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Pretty Flowers Equal Profits

The pretty flower you see pictured here is all about your Blood Glucose level, believe it or not.

This is one of the species of the genus Stevia- a genus of about 240 herbs and shrubs in the sunflower family. The word "Stevia" is derived from the more common names for this genus: sweetleaf, sweet leaf, and sugar leaf.

Why is this so important? Because the extract from Stevia has 300 times the sweetness of sugar, and the taste has a slower onset and a longer duration. Most importantly, Stevia extracts have little effect on the consumer's blood glucose levels. Therefore, none of the bad stuff associated with sugar.

What that means? Stevia is the new major sugar substitute on the block.

Widespread use of Stevia as a sweetener goes back to Japan in 1970. Western cultures were slow to adapt as we had other artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose, and saccharin.

The food industry is now moving away from chemical, artificially created sugar substitutes towards the natural product. Artificial sweeteners are known for their questionable after taste and controversial heath hazards.

Stevia appears to be the first fully adopted sugar substitute with known of those characteristics. It's use is being widely adopted- want some of the names? You really only need to know 2- Pepsi (NYSE: PEP) and Coke (NYSE: K)- need I say more? There's many more, but that's about all you need to know in the beverage industry.

Stevia production is growing very rapidly on a global basis as demand for the natural sugar free sweetener is growing very dramatically.

After FDA approval in 1998, it took one year for Stevia sales to surpass sales figures for both saccharine and aspartame. Stevia is now in over 6,000 products and growing rapidly. In 1998 The Wall Street Journal called Stevia the "Holy Grail for beverage companies", and the Journal has turned out to be right.

Enter Stevia Corp (OTC BB: STEV): Hot Right Out of the Gates

On September 22nd, Stevia Corp completed a voluntary share exchange with Stevia Ventures International, and the public company was born.

Stevia Corp is now a farm management company with a focus on Stevia agronomics, which include plant breeding, best agricultural practices, and post-harvest techniques. Presently, STEV has acquired two grower supply contracts and three nursery fields in Vietnam.

Last week on September 12th, STEV announced it had entered into a two year development agreement with Agro Genesis, a Singapore based Agro expert.

This presentation is going to be (yes pun intended) short, and SWEET. Why, because this is all about the volume. Consider this edition a MAJOR VOLUME ALERT.

STEV has only been public for a couple of weeks. In general, when companies come public via RTO, it takes a while and some corporate achievement for interest to develop in the stock. Not the case with STEV- this stock is absolutely rocking on the volume side.

Forget for the moment the size of the industry and the use of the product. When you look at the very recent volume in the stock, it tells you there is something very interesting and there are high expectations by the market for upside movement in STEV.

Look at the last 7 trading days- here's the successive volume, starting from zero:

  • 985,685
  • 871,673
  • 1,117,551
  • 665,760
  • 200,890
  • 178,530
  • 574,488

With really little news and little fanfare, this stock has traded a total of 4,594,577 shares. That's nearly $5 million worth of stock changing hands in the first 7 trading days of this stock's life.

There's something big going on here, and the volume is tipping you off.

I believe there's a good chance this stock is ready to explode off the screen. The downside risk seems worth the upside as the stock is very liquid, but hasn't really broken out to the upside yet.

I believe, in the short term (next 2 to 4 weeks), this stock could easily be headed into the $1.30 to $1.50 range, which represents a 30% to 50% return for you in a very short period of time.

Accumulate up to $1.10. SSL: $.85 (seems reasonable to risk 15%). Short term price target: $1.30 to $1.50, with a longer term price target of $3 to $5 looking out a year to 3 years.

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