on Project Group

Posted on January 21, 2004
Where To Trade OTC BB Stocks- Part II Lots and lots of emails from members on the best brokerage firm for trading OTC Bulletin Board stocks. Nearly 80% of the emails I got were positive in favor of Scottrade (www.scottrade.com). Scottrade's fees are extremely low- $7 for market orders and $12.50 for... More »

Got Wi-Fi? Network Installation Announcements- Where To Trade Ideas

Posted on January 19, 2004
Where To Trade OTC BB Stocks Whenever I go through my inbox, there are invariably a few questions from members wondering which brokerage firm is best for trading OTC Bulletin Board stocks. There are only two key factors to look at in determining where to trade: 1. The cost per trade, and 2. The speed... More »

Amnis Systems- News Beginning to Clear a Foggy Picture

Posted on January 15, 2004
Amnis Systems (OTC BB: AMNM): Turn Around Time Approaching I've gotten tons of emails from OTC Journal members, all wondering whether Amnis should be chalked up in the loser column and ejected from the portfolio, or held on to for a swing to the upside. Uniformly, I have responded by saying a turn around... More »

Something Has Changed for Family Room Shareholders

Posted on January 14, 2004
Family Room Entertainment (OTC BB: FMLY): Something Has Changed Something has changed at Family Room Entertainment. All of a sudden, the stock is trading extremely well. As you can see from the chart, both price and volume have increased dramatically in the early going this year. On January 9th the... More »

Trading Alert- Project Group

Posted on January 10, 2004
Trading Alert: Project Group (OTC BB: PJTG) Followers of the OTC Journal's ideas in the penny stock arena should be noticing an emerging pattern. Several of the microcap situations I cover have begun trading very well on increasing volume since we turned the corner to 2004. This is commonly known as... More »

Bull Market or Bear Market Rally? Does it Matter?

Posted on January 07, 2004
This is the first edition of 2004. You'll will note this is Volume V, Edition 1, signifying our first edition in our fifth year of publishing. I hope to do this for another 15 years. I have a few surprises planned in January. A couple of the companies I have been covering are going to be making blockbuster... More »