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I am going to keep introducing new ideas in China companies- some smaller, some larger. I believe there will be a flood of capital pouring into this area. When capital starts to look for growth on a global basis, China is where they will find it.

Here's the challenge- how do you know what you're investing in? The communication barrier makes things difficult. There have been some companies that appear to have some level of fraudulent activity.

One way to achieve this goal is to form an alliance with a professional who has infrastructure within China, and has people on the ground monitoring and supervising. 

One of my alliances for China situations was interviewed this past Thursday on Bloomberg TV on the Asian pre market show. He specifically mentions both China Energy Recovery (CGYV), and NF Energy (NFES).

To view a replay of the video clip, all you have to do is CLICK HERE, and the player should simply blow open on your computer monitor. Turn on your speakers.

Hot Penny Stock: Possible Swine Flu Therapy Brings Investors Piling Into to Cel-Sci (AMEX: CVM)

The WHO (I'm not kidding- World Health Organization) has officially declared the Swine Flu as a world wide pandemic. This past week, the WHO raised the Swine Flu to "Phase 6", it's highest level for global risk.

The Phase 6 alert does not mean the severity is increasing- it means the spread is more global. The Phase 6 ranking opens the door to accelerated production and research on a number of possible therapies and vaccines.

One company getting major recognition for a possible therapy is AMEX listed Cel-Sci (CVM), a stock I have been following on and off for many years.

Last week, CVM announced its L.E.A.P.S (Ligand Epitope Antigen Presentation System) technology, could represent an immune based therapy for swine flu, and had shown promise.

At the Naval Medical Research Center in Silver Spring, MD, L.E.A.P.S has demonstrated an ability to enhance the body's natural protection against many different kinds of diseases. The Navy is focused on using the therapy to treat Malaria.

This past week, CVM announced it was developing an immune based treatment for the Swine Flu, and the stock went absolutely ballistic. 

The stock traded 32 million shares in one day last week, the highest volume in its more than 20 years of being a publicly traded company. It also surged from about $.25 to $.80 in one day. Pretty crazy.

Here's why I'm bringing this to your attention- the stock has now completed a perfect 61.8% retracement of that entire move, and could be poised to head up again. There is certainly significant interest from both investors and traders.

If this $.47 level gives way, it is likely to come back down and fill the gap that was created on the 32 million share day. This would take the stock down to the $.36 mark, at which point it would be highly likely to turn around and head back up.

The story on CVM goes far beyond a possible Swine Flu vaccine. CVM has been developing a cancer therapy for many years, and in world wide Phase II clinical trials it has delivered awesome results. Multikine- their flagship drug- is being readied for world wide Phase III clinical trials as a therapy for the virtually untreatable head and neck cancers.

In the process of preparing to enter a Phase III trial for Multikine, CVM has financed and built a small FDA approved lab where the compound can be synthesized. Look for CVM to become an outsourced solution for other drug developers to have smaller amounts of their compounds created for use in world wide clinical trials as well.

For those of you looking for a great trade on the Swine Flu world wide pandemic, CVM looks like it has caught the idea of investors. A good way to trade this stock would be to take a small position now. If you see a pullback to the $.36 level, load up with a tight stop.

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Since I was in Europe for 2 weeks attending conferences with Swiss money managers on small to mid size China companies, I fell a bit behind on both BLOG postings and responses. I got caught up with two new postings yesterday- my latest new idea- NF Energy (NFES)- a hot China Stock has a posting offering some technical comments. I also posted a long overdue update on the recent pullback in China Energy Recovery (CGYV)- of late, not such a hot China stock, but coming back. Use the BLOG postings as an opportunity to ask any questions or post any well thought out comments, both to the positive or negative side. Click Here for NFES; Here for CGYV, or go to the home page.

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