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November 2010
FieldPoint (FPP): 14% Aint Bad
Tue, November 23, 2010
Field Point Petroleum (AMEX: FPP): A Cool 14% Gainer As we roll into our annual Turkey Day festivities, I'm thankful for a relatively good call on FieldPoint (AMEX: FPP). The stock is up a cool 14% from Friday morning's entry level, and that's not so bad. I'll take 14% returns in a couple of days anytime...
Field Point (FPP):Little Company; Really Big Drill
Thu, November 18, 2010
Field Point Petroleum (AMEX: FPP): Little Company; Really Big Drill What if I told you today's new idea was a $3.25 stock on the AMEX, and delivering $850 million in annual revenues with $230 million in net income? Sounds a bit unlikely- does it not? In a sense, it's true. The company I'm referencing...
Drill Baby Drill
Wed, November 17, 2010
What Might Have Been Drill Baby Drill. The words of Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin when asked what she would do to end our nation's energy dependence. It became a rallying cry until British Petroleum temporarily spoiled the party with the Gulf of Mexico fiasco. While the message may have lost...
Update: SPPH and CSNH
Mon, November 15, 2010
Spencer Pharma (OTC PK: SPPH): You Should Be Out SPPH was a 100% technical idea, and technically the stock does not look good today. It's still trading monster volume at over 2 million shares. I suggested risking 10%. The stock opened at $.61, made a high of $.64, and is now $53. If you followed my...
Spencer Pharma (SPPH): Technically Tasty
Mon, November 15, 2010
Spencer Pharma (OTC PK: SPPH): Technically Tasty Is it possible for an idea to be 100% technical? When a stock is delivering a volume explosion and heading up the charts, there's no doubt. That's exactly what today's idea is. A technical recommendation that looks like it's good for a money making trade...
Crazy Penny Stock- A Traders Delight
Sun, November 14, 2010
Crazy Penny Stock- A Traders Delight Riddle me this Crazed Speculators- What completely unknown and under followed penny stock averaged about 75,000 shares per day the last two weeks, then traded 8,656,466 shares the last two days? Talk about a volume break out. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! If you like to trade...
Bohai Earnings Awesome: Ben Ben Helping Out
Sat, November 13, 2010
The market was a bit heavy this week as it entered into an overdue corrective phase post the October to early November meteoric move up. It seems like tried and true market seasonally is back on track, with October to April shining for the long side of equities as it always has. A little corrective...
The New OTC Journal
Wed, November 10, 2010
The New OTC Journal The new service is launched. I'm embroiled in China stocks everyday. If you want to follow my China stocks ideas, you're going to have to sign up for that newsletter: So far, it's working out really well. The timing was lucky, but we're catching some...
I Owe You An Apology
Fri, November 05, 2010
Here's what it looks like. This is my new publication. You'll find the web site at If you haven't signed up as a subscriber, I owe you an apology. I wasn't emphatic enough.
October 2010
Emergency Notification: Symbol Correction From Today's Edition
Sat, October 23, 2010
Dear OTC Journal Members: I made a moderately dyslexic mistake in today's coverage of new idea China Shandong Industries. I inadvertently used the symbol CSHN- the Correct symbol is CSNH, or CSNH.OB if you use Yahoo! to check your quotes. Fortunately, there is no stock that trades under the symbol CSNH...
Simply Irresistable: China Shandong (CSNH)
Sat, October 23, 2010
Simply Irresistible It's a smorgasbord- I'm like a kid in a candy shop- an embarrassment of riches. You name the cliché- it fits. There 700 China based companies trading with US listings, and there's a bunch in that are fundamentally just stupid undervalued, but thanks to the route by which the...
Two New Highs; They Are Rocking in China and Texas
Thu, October 21, 2010
This week's "China Surprise" took the China sector down just a little today. China GDP growth came in at 9.6% for Q3- while that number is far better than the rest of the world, it is the third consecutive quarter of very slight decline. GDP growth is down from about 10%. The interest rate increase...
The China Surprise
Tue, October 19, 2010 Update Well, it's live, and we have a bunch of subscribers for this new service. Thanks so much to early adopters. The systems for both enrollment and email distribution are all new to us, so give us a week or so to work it all out. For starters- I published the first "Flash...
What A Short Squeeze Looks Like;
Sat, October 16, 2010
My new subscription based China site is now ready for Prime Time. Today is the first day we're accepting subscribers, so you have the opportunity to be a founding member. I'll publish my first flash alert Monday, and then off we go. More on this below. First- a little recap. What A Short Squeeze Looks...
Finally!!!; Laugh Of the Week
Thu, October 14, 2010
Finally!!!!!! Finally: ultimately as the end result of a succession or process Finally: After a week of testing, retesting, writing, rewriting, testing, and testing again, we're finally ready to roll out the new service. This is something my partners and I decided to do about one year ago. We put it...
The China Stocks Jail Break
Sat, October 09, 2010
Here's a quick update on the new service devoted entirely to China based companies with US listings. First of all, it's been a great week for China stocks- the breakouts are finally showing up on the charts. There's still plenty of time on the less liquid ideas, but some of the stocks that trade higher...
Buffett Speaks on China
Sat, October 02, 2010
Finally, I'm Nearly Ready On Friday morning, October 1st, it became official. I started my new service. As many of you are aware, I have decided to branch off in new directions. I am launching a subscription based newsletter devoted to investing in China based companies with US listings. On Friday morning...
September 2010
China's Version of Sears- In 1960
Wed, September 29, 2010
I don't know if it's because of the two recent Red Hot China IPOs, or if it's just time. Whatever it is, the China space is starting to perk up again, and as the larger cap stocks start moving away, the smaller ones will pick up the pace right behind them. Two of my top 10 picks have started to gain...
Another Monster China Stock IPO
Tue, September 28, 2010
Another Monster China IPO On September 17th Sofun Holdings (NYSE: SFUN)- the Chinese real estate web portal, came public at $42.50- traded to $75 on opening day (the best IPO of 2010), and is still holding up at $66 today. Up 76% on its debut. Today, another China IPO hit the markets. Country Style...
GHN Agrispan (GHNA): A True Hand To Mouth Company
Thu, September 23, 2010
Let's say you wanted to be in the food business. That's a pretty broad industry. You have the producers- the farmers who grow the crops and/or raise the animals. You have the processors- who turn the farmer's products into consumables. You have the distributors- the middle men who get the finished products...
Bohai (BOPH) Comes Ripping Back; A Preview of More To Come
Tue, September 21, 2010
If you're interested in the China space, you needed to read this past weekend's article. It was supposed to be entitled "Like Roberto Duran: Fund Managers Say No Mas To China Stocks". Thanks to a software glitch, the word "No" was dropped from the headline. This stuff drives me nuts. No matter how many...
Like Roberto Duran: Fund Managers Say Mas to China Stocks
Sun, September 19, 2010
Like Roberto Duran: Fund Managers Say No Más to China Stocks It was one of the most famous fights in history. November 25th, 1980- the Superdome in New Orleans- the rematch for the Welterweight championship of the world between Olympic Gold Medalist Sugar Ray Leonard and the sensational Roberto "Hands...
Our Day Is Coming: Updates on Bohai (BOPH) and China MediaEx (CCME)
Wed, September 15, 2010
Our Day Is Coming Our day is coming. Industrial production numbers out of China announced on Monday confirm the Chinese economy is just rocking, and there's nothing but growth and upside continuing to emerge. Industrial production rose 13.9% in August over the previous year. This number suggests to...
Bohai Pharmaceuticals (BOPH); 3,700 Years Of Clinical Trials
Sat, September 11, 2010
Today's new idea has a video for your pleasure. Place your seat backs in their full and upright position, get your seat belt on, and get ready for take off. Turn off all other electrical devices. Viewing the video could not be more simple- just go to the home page at, and it will...
A Brief Delay In Today's New Idea: SingleTouch (SITO) Update
Thu, September 09, 2010
My previously announced new idea for today has been delayed for the time being. I expect the video associated with this new idea to play at tomorrow after the close, and I'll release the associated newsletter on Saturday. Stay tuned this weekend if you want to learn where you can...
Yes, There's Video: LPH Yr End Numbers Suggest $5 Stock
Wed, September 08, 2010
And Yes- There's Video I have faith. I have faith that the market's aversion to equities is going to evolve back to normal throughout the remainder of this year, and valuations will become far more reasonable. Currently, the largest disconnect between corporate performance and stock prices I've ever...
A Sneak Peak: Blockbuster New Ideas
Mon, September 06, 2010
The Beginning of the End: News Out Of China I have been convinced for some time US investors have a unique window of opportunity to invest in China based businesses with a great deal of ease. The Beginning of the End of this unique opportunity was announced in China this past week, and it's worth noting...
August 2010
Profiting From Irrational Fear; A Little Help Please
Sat, August 28, 2010
I'm Looking For Some Help For those of you who don't know it, I've been working on a new publication I'm going to be introducing sometime between now and the end of September. I've been writing and publishing the OTC Journal, a penny stock focused online newsletter, for nearly 11 years. It's been a...
Eagle Ford Energy: David in the Land of Goliaths
Thu, August 26, 2010
Eagle Ford Energy (OTC BB: EFRDF) Inc: David in the Land of Goliaths If you are risk averse, today's idea is probably not for you. If you believe oil prices are going down for the next few years, today's idea is also not for you. If you believe the emerging markets are going to continue to keep pressure...
The Future of US Oil Independence: Oil Shale
Wed, August 25, 2010
Special Note- Some time ago I suggested looking at Bulova Technologies (OTC PK: BLVT) as a crazy penny stock that could get some legs. The company had never filed a financial statement, but a credible source informed me the company was achieving over $70 million in annual revs and making money. An affiliate...
Beacon Enterprises: Let The Healing Start
Tue, August 24, 2010
Beacon Enterprises: Embedded in the Process Last week was pretty rough on Beacon Enterprise shareholders, with the stock losing about 50% since early August, and really tumbling on Friday as it appeared some large block decided it didn't want to be in this stock anymore. Someone went to a "cash at any...
A Bipolar Day: The Last Two- A Tale of Two Extremes With CREG and BEAC
Tue, August 17, 2010
For those interested parties- My #1 Pick- China Media Express (NASDAQ: CCME), is ringing the opening bell at NASDAQ tomorrow morning. Tune in if you are interested and up. More importantly, the company is barn storming both buy and sell side anyalysts and fund managers over the next few weeks throughout...
When is eNuF eNuF: NF and BSPM Q2 Earnings Explosions
Mon, August 16, 2010
When is eNuF eNuF Yes, the sound you hear is me tearing my hair out. Why can't you hear anything? First of all, you are reading this, so there's no sound. Secondly, even if you were sitting in my office, you wouldn't hear me tearing my hair out as I have no hair left- one of the benefits of advancing...
China Media; CCME Does Its Part
Fri, August 13, 2010
China Media (NASDAQ: CCME) Does Its Part China Media Express absolutely hammered the ball out of the park in Q2, and reaffirmed its guidance for the remainder of the year. The guidance is likely to be blown away by the numbers when we look back. Time will tell. The company is doing its part, but I'm...
China Media Tips Hand and Rocks; China Education Delivers
Wed, August 11, 2010
China Media (NASDAQ: CCME) Tips Hand My #1 China pick is, and continues to be China Media Express (NASDAQ: CCME). If you recall my Top 10 list, numbers 1 and 2 are must owns. CCME is #1, and LPH is #2. Longwei Petroleum (LPH) won't be delivering Q2 earnings this month- their fiscal year ends in June...
First 3 of Top Ten China Ideas Deliver Q2 Numbers
Tue, August 10, 2010
China Numbers Coming In Very Strong- Charts Shaping Up The numbers from US listed China companies are starting to come in, and for the most part they are very strong. More importantly, I see a number of the charts starting to look a bit better, suggesting the July lows might be the low point for 2010...
July 2010
Market Lingo Translated; NF Energy Sneak Attack
Sat, July 31, 2010
The Language of the Market The market is starting to line up just as I suspected it would, and in order to understand the subtleties of the market, you need to understand the semantics of the market as well. The market has its own code language, and the sooner you understand the hidden meanings, the...
China Stocks Stirring From Deep Sleep: CCME Pops- BTW- You Gotta Eat
Mon, July 26, 2010
China Stocks Stirring From Deep Sleep: CCME Pops After 4 months of getting our collective brains beat out, the China stocks are starting to stir like Rip Van Winkle, who went to sleep for 20 years to avoid his nagging wife. In the case of these China stocks, the nagging wife is the profits. As long...
Longwei Petroleum Eye Opener in Summer Snore Fest
Wed, July 21, 2010
The Summer Snore Fest What Dog Days of August? This year, it's the Canine Days of July. And, the market is barely barking. At present, this market is one major snore fest. I'm on vacation with the family in beautiful Central Oregon, and I'm not missing much. This market is one giant, low volume snore...
The Dog That Comes When Called
Fri, July 16, 2010
The Dog That Comes When Called Like our faithful family Labradoodle, China Media Express (NASDAQ: CCME) did exactly what I predicted it would do two days ago. The dog came when I called it. In today's ugly low volume rout of the markets, the stock "filled the gap" that was created earlier in the week...
The Beginning of the End
Tue, July 13, 2010
Clarification From Last Edition I'm not real sure why the introduction in the last edition caused so much confusion, but it did, so let me provide some clarity. Since about 600 of you said you wanted "crazy penny stock" ideas, I have provided two of them. The first was Grid Petroleum (OTC BB: GRPR)
Don't Buy This Crazy Penny Stock
Thu, July 08, 2010
Do Not Buy This Stock- Unless Do not buy this stock- unless you are a crazy speculator like me who doesn't mind taking an insane amount of risk. And, by insane, I mean you could lose all your money. You guys asked for crazy penny stocks, and this one would fit into that category. My first idea- Grid...
China Stocks: Shorts Shoveling Dirt on the Coffin Lid
Wed, July 07, 2010
Grid Petroleum - last week's crazy penny stock idea, had an interesting day of trading activity. The stock started out very strong in the first 10 minutes of trading as high volume materialized, then took a beating for about 90 minutes before rebounding. In the first 60 minutes, GRPR traded 500,000 shares, and traded to a low of $.50 before the volume quieted down and the start started to rebound.
June 2010
What Do Grid Petroleum and Julia Child Have in Common?
Wed, June 30, 2010
Penny Stocks- I Guess We Just Love Them It was no contest. The score was about 600 to 2. About 600 readers said they'd like some unique penny stock ideas. 2 told me not to bother. Even with a 2 man filibuster, this would still pass even in Congress. Majority rules. So far, I've got 3 I'm looking at...
Penny Stocks: Yes or No?
Sat, June 26, 2010
Still Holding My Nose I'm still holding my nose- just holding my nose and holding my many positions in highly profitable US listed, China based companies. The last two months have been simply brutal on the high beta China stocks. For now it's worth noting there's really nothing to do but hold your nose...
Single Touch Keeps Rocking; The Chinese Yuan Floats
Tue, June 22, 2010
Single Touch (OTC BB: SITO) Still Rocking Single Touch appears to be headed to $1.70. No if, ands, or buts. The stock is simply rocking right now against a backdrop of a fairly lousy environment for small stocks, and there is some serious institutional accumulation going on here. I'll let the rumor...
Nose Holding at 200 Day; SingleTouch Volume and Price Breakout
Tue, June 15, 2010
It's a little boring and exciting at the same time out there right now. My focus pretty much exclusively on China remains intact. Over the coming years, it will prove to be the best place to have your growth capital. I've just returned from a week in NY- visiting brokerage firms, fund managers, and...
My Top 10 List- Resend
Wed, June 02, 2010
I am resending the Top 10 edition for those who might have missed it over the Holiday weekend. It will likely turn out to be the most important edition of 2010. Ideas 1 and 2 are new and absolute must owns. Well, May has turned out to be an atrocious month for the bulls in the markets. All the major...
May 2010
My Top 10 List
Fri, May 28, 2010
Well, May has turned out to be an atrocious month for the bulls in the markets. All the major indexes were down about 8%- the worst May since 1962. The 2010 gains have been given back, and then some. The headline risk remains massive everyday between the European "Austerity" programs and the free fall...
Santa Comes Early; XSEL, CGYV, TPIV, and OPMG Comments
Sat, May 22, 2010
There was a little relief rally on Friday after a fairly wicked week in the markets. Thursday's giant sell down felt like a "cash at any cost" down draft, with almost no regard for value. That's fine with me. These kinds of emotional, momentum driven markets present opportunities for those with the...
Midday Comments on TPIV, NFEC, LEGE, and BEAC
Tue, May 18, 2010
A Busy Day- Comments on a Bunch of Stuff Frankly, it's a bit annoying. I wish these smaller companies could get their quarterly numbers out over a few week period in time, instead of all in one or two days at the absolute deadline. I just can't get quality commentary out fast enough for investors to...
Beacon Enterprise (BEAC) Burns Top Line Rubber
Mon, May 17, 2010
Beacon Enterprise (OTC BB: BEAC) Burns Top Line Rubber Beacon was out with fiscal Q2 numbers post close today- reflecting the corporate performance in calendar Q1 of '10. Like this race car laying down rubber, the top line was absolutely smoking. However, also like this car, the wheels are spinning...
Biostar Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: BSPM) Delivers Eye Popping Top
Sun, May 16, 2010
Biostar Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: BSPM) Delivers Eye Popping Top Line in Q1 Profit Margins Don't Follow Suit Biostar Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: BSPM), one of the hottest China stocks of '09, delivered Q1 numbers Friday post close. Review below. First, the week in review. It was another ugly week in...
Earnings Reviews: Universal Travel (NYSE: UTA), China Education Alliance
Wed, May 12, 2010
Early Returns on Hot China Followings: Universal Travel (NYSE: UTA), China Education Alliance (NYSE: CEU), and China Recycling (NASDAQ: CREG); a Mixed Bag and Lots Of Upside Biostar Pharmacueticals (NASDAQ: BSPM) To Come Three of the stocks listed as followed by the OTC Journal have reported Q1 earnings...
Giant Rebound- Three Bargains To Look At Now
Mon, May 10, 2010
Giant Rebound- Three Bargains To Look At Now Today there's an impressive rebound day in the overall markets. Sort sellers seem happy to cover has last week's complete collapse, which is fueling a nearly 400 point rally in the DOW. Small cap China stocks continue to trade poorly against the backdrop...
Biostar Pharma Video Chart: The Stairs and the Elevator
Sat, May 08, 2010
Taking the Elevator Down It has been said the stock market takes the "Stairs Up, and the Elevator Down". We've certainly seen it this week. Greek Bonds were the excuse, and possibly more instability and defaults in Europe. Then, there was the "fat finger" technology glitch which roiled the markets as...
What's Wrong With China Stocks? Nothing Earnings Can't Fix
Tue, May 04, 2010
What's Wrong With China Stocks? Nothing Earnings Can't Fix Have you noticed the fall off of late in China stocks? Most of the small cap China stocks I've been reporting on for some time have given back a lot of ground on low volume pullbacks. None of them have reported Q1 earnings yet. Now that we're...
April 2010
Lessons Learned: Out Of Biostar, But Looking To Get Back In
Mon, April 26, 2010
Lessons Learned: Out Of Biostar, But Looking To Get Back In Friday was Biostar Pharma's first day of trading on the NASDAQ, and predictably the stock ended up down on the day. There are lessons to be learned about event driven trading here, as this is a pattern that will repeat itself for the rest of...
Profit Alert: Sell Half Your Biostar
Thu, April 22, 2010
Profit Alert: Sold Half My Biostar Pharma (BSPM) Short but sweet today. Biostar Pharma (OTC BB: BSPM) announced it will open for trading on NASDAQ tomorrow morning- just as I predicted. I have sold 1/2 my position, and intend to sell the other half if the stock gets any kind of bump on when it trades...
Old Faithul and Legend Media- Betting on Both
Wed, April 21, 2010
NF Energy (OTC BB: NFEC) was out with a forecast for 2010, and Biostar Pharma (OTC BB: BSPM) is breaking out today. More on both of these issues in tomorrow's edition. Biostar is behaving as if the NASDAQ listing is imminent. NF Energy is not trading much volume, which is an opportunity for you. Old...
Trading Biostar Pharma (BSPM) On the Pending Event
Sun, April 18, 2010
Goldman Sachs (GS) News Roils Markets The market has been looking for a catalyst to sell off, and the SEC provided it Friday by announcing it was filing a civil law suit against Goldman Sachs for misconduct in its marketing of the toxic derivatives associated with the sub prime mess of the last decade...
Trading Strategy for This Market: Looking at Biostar (BSPM) and China
Wed, April 14, 2010
Looking At Biostar; BSPM, China Recycling; CREG Buy The Uptrend Lines, Sell the Surges Many of the smaller China stocks seemed to have lost their vigor for climbing the charts of late. Today I'm looking at my current two favorites- Biostar Pharma; BSPM, and China Recycling Energy: CREG. These are both...
Biostar (BSPM); The Hot Money is Stupid Money
Wed, April 07, 2010
BSPM Deflates As Hot Money Rushes Out Biostar FASB'd and GAAP'd to Death I turned on CNBC on Good Friday, prepared to have a normal work day. Much to my surprise, the market was closed, and I found myself with the day off. Just shows you how aware I am. CNBC was running a documentary on Enron entitled...
Invest At The Steepest Part Of the Growth Curve For Maximum Returns
Sat, April 03, 2010
I've got lots or email questions on my view of the Biostar (OTC BB: BSPM) numbers from yesterday. It's going to take me a couple of days to churn through some issues to get a reasonable EPS forecast for next year based on their forecast. From that, I can derive a price projection. You'll probably see...
Legend Rockets on Record Volume
Thu, April 01, 2010
Lots To Talk About By the time you read this edition, which I'm writing on Wednesday afternoon, one very important event will have occurred. Biostar Pharma (OTC BB: BSPM), my most recent idea from March 13th at $4 has delivered its audited 2009 financial results. I was hoping to see EPS in the mid $.50...
March 2010
Take Profit on China Recycling (CREG) Uplisting to NASDAQ
Fri, March 19, 2010
China Energy Recycling (CREG): Take A Profit If you're smart and lucky enough to identify undervalued stocks, when they become fully valued, you have to be willing to take some or all of your profits. Today, the news on China Energy Recycling, my #1 pick, is about as good as it gets. The company has...
Legend (LEGE) Dishes Big New Contract; CREG, CEU, SPKL, and BEAC News
Tue, March 16, 2010
Legend Media (OTC BB: LEGE) Dishes Up More New Business For you penny stock lovers- Legend is dishing as I predicted, and really starting to get some momentum on the advertising sales side. Today, post close, LEGE dished up another really impressive new contract signing for a company delivering in the...
The HebB China Plague: Biostar Pharma (BSPM) Answers
Sat, March 13, 2010
A Global Plague- Prevalent in China Hepatitis B- everyone's heard of it. It kills about 1.2 million people world wide each and every year. Hepatitis B is a virus, and most individuals who become infected with the virus eventually fight it off with their immune system. Once you've recovered from the...
Coming Attraction- A No Brainer Double This Weekend
Wed, March 10, 2010
Consider This I have completed my due diligence, have the information I need, and am going to present you the 411 this weekend. I am very excited about this idea, and I believe you will be as well. This is easy money- A hands down double in my view just by looking at the numbers. Here's a little preliminary...
Beer and Clothing; Two American Essentials for Beacon (BEAC)
Mon, March 08, 2010
Beer and Clothing; Two American Essentials for Beacon (BEAC) Hot off the presses- Beacon Enterprises announced today it has landed two new contracts, and updated its backlog. Onwards and upwards. I don't know if there's two greater American staples- Beer and Clothes. If you drink too much beer, you're...
China Recycling (CREG) Cranking; New China Stimulus Package
Sat, March 06, 2010
China Recycling (OTC BB: CREG): My Best Short Term Call In a While CREG turned out to be my best technical call in the last couple of months. It's also the only technical break out call I've made as well with the market choosing to grind sideways on lighter volume. It's been a fantastic week for the...
February 2010
China Recycling (CREG): My Video Chart Shows Breakout
Sun, February 28, 2010
China Recycling (OTC BB: CREG): Cracking Resistance It's been a while since I did one of my video chart presentations, and I don't know exactly why. It's takes a little time to put them together, but it's well worth it if it gives you a clearer picture of what I'm seeing when I look at a chart. And...
The Market's Mood; Legend Media (LEGE) Getting Big Mo
Thu, February 25, 2010
The Market's Mood I wrote about this a week ago, but it's worth looking at again in light of today's action. We're in a period of consolidation, and the stock market is simply grumpy. We're almost past earnings season, and the tone of the market has changed rather dramatically since the Q3 '09 reports...
Legend Media (LEGE): Coming Up Off the Canvas; BEAC Breakout
Mon, February 22, 2010
Legend Media (LEGE), one of my old followings, appears to be a hot China penny stock that wants to come up off the canvas. Before I get into that news, here's some thoughts on red hot Beacon Enterprises (BEAC)- another giant win for OTC Journal subscribers. Beacon Enterprises (OTC BB: BEAC): I Love...
Beacon (BEAC) Busting Out- Sooooo Close
Wed, February 17, 2010
Time For a New Idea I'm working hard. If you've hung with me and acted quickly, you should have made a lot of money participating in my China ideas. I've identified three new ones I'll be introducing over the next several months, and I can't wait to share them. I have personally invested my own capital...
Beacon (BEAC) Turns On High Beams With Q1 Results
Tue, February 16, 2010
Beacon (OTC BB: BEAC) Turns On High Beams With Q1 Results This doesn't have to be a long edition. It's pretty simple stuff, and easy enough for anyone to understand. Beacon has found itself one heck of a powerful niche in the whole enterprise world for large corporations, and their growth rate it probably...
China Recycling (CREG) Re Heating Up; Biocurex (BOCX) Saving Puppies
Thu, February 11, 2010
I'm Buying China Recycling Energy (OTC BB: CREG) I'm hanging with my Big 3 China picks through this market correction, and being aggressive where I see opportunity. I have 3 more to add in the next few months. For those of you who have followed my ideas in the China space, you know I own all three of...
Gar Wood Insight Equity Research
Thu, February 11, 2010
Down Cause We're Down: Where To From Here?
Wed, February 10, 2010
Down Cause We're Down The last three weeks have been pretty rocky- the market has definitely changed character and we're clearly in a corrective phase. Here's a stat I heard last week that was kind of eye opening and puts the market's mood in perspective as it relates to earnings season: 20%- that's...
Beacon Enterprise Solutions (BEAC) Lights Up Again
Wed, February 03, 2010
The Beacon Lights Up Again $10 million to $40 million in new contracts for 2010. That's the Beacon investment thesis. For those who need a refresher course, BEAC was my early November idea, and one of the few domestic companies I'm interested in. Here's why- the company offers a unique and very valuable...
Nothing Like a Cool $200 Million (TPIV)
Mon, February 01, 2010
Nothing Like a Cool $200 Million You might wonder who's got the cool $200 million, and what it has to do with today's edition of the OTC Journal. Remember my short term trading idea?- TapImmune (OTC BB: TPIV) I said some positive developments would start to roll their way, and today's post close news...
January 2010
Two Beat Downs; Stand By
Wed, January 27, 2010
Two Beat Downs; Stand By I just wanted to publish a couple of quick notes on two stocks I've been covering and have made comments on recently. First on China Recycling Energy (CREG)- someone is selling the stock fairly ruthlessly with little regard for price. It started two days ago, and the stock is...
Hot China Stock Cool Down: Noteworthy Bargains
Tue, January 26, 2010
Hot China Stocks Cool Down: Two Noteworthy Situations The China meltdown seems to have about run its course. The catalyst for the violent sell off in some of these high flying, red hot China stocks has been Rino International. Check out this chart. RINO, the poster child for a hot China stock in 2009...
Bank DeRiskifying; Obama's Cheap Shot vs China's Move
Mon, January 25, 2010
The Cheap Shot vs China: De Riskifying The Banks The market dished up a nasty correction last week as the global powers at be moved to "De riskify" the banking system on both sides of Planet Earth. It started in China with a sensible approach, and ended in the US with a political cheap shot. Very prudently...
Cancer Killer Tapimmune (TPIV) Reincarnated
Thu, January 21, 2010
How The Immune System Fights Disease Our bodies have a miraculous capability. Our Immune System, through a complex network of cells and chemicals, has the ability to identify bad stuff and rapidly recruit an army to attack foreign invaders and kill them. T-Cells are the circus ring masters. The T-Cells...
Options Media (OPMG) Is Now; Thanks China Banks and BOCX Update
Wed, January 20, 2010
Thank You China Banks The DOW is down about 150 points today, suggesting we might be in for a bit of a correction. Fueling the pullback is news out of China- The government has directed China banks to stop making loans for the remainder of January. Further exacerbating the market's temporary love affair...
The Russell Breakout; Small Biotech Rerun
Sat, January 16, 2010
The Biotech Buzz Rerun I looked for some recent small stock biotech winners. Check out the action in ECTE of late. $1.30 to $2.20 this month on increasing volume as the stock climbs the charts. There's a lot of action in these small biotechs right now. Do you believe in reincarnation? In the stock market...
China Stocks Strong This Week; Biotech Buzz
Wed, January 13, 2010
The China/Biotech Buzz It's been a very strong week for my China ideas, with several of the top choices delivering strong news and making new all time highs this week. Review and comments on the hot China ideas below. Biotechs are buzzing right now, and a great number of small cap/biotech stocks are...
The Hot China Party Is Just Starting
Sat, January 09, 2010
The Hot China Party Is Just Starting Once in a century. That's how I would describe both the economy and the markets in Q4'08 and Q1'09. That sixth months was as ugly as you will ever see short of nuclear war. That last six months was the ultimate melt down after one of the most turbulent decades in...
China Ideas Rocketing; ID Watchdog Invades Miami
Thu, January 07, 2010
Have You Noticed? Pop Quiz. What do the following stock symbols have in common? CEU, CREG, NFEC, CAMP, BEAC, and TPI have in common? Two things. First- each and everyone of these stocks has made a new all time high in the past week. Second- they were all strong buy recommendations in my December 2 edition...
The 2010 Beacon (BEAC) Party is Starting
Mon, January 04, 2010
The 2010 Beacon Party is Just Starting Beacon Enterprise is starting 2010 off with a bang. This is one of the few domestic stories I've heard that's really exciting. When I first reported on the company it was a technical disappointment price wise, but it now appears this mess has been cleaned up, and...

China Energy Recovery, Inc.
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