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The Digital Entertainment Revolution: Apple Sets The Bar

Last week Apple Computer (AAPL) announced its Q3 financial results. All the company did was deliver $7.79 in Earnings Per Share, blowing away the analyst's estimates of about $5.50. During the quarter, Apple sold 20 million iPhones and 10 million iPads. You still have to wait for a shipment to get the iPad2 at my local Apple Store.

Clearly, Apple is the gold standard when it comes to the digital entertainment revolution. CEO Steve Jobs basically invented it.

Think back to 1997. Apple Computer is trading at about $3 per share. The company has a liquidation value of about $6, yet the stock traded at only half that number. Their computer sales are losing market share to PCs running the Windows Operating System, and Microsoft is king of the PC world. Bill Gates is king of the digital universe.

Members of Apple's board and some large institutional investors were calling for a liquidation of the company. Then wanted to sell everything, take their $6 per share, and head for the hills.

Rather than fold the tent and silently slip away into the night, CEO Steve Jobs decided to get creative, and turn the company into an innovative digital entertainment giant. The rest is history.

And, by the way, did you know that as of June 30, Apple had twice as much cash in the bank at the US Government has today? Geez- what is this world coming to?

Here's the point- by striking a chord with consumers in the world of digital entertainment, you can make a fortune. There aren't many Apples out there, but no one understood where they were headed in 1997.

The digital entertainment revolution is on, and the right companies will make fortunes delivering the right products to consumers. Today's idea is an innovative digital entertainment story, and investors started piling in on Friday.

You are getting an OTC Journal "First Look" ahead of the rest of the world. As more investors learn this story over the coming weeks, I expect fireworks out of this one.

Nyxio Technologies (OTC: NYXO):

Nyxio Technologies is new to the consumer electronics world, but their products didn't just appear out of nowhere. In fact, NYXO has been developing revolutionary new products since 2007- that's 4 years of development time.

Here's their Mac Daddy new product, and if there's anything out there that does what this device is capable of, I'd like to know about it. If there is, I am unaware of it and can't find it.

Are you ready for it? This is Nyxio's Vioshpere- the first Smart TV in the world!! The product has a 52" display. It's touch screen. Has a built in DVD player/burner. It has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, a 2 mega pixel embedded Webcam, an embedded microphone, a sound system, and an operating system.

In short, this is the first "Smart TV" I've seen. This device is capable of doing everything your smart phone, computer, tablet, and TV can do. That's an amazing achievement.

I've seen peripherals that can be added to the TV to try to mimic those functions, but I have yet to see it all built into one device. This is a very exciting product.

The company has 5 additional products- all designed to bridge the technology gaps that exist between the the TV, computer, tablet, and mobile device. They have a smaller computer TV, a tablet, but there's one more product you need to look at now. This one really intrigues me, and it could become a huge seller.

You're looking at the Venture MMV. I can't wait to try this device. I've read everything the company has published on it. Here's the essence of what this does.

This device gives you a portable 62 inch hi def TV in the form of Eye wear. Amazing.

This device comes with 2GB of flash memory, 32 gigabytes of media file storage, a USB plug in, and ear buds for audio.

You simply plug the USB cable into your device, upload your media- whether it be a hi def movie, TV show, video game, or even a book you are reading, then watch it in perfect Hi-Def digital clarity with your eye wear.

The image is right in front of your eyes, and mimics a 62 inch HiDef TV screen in your own personal world.

This is truly futuristic- right out of a Spielberg movie. If I were taking a 17 hour flight to China, I'd want to be laying fully reclined watching a movie for most of the journey.

As NXYO recently came public, investors are now getting their first glimpse of the product line, and the stock started going nuts this past Friday. If you want to have a look at all their products, visit their web site at

So, what has been happening with this stock? Check it out: 

450% Volume Explosion

Look at this chart. This is the kind of chart we have made a lot of money on this year by acting early, acting quickly, and taking profits when offered. As you can see, throughout the month of July, NYXO has been trading between $.50 and $.65.

The stock broke out of the high end of its $.60 range on Friday on a big volume surge- the stock traded 585,000 shares, up 450% from Thursday's volume of 106,000 shares. The stock also broke out above the $.60 resistance level for the second time this month.

Free of the $.60 resistance level, I suspect this stock is now free to continue the slow and steady climb you see in the month of July.

I believe the stock is destined to rise about $.75 on this run, and a short term target price in the $.80 to $1.00 range is likely to be achieved on momentum alone. The wild card here is news flow.

The right news comes out on this company's products being picked up by a major chain might send this stock rocketing up the charts.

I'd be inclined to set my SSL at about $.50, and look for the $.80 to $1.00 in the next two to four weeks.

Looking a bit longer term, if you happen to be a shareholder based on reading about the stock now, and somewhere down the road you walk into your local Best Buy or Costco and see a Nyxio Product on display, you are going to be able to buy anything you want because you've made so much money on the stock.

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