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Update on Recent Ideas

Envision Solar (OTC BB: EVSI) has done very well since Monday morning when you consider the markets have been absolutely hammered over the first two trading days of the week. EVSI's entry level was $.73, and it's hanging in nicely at $.75 despite the rough going in the overall markets. 

China Botanic (AMEX: CBP) was up 3% yesterday from our entry level, but this morning is the big test. If it doesn't trade up on Q1 numbers, I'll be out. If it does, I'll be out. In either case, I'll likely be out of the stock in the first 1/2 hour of trading. However- the company has delayed the release and conference call by one day. We'll have to wait until tomorrow to see how it comes out.

One quick and important note: Use www.otcmarkets.comto get all your quotes on the smaller stocks. With some many BB stocks being ported over to the OTCQB, the data providers are all screwed up. It's now become the only reliable place to get your quotes on line. Even the big data providers like eSignal (who I use) and others have it screwed up. It's the only place to look for a really accurate quote.

There's a Lot of Wind in Minnesota

So, what have they got up in Minnesota? Well, it's the 12th largest state in the US. They have 10,000 lakes. They have the twin cities, and lots of farmland. They have a lot of weather- temperatures have been recorded as low as -60, and as high as 114. That's a 174 degree range.

And- do you know what else they have with all this weather? They have WIND. Lots of it. Minnesota has become the 4th most active state in the country for wind power generation behind Texas, California, and Iowa.

The state is ranked 9th for potential output- but 4th for actual output. Minnesota is a "wind power generating over achiever". This is due, in part, to some very favorable tax advantages Minnesota has implemented for coops, and some really active companies in the field.

Alternative energy stocks are really doing well right now. Solar (excuse the pun) is hot even with these rough markets, and Wind is rapidly catching on now. It's tough to find any small stocks that have actually done well in wind generation technologies and installations, but I found one that's on the right track.

Juhl Wind (OTC BB: JUHL) Is Dealing in Minnesota

Lest you think JUHL is a start up- not so. JUHL did its first wind power installation in 1999, and has since completed 20 wind installations. They boast General Westly Clark as a board member, and the CEO was on a Bloomberg television show yesterday at 5:30PM. Hence, my belief this wind story is more than just hot air.

Here's a map of their many installations in Minnesota, and they plan to branch out soon. JUHL recently announced it completed the sale of a 20 Megwatt wind power project in Grant County, MN. 

The installation was commissioned by Olympus Power of Morristown, NJ. The power generated by the project will serve a coop of farmers.

JUHL has a whole bunch more of these in the pipeline, and I suspect you will see considerable activity out of this company for some time to come. The company has 27 more projects in development. According to JUHL's web site, there are 6 under construction,  1 nearing or at the start of construction, and 19 at the initial study/feasibility phase all over the Mid West.

As you can see from this chart, JUHL has been going down for over a year- until recently. Note the stock just turned back up for the first time in 12 months. This stock is likely completely blown out, and could rise rapidly with increasing volume. 

As oil prices continue to stay high and possibly rise, investors will turn their attention more and more to the alternative energy sector- hence my two penny stock ideas for you this week- EVSI (solar with real installations), and now JUHL (wind) with real installations.

The market stops getting clobbered everyday, and a couple good news releases, and we could see both of these stocks a lot higher. It's what I'm banking on.

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