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New and Not So Different: Luxeyard (LUXR)Looking Tasty

The calender is filing up. We're past the "Go Away in May" syndrome. Greece and Spain have dominated the headlines. And, despite appearance that the US Economy is slowing a bit, and a couple of countries might abandon the Euro and return to their own currencies so they can deflate the heck out of them, very little has changed since April.

The only thing that's really happened is that stocks have gotten cheaper- so cheap in fact that bargain hunters are starting to step in, and the markets appeared to have made some sort of temporary bottom and could improve considerably from here.

I'm very excited to report I've identified a couple new ideas that look really good. One of the older ideas I believe in long term is about to dish some goods as well. I was looking for some progress last week, but it's been delayed- stand by for news in the next few days.

These new ideas couldn't be more exciting for penny stock lovers like myself. How would you like to learn about a company doing $100 million in revs, but trading for next to nothing? A company that's been followed by hundreds of thousands of investors who have been waiting for progress? They are going to get it next week.

Yes, next week we're going to crank it up the fun and profit meter again.

And, speaking of past winners (was I talking about them?), have a look at Luxeyard (OTC: LUXR). As I've repeatedly disclosed, I was a big holder of the stock, and sold my entire position between about $1.25 and $2 as the stock ran up the chart from our entry level of $.80. I'm still a holder of restricted shares from a direct investment I made in the company.

Note the upturn in price and volume surge on Friday. It looks to me like there might be a trade in this stock right now, so if you had a good experience with LUXR, now might be a good time to reload.

As I disclosed, I sold my entire free trading positions a lot higher. I was a buyer on Friday, so now I'm long the stock again, and hoping for another run up the charts.

The stock closed at $1.38 on Friday- perhaps it's ready to go back to $1.75 to $2. If you're a buyer on Monday morning, set your SSL at $1.20- if it goes below that level, it's likely to go lower.

Anatomy of a Panic

My most current and I believed really exciting idea is Barfresh (BRFH)- the Australian import that's bringing its highly successful "Down Under" show to the US market- 30 times the size of the market Down Under.

However, as it's turned out, Dramanine is required to be involved with this stock to avoid motion sickness. This is Mr. Toad's Wild Ride- a rocketship up, back down, then back up.

Here's the numbers- hang on to your hat:

  • Introduced May 14 at $.96- Hit $1.18 May 31 for 23% gain
  • Crashed to $.40 on June 5th for a 66% net drop from the top.
  • Four trading days later rebounded to close Friday at $.81, for a bounce back of 102% gain off the bottom of the panic sell off.

BRFH makes last May's "Flash Crash" look very tame.

So, when you look at this chart, there's only one conclusion you can draw. This stock was the victim of a panic sell-off for some unknown reason.

Something else I've learned about this company- there are a lot of investors that are interested in owning this stock and willing to take a shot on the future of this company. This stock is now trading about 1 million shares a day, which is really strong volume for a relative new comer to the US markets.

Barfresh's sister company is Australia in 5 years ahead of the US version, and already highly commercially successful- it's proprietary "ready-to-blend" smoothie packets are now in hundreds of Quick Serve Restaurants in Australia and New Zealand- the product is heavily favored by Subway and Krispy Kreme restauranteurs.

The US version is a separate company, but has the same management. The market appears to be willing to speculate on BRFH having a US break through with its first major customers before too long.

If you're looking for a prediction about where this stock might go from here- forget it. It's been nuts, but fun. I know if you adhered to my published SSL of $.70, you were out, but in good shape now if you didn't get out.

If you never got in, this stock has been trading up everyday since making its Panic Bottom on huge volume, so some investors are clearly willing to bet on the future of BRFH.

To summarize: BRFH future is exciting but unpredictable. I'm an active trader in the stock and still a large shareholder, so I'm rooting for higher levels, but could be a buyer or seller at any time.

A reminder: Catch me live on TV every Monday from 12 to 2PM eastern.

Simply go to, and click on the "Watch Us Live" button. I'm the guest host on the show every Monday.  

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