Mikros (MKRS): Soaring Like a Navy Cruise Missle

Mikros Systems (OTC: MRKS): Destined to Fly Like a Navy Missle

This is one for the undiscovered, undervalued, and under appreciated micro cap orphan's Hall of Fame.

Mikros Systems is one of those gems that will launch up the charts like a Cruise Missle when investors find out about it.

Guess what- today is the day- investors are going to find out about this one and it will turn white hot when the market opens tomorrow.

MKRS develops military grade electronic security systems for- I don't want to leave you hanging- you guessed it- the US Military.

They have all kinds of top secret electronic capabilities- Northrop Grunman just hired them to assist in the design of a new top secret wireless network on our Navy's fleet of submaries.

While no dollar amount was disclosed in the announcement, MKRS's previous new contract award was direclty with the US Navy- they were paid $2.7 million to install systems on Aegis cruisers and Destroyers as part of a $26 million multi year contract.

It all added up to $1.124 million in revs in the September quarter and $120k in net profits- Annual revenue run rate is about $5 million and the company operates profitably and has served the US Military for many years.

With only 32 million shares I&O, the little 5 cent number often trades less than 10,000 shares per day- giving it the beleaguered status of a totally orphaned stock.

If you multiply 5 cents times 32 million you come up with a $1.6 million valuation- by stock market standards a total joke with plenty of room to triple or quadruple.

Hundreds of thousands of investors looking for a hot trade will read about this one today and pounce tomorrow.

I can't say how high it will go- $.25 in a day or two is far from out of the realm of possiblities.

You're stealing it if you can obtain it at $.10 or less. Watch out Tuesday morning.

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