Novus (NDEV): Sometimes You Just Know

Sometimes, You Just Know

In order to understand why you should participate in today's trading alert, you need to look back to the alert I did back on February 28th.

The subject was Inscor (IOGA), which I described as a "Traders Delight". In the write up, I explained the stock had a very small float and I expected a lot of volume to materialize.

At the time the stock was $.05. The next day you could have bought it for $.10 for a couple of hours. It then found it's way to $.18 that day before backing down.

I bought some for my own account, and clipped a nice, overnight profit of 40%. Since there wasn't quite as much volume as I expected, I played it a bit conservatively.

Today, IOGA is trading at $.51, and I left a huge payday out there on the table. 410% is the exact gain.

At the time, I just knew the stock was going to start getting an audience, and I wanted to be first out of the gates in the pole position.

Today, I have a similar situation. I suspect there will be huge volume in the little $.10 stock next week, and I wouldn't be surprised to see it trade at $.25 today.

When I published on IOGA I didn't know a lot about the company. Today's idea is similar. I don't know this one chapter and verse, but I do expect a major volume surge and a tradeable day or two.

Sometimes, a little faith can go a long ways. Read on faithful followers.....

Novus Acquisition (NDEV): A Mini Fund of Micros

NDEV describes itself as "a venture firm specializing is early to mid stage investments". NDEV fully or partially acquires other companies and helps them grow.

At present, there are two companies in their portfolio.

The first is Baroma, Inc which recently went public on its own. Baroma is a health care cost savings consulting organization specializing in Medicare Shared Savings Program.

The second company is Voda Technologies- a wellness focused beverage company with products ready to go to market.

This line of beverages you see is trademarked "VEIO". The products are enhanced with healthful nutraceuricals, botanicals, and vitamins.

This "VEIO" beverage line is being launched commercially this year.

Put On Your Trading Hat

NDEV is my trading alert for the open today. As with IOGA, I expect literally millions of investors to learn about this one first thing next week, and I expect a volume explosion.

I absolutely love this chart for a volume surge. The stock has had a full month to simply trade sideways at $.10- down from $.40 back in early May.

It is extremely difficult to predict where this stock might trade if massive volume materializes the way I anticipate it will.

This thing could run to $.25 today. Maybe the number is $.15- or $.50- I'm not sure and it's difficult to predict.

Therefore, if you're looking for a trading opportunity, and have the ability to watch the trading and react quickly, you should pounce on this one at the open.

I wouldn't jump in more than about $.13, and I would set your SSL at 20% below your cost basis- that's an acceptable level of risk in my view.

Recall the lessons learned from last week's alert- NGRC which you could have picked up at $.18, and sold at $.30 the next day- but you had to be quick.

I'll be watching with fascination when this one opens up this morning. We'll see if I'm right.


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