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December 2003

Must Read; 2003 Wrap Up- A Comment On All Companies Covered During the

Posted on December 26, 2003
2003 Wrap Up The year end wrap up edition contains a brief comment of every one of the companies I covered in 2003. There are 19 companies mentioned, and this is the 129th edition of the year. Use this edition to make any adjustments you might wish to make in the speculative end of your portfolio prior... More »

Family Room - 2004 Looking Big

Posted on December 22, 2003
Family Room (OTC BB: FMLY)- 2004 Looking To Be Big Family Room Entertainment, has admittedly, been one of my weaker ideas in 2003. Earlier in the year I published several editions suggesting the stock was poised to attain the $.25 level during the year. I was wrong. The highest level we saw during the... More »

NetWork Installation Announces 12th New Contract Since September

Posted on December 18, 2003
Network Installation (OTC BB: NWIS) Delivers 12th New Contract Today, just after the market closed, NetWork Installation delivered an announcement of the 12th new contract it has received since the first of September. The December 6th interview in the OTC Journal with Chairman Mike Novielli was quiet... More »

Santa Comes Early If You Like VirTra

Posted on December 16, 2003
Christmas Arrives Early for Followers of VirTra Systems (OTC BB: VTSI) I love it when Santa arrives early. If you are following one of my favorite ideas and biggest wins of 2003- VirTra Systems- Santa just came sliding down your chimney and put a special present in your stocking. If you're a fan of... More »

Confessions of a Serial Microcap Investor

Posted on December 13, 2003
Confessions of a Serial Microcap Investor I admit it. I am a serial microcap investor. I love investing in small stocks, and my portfolio has the wins and losses to prove it. The other day, one of my brokers laughed at me when he confirmed a trade. I called him to buy a three letter symbol of a small... More »

It's The Economy Stupid, Part II

Posted on December 11, 2003
There is enormous debate about the market and the economy. Corporate profits are climbing rapidly, gold continues making new highs, and the dollar continues falling. The talking heads on CNBC are now trumpeting the likely hood inflation will return. Weren't we hearing about deflation just a few months ago? I believe the only real risk for stocks right now is increasing interest rates, barring any major geopolitical catastrophic event. It's a simple concept most people fail to grasp- When interest rates are higher, earning are worth less in the eyes of the market. This simple fact explains why the morons who believe the market needs to drop to a PE of 8 before the Bull can come back are simply wrong. More »

Amnis Receives Major Order From Lockheed

Posted on December 09, 2003
Amnis Systems has been one of the few problem children in a relatively problem free year for the microcaps in the OTC Journal. The company nearly closed its doors in the spring, and the financiers of the company stepped in with new money and new management. The company has been in turnaround and rebuilding mode for most of the year, and the pieces are finally falling into place. Amnis is close to completing a corporate transformation. More »

Network Installation's Mike Novielli Audio Interview- IRSN Comment

Posted on December 06, 2003
Irvine Sensors hit a high of $2.80 on Friday, and closed at $2.66. The stock is now trading at levels unseen since the Spring of 2002. Over the last year, I published trading alerts on this stock at $1.72 (12/17/02), $1.19 (4/23), and $1.54 (7/23). Based on yesterday's closing price, the stock is now up 55%, 123%, and 72% from those levels respectively. Up until now, this stock had been a source of frustration. More »

Project Group Takes Off With SouthWest Airlines

Posted on December 03, 2003
Project Group, the subject of the November 22nd Trading Alert at $.17, did far better than I expected. It took off like a Southwest Jet on climb out. The stock opened in the $.19 range, giving members every opportunity to accumulate below the recommended $.20 level, and charged up to a high trade of $.31 over the next three trading days. That's a 50% return on your money short term. My target was $.25, so I missed on the low side. The stock is becoming a fairly prolific performer with consistent volume over 1 million shares daily. I think it's time to ratchet up expectations, particulary in light of today's announcement which came out after the close. More »

VirTra-New Contract Keeps Mo Going- Irvine Sensors Rockets

Posted on December 02, 2003
Special Announcement : This weekend's edition will mark the beginning of a series of audio interviews I will be conducting with the senior management at the companies I have featured during 2003. The purpose of these interviews is to give you the opportunity to get intimate with management. This will help you evaluate your own comfort level in continuing to own or establish a new position in any of these stocks. More »

November 2003

What I'm Thankful For- The Return of the Bull Market

Posted on November 25, 2003
Thanksgiving Day is set aside to remind us all to be thankful. Personally, I have more to be thankful for than I can possibly count. Rather than regress into some sort of lament about my personal life, I will confine today's remarks to the stock market. After all, it's what you faithful readers tune in for. I am very thankful for the return of the bull market. If you think this was a relief rally in an ongoing bear market, you are simply wrong. Growth fuels bull markets, and growth is back in a big way. More »

Trading Alert: The Project Group

Posted on November 22, 2003
Do you understand what Enterprise Software is? I constantly hear the phrase, but no one ever clearly defined it for me. Enterprise Software is designed to run entire businesses. In the corporate world, there are two basic types of software applications: personal productivity solutions which include word processors and spreadsheets, and enterprise class solutions, which automate business processes. Another words, enterprise software integrates all the individual software components of running a company into one massive, hopefully seamless system. More »

ActionView is Back in Action; VirTra News

Posted on November 20, 2003
ActionView International was back in the news for the first time in a month this morning with the announcement of a new pilot project. The company has installed one of its high impact point-of-purchase signs at a Sunoco Station in Vaugn, Ontario. The sign is designed to drive traffic into the convenience store at the station. As it turns out, Sunoco has 300 locations in Ontario and 600 in the US with convenience stores on their property. This represents a fairly large market opportunity. More »

NetWork Installation- Growth, Growth, Growth

Posted on November 15, 2003
NetWork Installation has momentum. The company continues delivering new business on a regular basis. The story here is growth, growth, growth. The next tidal wave of wireless communication infrastructure is building now, and will take at least four years to hit the beach. The old gold mining metaphor applies to NWIS. Who got rich in the 1880's gold rush in California? More »

Attention Bargain Hunters- Amnis is Today's Greenlight Special

Posted on November 13, 2003
Over the past two months I have received dozens of emails from members on Amnis Systems, one of my poorest performers in an otherwise stellar year. We had a nice run with this stock for the first thirty days. It was $.07 in early June when I first wrote about it, and doubled by the end of the first week of July. More »

Who's the Largest Company In the World? VirTra Knows

Posted on November 12, 2003
VirTra Systems ranks in the OTC Journal's top two for big winners this year, and the company continues to earn its status at the top of the heap by delivering new business wins. The other big win is eResearch (NASDAQ: ERES); introduced at $7.45 (split adjusted) last December. Currently $41 (450% gain). VirTra is up 260%, but just since July 15th. Annualized, VirTra is #1. Today, just after the market closed, VirTra Systems announced a new contract with General Electric (NYSE: GE), the largest company in the world. For many years General Motors was the largest company, but in recent years GE has usurped GM for top honors. More »

HyperDynamics Makes New All Time High

Posted on November 11, 2003
HyperDynamics, our potential elephant in the oil and gas exploration business off the West Coast of Africa, started rocketing up the charts last week, and made a new all time high yesterday. The stock, first introduced at $1.76 in the September 20th edition, saw a high of $2.14 shortly after that edition. Subsequently, the stock succumbed to selling pressure, and had quietly dropped into the $1.50 range. More »

It's The Economny Stupid!- Get Over Your Food Poisoning

Posted on November 08, 2003
Are You Scared of the Market Right Now? Imagine you went out to dinner and got food poisoning from a bad piece of fish yesterday. You spent the whole night sick as a dog puking your guts out. Not much fun. I'll bet you wouldn't be in any hurry to get back to the offending restaurant. In fact, the fish you ate would probably be blackballed from your list of preferred foods for quite some time. More »

NetWork Keeps New Contracts Coming; VirTra: Publication on Product

Posted on November 05, 2003
The slow but steady grind north up the chart continues in NetWork Installation, which I am convinced will eventually lead to a major break out, probably in conjunction with a significant corporate event. Today, after the market closed, NetWork Installation announced another new contract, this time for a wireless infrastructure installation in the Ocean View School District in Huntington Beach, California. More »

Family Room Is Back After an Extended Absence

Posted on November 03, 2003
I haven't published on Family Room since September 4th when we covered the start of filming of "Control", with Ray Liotta and Willem Dafoe. As you can see from the chart, this has been a lackluster year for Family Room, which I previously had high hopes would find its way into the $.25 range this year. So far on Family Room, I have been wrong. More »

A Look Ahead- Join The Preferred Members List

Posted on November 01, 2003
A Look Ahead It's November 1st. There are two months left in the year. It's time to start wrapping up 2003 and making plans to introduce new and exciting features and ideas in 2004. Before the end of the year there may be one or two new companies covered. I'm still looking for an undiscovered and under... More »

October 2003

VirTra Keeps the Party Going- Delivers Another New Order

Posted on October 30, 2003
VirTra Systems (OTC BB: VTSI) Keeps the Party Going Investors have been piling into VirTra Systems for the last six weeks, and they seem to have it right. The company clearly has momentum, and its being reflected in the stock price. The chart looks very similar to a chart of the NASDAQ. The stock simply... More »

Tiny Sao Tome Makes Big News- Could HYPD be next?

Posted on October 29, 2003
Tiny SAO TOME Gets Major Windfall I've gotten numerous inquiry emails about Hyperdynamics (OTC BB: HYPD), the idea I first published in the September 20th edition. Since making a new all time high of $2.14 on September 22nd, the stock has been slowly grinding south, a few cents per day. Those of you... More »

Market Comment and NetWork Installation and eResearch in the News

Posted on October 23, 2003
Market Comment- Long Overdue Correction May Be in the Cards Here's a chart of the NASDAQ Composite, as measured from early March when the new "BULL" was born. Pretty impressive. The market has inclined for nearly nine months without a 10% correction. Even in the go-go bull market of the 90's, the market... More »

ActionView Delivers More Action

Posted on October 22, 2003
ActionView (OTC BB: AVWI) Delivers More Action ActionView, the subject of a Trading Alert on October 16th, was out with another new contract after the market closed today. The company announced it just completed the installation of six new scrolling signs in the Sharpstown Shopping Mall in Houston... More »

Network Installation Delivers Another Win at University Level

Posted on October 20, 2003
Don't Forget About Network Installation (OTC BB: NWIS) Network Installation enjoyed its proverbial Andy Warhol 15 minutes of fame in eary August. On the day I wrote my first feature on the company (August 2nd), the stock closed at $.80. The Alerts Tracker shows the entry level at that $.80 figure, but... More »

Uncle Sam Wants You with VirTra's Help: Irvine Sensors in the News

Posted on October 18, 2003
I'm In the Army Now- With VirTra Systems (OTC BB: VTSI) Help VirTra Systems, our big winner over the last two months, delivered another blockbuster news release just after the market closed on Friday. The company's momentum continues as they announced another contract in the massive military market... More »

Trading Alert: ActionView International

Posted on October 16, 2003
Trading Alert- ActionView International (OTC BB: AVWI) I started studying ActionView back in September. When I first looked at their business model, I was struck by the elegant simplicity of their point-of-purchase advertising technology. Sometimes simple is best. Sometimes being first to market with... More »

HyperDynamics Ship Has Sailed; VirTra Hits Multi Year High

Posted on October 14, 2003
Coming Attraction It looks like Thursday will be the day I come out with a new idea. This stock has been heating up since the end of July. Before then it was barely trading. Since July it's average daily volume has rocketed to about 120,000 shares per day, with surges approaching 1 million. The stock... More »

The Giant Stock Market Movie Theater

Posted on October 11, 2003
Coming Attraction Did you see the movie Minority Report? It came out in 2002, and was the first time Steven Speilberg and Tom Cruise teamed up. It's a sci-fi thriller set in 2054. Tom Cruise heads a police squad with psychic technology charged with the duty of arresting murderers before they commit... More »

A Tale of Two Stocks and Market Comment

Posted on October 09, 2003
Market Comment The market demonstrated its willingness to get back on track as the perennial October move got underway. The usual September correction came a little late with a pullback towards the end of the month. October is starting to follow the usual path, which should lead to healthy gains in... More »

StockGroup- Stage IV Breakout Underway- Imaging Tech News

Posted on October 02, 2003
StockGroup Technology (OTC BB: SWEB)- Stage IV Breakout Underway In last weekend's edition I covered the four corporate cycles which lead to price breakouts. My concept sparked a lot of email traffic. Most of you asked me to try to identify what Stage I'm reporting. Everyone's looking to buy as a stock... More »

September 2003

Hyperdynamics News- Remaining Seismic Results Disclosed

Posted on September 29, 2003
HyperDynamics (OTC BB: HYPD)- Completes Analysis of 2002 Data I was hoping Hyperdynamics would provide some additional disclosure on the results of the seismic data in their 16 million acre concession off the coast of Guinea in West Africa. Today, just after the market closed, the company disclosed... More »

When Stocks Hit Phase IV You Make Money- NetWork Installation in the

Posted on September 27, 2003
There's Still Plenty of Low Hanging Fruit in MicroCaps Over the next thirty days I expect the market to be as confused as a California voter. Four of the last five trading days have been down. The perennial September correction may have gotten underway, which generally offers some of the best buying... More »

Amnis Systems Reinvigorated With New Product Release

Posted on September 24, 2003
Amnis Systems (OTC BB: AMNM)- Reinvigorated With New Product Release Amnis Systems was out with a press release just after the close today which should put life back in the stock. Amnis has taken the opposite path of VirTra Systems, the subject of yesterday's edition which made a 52 week high today... More »

VirTra Makes New 52 Week High- Breakout News

Posted on September 23, 2003
VirTra Systems (OTC BB: VTSI)- Breakout News Great news hit the wires just after the close on VirTra Systems today. The stock has been "drifting up" for the last two weeks ahead of today's blockbuster event. Obviously, the word on the company's achievement was anticipated by the market as the stock... More »

Trading Alert- Hyperdynamics; Oil&Gas Find on the

Posted on September 20, 2003
This weekend's idea is my offering in the oil & gas sector. This is an exotic opportunity which takes us to another corner of the world. Five different members emailed this idea to me. While there's nothing wrong with 30% to 40% returns, I'm looking for more. I'm hunting for elephants. Elephant... More »

NetWork Installation Lands First Wi-Fi Contract

Posted on September 17, 2003
Oil & Gas Idea in the Cross Hairs Barring any unforeseen challenges I am going to be publishing a new idea this weekend in the oil and gas exploration sector. I have been studying and evaluating this company for quite some time, and in my view the upside potential for this idea rivals any idea I... More »

Titan Below Stop Loss- Hottest Stock on BB? and GLGS Case Study

Posted on September 16, 2003
Hottest Stock on the Bulletin Board? Last week when I described Calypte Biomed (OTC BB: CYPT) as the hottest stock on the bulletin board, the statement sparked dozens of emails from loyal readers. Honorable mention goes to those who pointed out that NeoMedia (OTC BB: NEOM) was really the hottest stock... More »

Titan General Loads Up Bank Account Painlessly

Posted on September 13, 2003
A Preview of a Coming Event A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was looking for ideas in the oil and gas and biotech sector to round out the slate of offerings. Many thanks to those who sent in suggestions. I looked at a few- we have some very astute investors in the readership. I'm still looking... More »

VirTra Systems- Lands Major New Business Win

Posted on September 11, 2003
VirTra Systems (OTC BB: VTSI) Delivers Major New Business Win VirTra Systems announced a major new business win just after the market closed today. The timing couldn't be better if you are looking to establish or add to a position, as the stock was about 25% higher two days ago. Buy low and sell high... More »

Calypte- The Hottest Stock on the BB; CADA and IRSN Updates

Posted on September 09, 2003
Calypte Biomedical (OTC BB: CYPT)- The Hottest Stock on the Bulletin Board I've gotten dozen of emails on Calypte Biomedical recently. Here are my comments on the hottest stock on the Bulletin Board today. Calypte is the only company in the world with an FDA Approved test kit which uses urine instead... More »

Titan General- News Could Be Fuel For Next Level

Posted on September 08, 2003
Titan General (OTC BB: TTGH)- Poised To Go Higher- News Could Be Fuel For Next Level Titan General was out with news just after the close today. As you can see from the chart, the stock is trying to work higher, and today's news could be just the catalyst to take it to the next level. A 50% retracement... More »

Is It Time For Market Insurance?

Posted on September 06, 2003
A Sneak Peak at Coming Attractions My mission with the OTC Journal is to be a source of information on companies you won't find through the main stream Wall Street media. The companies I cover are simply too small to read about in Fortune or be interviewed on CNBC. I love this end of the market. It's... More »

Family Room- Back In Theaters This Fall

Posted on September 04, 2003
Family Room (OTC BB: FMLY)- Back in Theaters This Fall Family Room was back in the news this morning with several positive developments which bode well for shareholders. The company announced that filming has begun in Eastern Europe on a film titled "Control". Ray Liotta plays the lead role, with Willem... More »

NetWork Installation in the NEWS along with SHEP, StockGroup and Titan

Posted on September 03, 2003
Today's edition contains commentary and news on four different companies. There is a lot to report, and I generally prefer to focus on just one or two companies at most. However, as I observed in the pre Labor Day edition, there is at long last a lot happening on the corporate front for small companies... More »

August 2003

Trading Alert- Titan General Announces Major Milestone

Posted on August 26, 2003
Trading Alert- Titan General Holdings (OTC BB: TTGH) On August 2nd I published a Trading Alert on Network Installation (OTC BB: NWIS). The stock was a virtual unknown at the time. In fact, in the text of the presentation I stated: "The readers of the OTC Journal are the first to learn of it and the... More »

Amnis Sees Revenues Double This Quarter

Posted on August 25, 2003
Amnis Systems (OTC BB: AMNM)- Sees Revenues Double In Current Quarter Over Last Until the close of market today, Amnis Systems was the only one of the five penny stocks I follow which hadn't delivered a significant positive corporate development in the month of August. That changed today when the company... More »

Irvine Sensors Delivers Big News In a Small Package

Posted on August 23, 2003
Market Comment- NASDAQ Over 1800- A Blip on the Screen or A Precursor To Higher Levels? Did anyone notice the NASDAQ traded up over 1800 yesterday for the first time since April of 2002? Intel raised future revenue and earnings estimates, and the tech sector came charging out of the gates. Intel is... More »

VirTra Systems Pulls off Major Coup

Posted on August 20, 2003
VirTra Systems (OTC BB: VTSI)- The First Big Step to Sales Traction Announced Today What a week. August is generally dead. This August is very much alive. The companies I am currently reporting on are delivering some very exciting developments, especially in light of the normally slow time of year... More »

Imaging Technologies- On the Launching Ramp Again With News

Posted on August 19, 2003
Remember Imaging Technologies (OTC BB: IMTO)? Is the Stock Back on the Launching Pad? When I was first asked to look at Imaging Technologies, I was reluctant to publish on the company. Despite having completed a two year transition to an entirely new business model, pulling off a fundamental turn around... More »

Network Installation in the News With New Contact Signings

Posted on August 18, 2003
Correction From Weekend Edition Astute readers might have noted a serious faux pas in this past weekend's edition entitled "The Dog Days of August and the Summer Grind- Where Are We Headed?" Despite having gone out on Saturday, the date at the top of the edition read "January 2, 2003". While many may... More »

The Dog Days of August and the Summer Grind- Where Are We Headed?

Posted on August 16, 2003
StockGroup (OTC BB: SWEB) and Irvine Sensors (NASDAQ: IRSN) In the News StockGroup was out with some very exciting news on Friday. The company announced June quarterly results, and they were impressive across the board. Here's an overview of the highlights: Quarterly revenue increased 69% over the same... More »

Trading Alert- Irvine Sensors - Major News

Posted on August 12, 2003
Trading Alert- Irvine Sensors (NASDAQ: IRSN)- The Game Is On Like the stray cat you fed who keeps coming back, I'm coming back to Irvine Sensors for another meal of potential profits. This will be the fourth trading alert on Irvine Sensors since December 17th, and we've gotten a nice trade each time... More »

VirTra Systems Delivers- Comments on Network Installation and Amnis

Posted on August 06, 2003
Network Installation (OTC BB: NWIS)- A Little Too Hot? Naturally, my inbox is full of questions and comments on Network Installation. The stock went crazy this week. I introduced the company in last weekend's edition. The stock closed at $1 last Friday, opened at $2 on Monday, and has since traded to... More »

Family Room to Revive Amityville Horror

Posted on August 04, 2003
Family Room Entertainment (OTC BB: FMLY) Revives Amityville Horror Family Room was back in the news first thing Monday morning with a news release on their intention to revive the 1979 classic cult horror movie "The Amityville Horror". This movie, a cult favorite for many years now, achieved $86 million... More »

Wi-Fi Trading Alert- Network Installations

Posted on August 02, 2003
A Wi-Fi Company is Born On June 13, 2003, publicly traded FlexTech entered into a purchase agreement to buy 100% of Irvine, California based Network Installation Corp. FlexTech, which only had 500,000 shares issued and outstanding at the time and no active operations, issued 7.382 million shares of... More »

July 2003

CAM Commerce Hits Three Year High

Posted on July 30, 2003
The Wi-Fi Revolution Idea- Check Weekend Edition Last weekend's edition on the W-Fi Revolution brought tons of mail and many insightful comments. I wish I could publish them all. It appears there is a great deal of interest in Wi-Fi ideas. It looks like I'm going to publish a Wi-Fi idea in the weekend... More »

Wi-Fi Revolution- What the Heck Is It? FMLY In News

Posted on July 27, 2003
The Wi-Fi Revolution- The Next Major Bubble What the heck is Wi-Fi? It's in the news everyday, and is undoubtedly the next major bubble in the stock market. I intend to get on this bubble with money making ideas long before it bursts. Wi-Fi networker iPass (NASDAQ: IPAS) came public last week. The deal... More »

Amnis and Virtra Systems in the News Today

Posted on July 23, 2003
Amnis Systems (OTC BB: AMNM)- Bell Canada Loves Amnis' Technology When I kicked off our first edition on Amnis Systems back on June 3rd, I placed a price target on the stock of $.15 over the ensuing 60 days. On July 10th and 11th the stock achieved the $.15 mark, but was temporarily repelled. It went... More »

Is The Market Really Back? Are the Bulls Back in Control?

Posted on July 22, 2003
The Fundamental Side We are about one third of the way through June quarterly earnings season. I think it is fair to declare there is a high probability the Bear Market is over. The market is emotionally reactive to short term events, but over the long term generally gets it right. The way the market... More »

Trading Alert- Virtra Systems

Posted on July 15, 2003
My ongoing focus on the penny market has led me to one last idea for the month of July. In the last couple of weeks I have heard dozens of stories. They all want a feature write up. The problem- upside potential. Investments in the penny market are risky. There is nothing wrong with risk as long as... More »

Family Room Should Come Out of Hybernation on Friday's News

Posted on July 12, 2003
Imaging Technologies (OTC BB: IMTO)- Wow!!! Thursday afternoon's offering of Imaging Technologies turned out to be a barn burner. On Thursday the stock closed at $.016 (yes: that's 1.6 cents. On Friday the stock closed at $.04 and traded 34.3 million shares (35 times average daily volume). I believe... More »

Time to Limbo- How Low Will You Go?- Imaging Technologies Trading Alert

Posted on July 10, 2003
Time To Limbo- How Low Will You Go? In last weekend's edition on the Sneak Peak at July, I alluded to sharing a few penny stock ideas throughout the remainder of the month. I believe the larger caps are overextended. The risk/reward ratios at current entry levels are too high right now. However, I also... More »

Trading Alert- Amnis Systems in the News

Posted on July 07, 2003
Amnis Systems (OTC BB: AMNM)- Trading Alert- News and Support Levels Suggest Higher Prices Imminent Amnis Systems continues to be a great candidate for a turn around. In tomorrow's trading this stock will probably make a new high since we first starting coverage on June 6th at $.07. I believe the $.125... More »

A Sneak Peak at July- LVLT, IRSN, QTFV in Members' Forum

Posted on July 05, 2003
A Sneak Peak at July On November 24, 1859, Naturalist Charles Darwin published an abstract which would go down in history as the definitive work on theories of evolution. Entitled "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or The Preservation of Favorured Races in the Struggle For Life" More »

June 2003

Market Nears Day of Reckoning- StockGroup Followup

Posted on June 28, 2003
Market Comment - Squeezing In Leads Us Towards Day of Reckoning In the June 21st edition (last weekend) I covered the bulllish case for the market. I showed a long term chart of the S&P; 500. This index, along with all the other major equity indexes, convincingly pierced their long term downtrend... More »

What Do These Three Stocks Have in Common?

Posted on June 26, 2003
Question: What Do These Three Companies Have In Common? Answer They are all in the information technology business. They are all losing money. The price of their stocks has appreciated substantially this year- TSCM up 53%, PCOR up 48%, and MKTW up 68%. All three of these companies have treated shareholders... More »

Profit Alert- SHEP Technologies

Posted on June 25, 2003
Profit Alert- SHEP Technologies (OTC BB: STLOF) I've gotten dozens of emails from members wondering what's going on with SHEP Technologies. As I write today's edition the stock is trading at about $2.50, down from yesterday's high of $3. As you can readily see from the chart, the stock has been tearing... More »

Trading Alert- Irvine Sensors

Posted on June 23, 2003
Irvine Sensors (NASDAQ: IRSN) - Trading Alert Irvine Sensors issued a press release today just after the market closed, and the timing is ideal for investors looking to establish or add to a position in this exciting technology company. IRSN pioneered the technology of "chip stacking". The company has... More »

The Bullish Case For The Market

Posted on June 21, 2003
The Bullish Case - "Cash Is Trash" Fuels The Market For Now The stock market is in a good solid uptrend. It is undeniable. Even the staunchest of Bears has gone into hibernation. 71% of market pundits are bullish at this time (normally a good contrary indicator). Traders are being blown out of put options... More »

Trading Alert- Level 3 Communications

Posted on June 19, 2003
Level 3 Trading Alert- (NASDAQ: LVLT) Shares of Level 3 Communications made a nice surge in mid May. The shares had been hanging in around the $6 level, and made a run to $7.50 when the company announced an unexpectedly strong March quarter. The company announced $114 million in profits off $1.25 billion... More »

Amnis Systems Announces New Product Close to Introduction

Posted on June 17, 2003
Amnis Systems (OTC BB: AMNM)- New Management Delivers New Products Amnis Systems (OTC BB: AMNM) was back in the news today with a new product introduction nearing completion, and their timing could not be better. I'm still looking for this one to be a $.15 stock over the next 30 to 60 days, which is... More »

Trading Alert- Harry Potter Fires Up Barnes&Noble.com

Posted on June 14, 2003
How Big Is Harry Potter? Apparently Huge For Barnes&Noble.com; (NASDAQ: BNBN) I was doing research for the weekend edition Friday morning when I got a call from a friend with whom I swap trading ideas. He told me to watch Barnes&Noble.com-; Technical breakout he claimed. The edition on the Bullish... More »

SHEP Technologies- Major Breakout- 68% Surge in Stock Today

Posted on June 11, 2003
When You Least Expect It- SHEP Technologies (OTC BB: STLOF) Rockets Up 68% In One Day Since introducing OTC Journal members to SHEP Technologies in the February 21st edition, I haven't had much luck with the stock. Until today. SHEP has been slowly grinding down the charts. The high was made at $1.73... More »

QT5 Update-Blind Sided by the State Of Maine

Posted on June 10, 2003
QT5 (OTC BB: QTFV) - Blind Sided By the Great State of Maine The May 28th Trading Alert on smoking substitute beverage company QT5 has been derailed by an event completely out of left field. No one could have seen it coming, and frankly I did not foresee an event of this nature as a risk factor in my... More »

When Is Uphill Downhill In the Market?

Posted on June 07, 2003
When Is Uphill Downhill in the Market? When is Uphill Downhill in the market?- Right now. The market's job is to cause the greatest amount of pain and confusion for the maximum number people as much of the time as possible. The market is very good at its job. The NASDAQ made a new 52 week high on Friday... More »

Trading Alert- Amnis Systems

Posted on June 03, 2003
Trading Alert- Amnis Systems (OTC BB: AMNM) In the May 7th edition I set the table for today's turn around idea. Amnis Systems popped up on my radar screen as a potential turn around candidate. The situation brought back memories of the fun we had with Calypte Biomed last summer when I first identified... More »

May 2003

Profit Alert- Lock in the QQQ's

Posted on May 29, 2003
Today's edition has a virtual smorgasbord of events I need to report to keep you properly informed on several of the issues I have been covering. I'll try to keep the points down to a couple of paragraphs to make it an easy read. Review the Trading Strategies Section If You Paid $.45 for QTFV If you... More »

Trading Alert On QT5

Posted on May 28, 2003
Trading Alert- QT 5 Inc. (OTC BB: QTFV) Last Thursday shares of microcap stock QT5 inexplicably exploded up the charts on 10 times normal volume. Over the past four months QT5 has drifted down from nearly $2 to a mere $.10, averaging about 100,000 shares per day. Two trading days later the stock peaked... More »

Memorial Day Members' Forum and StockGroup in the News

Posted on May 25, 2003
Stock Group Technologies, Inc (OTC BB: SWEB)- The Players Get Bigger For those of you following StockGroup- the situation we have been covering since a September introduction at $.19- The company had a very unusual an exciting announcement on Friday. StockGroup, which has been carrying $1.23 million... More »

Are You a Bull or Bear? Trading Alert on QQQ's

Posted on May 21, 2003
Bull Or Bear? If You're A Bull- Buy the QQQs Now My inbox is filled with dire predictions of a head fake in the markets. Most of the technicians I follow are markedly bearish right now. They argue the recent rally is simply another relief rally in the ongoing bear market. But is it? Despite the pullback... More »

The OTC Rebellion -Part II on Illegal Naked Short Selling- Is the SEC

Posted on May 18, 2003
Part II On Short Selling- Illegal Naked Short Selling in Microcap Stocks The regulators are beginning to take a hard look at the practices of short sellers. After several years of high profile cases surrounding the excesses which caused stocks to go artificially high, the extended bear market has fostered... More »

Irvine Sensors Members' Forum

Posted on May 14, 2003
Members' Forum on Irvine Sensors (NASDAQ: IRSN) Kent C sent in this question: Lending Tree was an excellent call. Good job! Do you have a list of your current still active recommendations? Would like to review them too. This was my answer: Right now I love Irvine Sensors- NASDAQ: IRSN. The stock is... More »

Members' Forum and StockGroup In the News

Posted on May 10, 2003
Market Comment Even the most Bearish of technicians is starting to wonder if there has been a paradigm shift in the market. Is the Bear Market over? A Bull Market is characterized by a series of higher lows and higher highs. Since the October low at 1100 the market has definately set a pattern of higher... More »

Amnis Systems Screaming Off the Bottom- Irvine Sensors Quartery Results

Posted on May 07, 2003
Irvine Sensors (NASDAQ: IRSN)- March Quarterly Numbers As Expected Irvine Sensors announced the March quarterly results just after the market closed yesterday, and they came in pretty much as expected. It seems to be a non-event as far as the market is concerned. At midday the stock is trading at $1.50... More »

Profit Alert- Sell Lending Tree

Posted on May 05, 2003
Profit Alert- Sell Lending Tree (NASDAQ: TREE) The usual Monday morning yawns were replaced with a surge of adrenaline at my house today when I turned on the computer and checked the morning stock quotes. Lending Tree - the subject of two recent editions, was up over 40% and trading at $21 per share... More »

To Bear or Not To Bear; Is The Bear Over?- News on Irvine Sensors

Posted on May 03, 2003
John Carson, Founder and President of Irvine Sensors (NASDAQ: IRSN)- Ponies Up Big Bet on His Company (After All, It Is Kentucky Derby Weekend) On Friday, just after the market closed, I learned from both a news release and an SEC filing that John Carson has decided to place a monster bet on the future... More »

April 2003

StockGroup Pegged at $.60 in 12 Months By Research Report

Posted on April 30, 2003
StockGroup Information Systems (OTC BB: SWEB) - Analyst Pegs Stock at $.60 Over Next 12 Months StockGroup has been stuck in the mud for three months now, occasionally poking its nose up to challenge the $.30 barrier, while seeming to have unlimited support in the $.25 range. On Monday I was optimistic... More »

Family Room Gets Abominable- Stock Still Climbing Charts

Posted on April 28, 2003
Family Room (OTC BB: FMLY) Gets Abominable- Stock Continues Climbing Himalayan Slope Today, just after the market closed, Family Room Entertainment announced another project in development which has film franchise type potential. Family Room has entered into a joint development to produce the Abominable... More »

I Shall Return

Posted on April 25, 2003
I Shall Return These were the famous words uttered by General Douglas MacArthur when referring to his hasty departure from the Philippines during World War II. In fact, the precise quote to the press, which he scrawled on the back of an envelope, was "The President of the United States ordered me to... More »

Irvine Sensors Trading Alert- New DOD Contracts Largest in Company's

Posted on April 23, 2003
Irvine Sensors (NASDAQ: IRSN) Trading Alert - It's Deja Vu All Over Again? Three weeks ago on March 31st we published an edition which featured news that the company's founder and President, John Carson, had used his own retirement funds to finance one-third of a $780,000 private placement in Irvine... More »

Trading Alert- eResearch; Lending Tree Reports Blow Out Numbers

Posted on April 22, 2003
Lending Tree (NASDAQ: TREE) Quarterly Earnings Blow Out Estimates Our April 5th trading alert on Lending Tree turned out to be a winner. On the strength of last night's earnings release, the stock gapped up this morning to a high of $14.40, nearly attaining the $15 to $16 price range we were looking... More »

Is the SEC Pendulum Swinging? - Regulators Go After Short Sellers

Posted on April 19, 2003
Special Announcement- Lending Tree (NASDAQ: TREE) Earnings Out Monday After Close In our April 5th edition we published a trading alert on Lending Tree at about $12 per share. We suggested the stock could trade up into the $15 to $16 range kicked off by an upside surprise in earnings. Lending Tree is... More »

Family Room Delivers Another New Movie- Variety Article Reveals

Posted on April 16, 2003
Family Room Entertainment (OTC BB: FMLY)- Fifth Major Project Announced Despite the quiet activity in the stock which is trading a mere 2 cents above its all time low, activity at the company is anything but quiet. In fact, as we learned from an article in Variety Magazine, Family Room, through its... More »

The Internet- We're Past the End of the Beginning- StockGroup has

Posted on April 15, 2003
The Internet- We're Past the End of the Beginning Since the stock market bubble burst in March of 2000, a painful cleansing has taken place for businesses associated with the Internet. Many of us involved with the Internet recognized we had arrived at the "end of the beginning" in 2001. Wall Street... More »

StockGroup and Teco Energy-Breaking News

Posted on April 11, 2003
As investor preoccupation with the War in Iraq begins to wane, good things for some of our ideas seems to be happening. Great news today from one of the microcaps we follow, and great news from our March 22nd Trading Alert, which was recommended primarily for yield in a very dividend stingy environment... More »

SHEP Technologies Announces Financing Closed

Posted on April 09, 2003
SHEP Technologies, Inc (OTC BB: STLOF)- Announces Financing Closed In our February 21st edition we introduced members to SHEP Technologies, a company which has developed a revolutionary method for capturing the kinetic energy lost in the vehicle braking process. In a joint development program with SHEP... More »

Trading Alert- LendingTree- Calypte and SHEP in Members' Forum

Posted on April 05, 2003
Trading Alert- LendingTree Inc. (NASDAQ: TREE) The editors of the OTC Journal get ideas from many different sources. We have contacts from years of experience in the markets. One of these many contacts provided us with an idea this past December. In our December 2, 2002 edition we published a Trading... More »

Family Room Goes MicroNuts for MicroNauts- SHEP in Members' Forum

Posted on April 02, 2003
Family Room (OTC BB: FMLY)- Microcap Stock Goes MicroNuts For MicroNauts As we stated in this past weekend's edition, we felt Family Room Entertainment was the most undervalued of the six microcaps we cover. Investors were disappointed by the poor showing at both the box office and the Academy Awards... More »

March 2003

Irvine Sensors- Breaking News Reveals Management Bets On Itself

Posted on March 31, 2003
Irvine Sensors (NASDAQ: IRSN)- Management Bets On Itself In the world of microcap investing you are always betting on the future, so you must look for subtle hints to tip the odds in your favor. One such hint came in the form of a news release issued by Irvine Sensors today just prior to the close of... More »


Posted on March 29, 2003
Wednesday's Trading Alerts- Derailed By Thursday's Weak Open Wednesday evening's trading alerts on Qualcomm and Adobe were derailed by Thursday morning's weak open. Both stocks opened below their very tight stop losses, and therefore you should not have participated. Traders are taking their cues from... More »

Trading Alerts on Qualcomm and Adobe

Posted on March 26, 2003
Two Trading Alerts For A Potential Market Surge If you are looking for something to watch besides coverage of the war, today we offer up two trading ideas which should do well if and when the market surges to the upside. In this past weekend's edition, we put forth the case the market would repeat the... More »

XML Global - Great Buy or a Bust?

Posted on March 25, 2003
XML Global Technologies (OTC BB: XMLG)- Great Buy or a Bust? As promised in this past weekend's edition, we have an update concerning the status of XML Global Technologies, a company we have been reporting on for over two years. As you can easily see from the chart, the stock began dropping prolifically... More »

Looking For A 12% Yield? Members' Forum on Bush's Big Bet

Posted on March 22, 2003
Market Comment- V Bottom Suggests Higher Levels Imminent The current rebound in the market has been breathtaking and extended beyond most people's expectations. The DOW was up 8.4% this week alone, the best one week performance since 1982. The "V" bottom formation depicted in the chart has now been... More »

Bush's Big Bet- Both Sides of the Story on War With Iraq

Posted on March 19, 2003
Bush's Big Bet- Both Sides of the Story on War With Iraq At long last the most anticipated international conflict of all time is set to get started. President Bush announced on Monday evening Saddam Hussein and his sons had 48 hours to get out of Iraq. This statement did nothing to mitigate Bush's cowboy... More »

StockGroup- Breaking News- Members' Forum

Posted on March 18, 2003
StockGroup Technologies (OTC BB: SWEB)- New Contract Signals Ongoing Growth Today, just prior to the open, StockGroup released news it had landed National Bank Financial as a new customer. National Bank Financial, a wholly owned subsidiary of National Bank of Canada, is one of the largest investment... More »

10 Hours Straight Up - With Volume!!

Posted on March 15, 2003
Three New OTC Journal Features This weekend's edition contains three new features we are adding. We hope these enhance your experience and your view of the OTC Journal as a valuable resource. Market Comment- 10 Hours Straight Up - With Volume!!!!!!!!! Those of you who have been hoping for a relief rally... More »

Tuesday's Short Trading Alert Stopped Out

Posted on March 13, 2003
Tuesday's Trading Alert Stopped Out on Morning Rally Our trading alert to short the market through either the QQQ's (AMEX: QQQ), or the Spyders (AMEX: SPY) was stopped out today by the market's rally. In Tuesday's edition, we suggested $24.50 as a stop loss for the QQQ, and $82.20 for the Spyders. Overnight... More »

Trading Alert-Short the Market; Calypte Interview Cancelled

Posted on March 11, 2003
Calypte Biomed (OTC BB: CALY): Interview With Chairman Tony Cataldo Canceled Last week we announced we would be publishing an audio interview with Tony Cataldo, Chairman of Calypte Biomedical, later this week. The purpose of the interview was to bring investors up to date on corporate developments... More »

Have A Laugh On Us - The Market is

Posted on March 07, 2003
Today's cartoon is the first in a series we plan to include regularly in the OTC Journal weekend edition. We hope you find these cartoons entertaining and amusing. This is one of the most frightening and stressful periods in both the financial and geopolitical worlds. This cartoon series is our contribution to help lighten the mood and put a smile on your face. More »

Family Room - Back in the Limelight and Back on Track

Posted on March 05, 2003
Family Room (OTC BB: FMLY)- Gets Back in the Limelight and Back on Track As you can see from this chart, Family Room Entertainment has been hammered this year. Investors had high hopes for the company, as their first two major theatrical releases hit the theaters in the fourth quarter of last year... More »

Calypte Biomedical's Chairman to be Interviewed

Posted on March 03, 2003
Calypte Biomed (OTC BB: CALY): Interview Next Week With Chairman Tony Cataldo As you can see from the chart, Calypte Biomed has been quite volatile over the past two months. Today, on the strength of another press release concerning additional distribution of their test kits, the stock traded huge volume... More »

February 2003

$20 Mil in Sales; $1.5 Mil in Profits for Nothing?

Posted on February 28, 2003
How To Buy A Business With $20 Million in Annual Sales and $1.5 Million in Profits For Next To Nothing The OTC Journal's mission is to uncover investment ideas in the small and microcap arena you would be unlikely to discover on your own. We provide information on the companies we follow, then report... More »

What's Thinner Than Ally McBeal?/ What's the Kyoto Protocol?

Posted on February 26, 2003
What's Thinner Than Ally McBeal? Volume- this is the headline we used in an edition on June 9, 2001. At the time Ally McBeal, since withdrawn by its creator, was one of the hottest shows on TV. Calista Flockhart played Ally McBeal. She is razor thin and was the catalyst for a whole "thin is in" revolution... More »

Shep Technologies: Highly Anticipated Profile Released

Posted on February 21, 2003
On June 4, 2002, one of the OTC Journal's editors was invited to visit Ford's top secret "Skunk Works" in Dearborn, Michigan to experience a revolutionary new technology which could end up, in some form, on nearly all cars. Its potential was compared to fuel injection, air bags, and anti lock brakes... More »

Revolutionary Auto Technology Preview; SWEB Comment

Posted on February 19, 2003
Preview of Weekend Edition On June 4, 2002, one of the OTC Journal's editors was invited to visit Ford's top secret "Skunk Works" in Dearborn, Michigan to experience revolutionary new technology which could end up, in some form, on nearly all cars. It's potential was compared to fuel injection, air... More »

Mr. Bush- Let's Just Close The Markets

Posted on February 15, 2003
The intensification of geopolitical risks makes discerning the economic path ahead especially difficult. If these uncertainties diminish considerably in the near term, we should be able to tell far better whether we are dealing with a business sector and an economy poised to grow more rapidly--our more... More »

Irvine Sensors Rebounding Strongly on Quarterly Results

Posted on February 12, 2003
Special Announcement Our previously announced new profile, planned for release this weekend, could be delayed for one week. There are two reasons: When we announced the timing of the release, we did not realize it was a holiday weekend with the market closed on Monday. In addition, the stock we plan... More »

The Price of Freedom

Posted on February 08, 2003
New Profile: We have decided to introduce our new profile next Friday, February 14th in honor of Valentine's Day. Be prepared to check your inbox if you want to read about revolutionary new technology which could end up widely used by automobile manufacturers. The Price of Freedom The price of freedom... More »

StockGroup and XML Global Make More News Than Colin Powell

Posted on February 05, 2003
Pending Profile In our January 30th edition we asked if you wanted to read about an idea our editors have been studying. The company has automotive technology that could rival the advent of fuel injection and anti lock brakes, and end up nearly on every vehicle manufactured. They have a development... More »

January 2003

State of the Union and the Markets- New Idea Pending

Posted on January 30, 2003
Pending Profile We have been following an exciting technology company since March of last year when one of our editors was invited to Detroit and visited the top secret experimental facility of a big three auto manufacturer. Our editor test drove a vehicle that had been fitted with new technology that... More »

The War, Super Bowl, and the Markets

Posted on January 25, 2003
Investors are focused on three subjects- The War, the Super Bowl, and the Markets in that order. With the exception of this Sunday afternoon, the potential for war is foremost on the market's mind. Like going to the dentist, the anticipation is becoming worse than... More »

StockGroup Surges to New High- News After Close Suggest Higher Levels

Posted on January 22, 2003
It is the dream of every microcap investor to see pennies turn into dollars. It doesn't happen as often as we would like, but after today's news investors in StockGroup Information Systems could see the dream realized. StockGroup Information Systems, Inc Surges To New High- Is This Just the Beginning... More »

If You Think It's Been Tough... XML Global and Lockheed Martin

Posted on January 19, 2003
If You Think It's Been Tough- Consider Life 450 years Ago Over the past three years we've come through the worst stock market conditions since the 1930's. Fortunes have been decimated. Retirement accounts have been demolished by fraud, greed, and deceit. Thousands of jobs have been lost. Americans no... More »

Tony Soprano Says

Posted on January 15, 2003
Tony Soprano Says "Forget About It" Want short term trading ideas that could be profitable?- In the words of Tony Soprano: FORGET ABOUT IT, at least for the next few weeks. The market is stuck in a range, and it is unlikely to break one way or the other in the immediate future. However, when it... More »

Family Room's Biggest Day Ever

Posted on January 12, 2003
Family Room's (OTC BB: FMLY) Biggest Day Ever- NARC Hits Theaters Nationwide In our original Trading Alert on Family Room (Nov 1, 2002), we likened their business model to a biotech company without the risk. Family Room develops entertainment products which have new drug like upside, but the company... More »

Bush's Dividend Tax Exemption- The Agenda No One is Talking About

Posted on January 08, 2003
Earnings are an accounting opinion. Cash Flow is a fact. Anonymous Contributor to the OTC Journal President George Bush's Tax Cut on Dividends- Crazy Like a Fox The financial news is filled with opinions on George Bush's proposal to eliminate taxes on corporate dividends. Opponents argue this... More »

Caylpte Kicks off New Year With Major Order

Posted on January 06, 2003
Caylpte Biomed (OTC BB: CALY) Kicks off New Year With Major Order Calypte Biomed is starting the new year right, up in early trading on big volume. Just prior to today's opening bell, Calypte announced it had received its second large commercial order from it's Chinese distributor. Calypte is the only... More »

Why Should the Market Go Up in 2003? Irvine Sensors- Dow Jones Misleads

Posted on January 04, 2003
Why Should the Market Come Back in 2003? Thankfully 2002 is over. We completed the third straight year of significant losses in all the major indexes. For the year 2002, the S&P; 500 lost 23.4%, the Dow dropped 16.8%, and the Nasdaq toppled 31.5%. Individual investors, discouraged by the erosion of... More »