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I Love Mexican Metals

Last week's idea was Mexican gold player Lone Star Gold (LSTG), which was about as good as it gets for a one week trade.

A week ago Monday traded in the $.81 to $.85 range. Both yesterday and today the stock touched off of $1.15 and $1.16 respectively, generating a very solid 30% to 45% return in 7 trading days- depending on where you were able to buy and sell the stock if you're an astute trader. In or out now is up to you. I've done my job by putting you in position to take a profit if you choose to do so. However, the stock could go much higher. If you sell, it will probably go higher. If you hold, it will go lower. That's the unwritten rule of the markets.

Today's new idea- HHWW-is absolutely rocking on the volume side, spiked up early, and has since retreated. HHWW spiked quickly to $.37, up about 15% from yesterday's close, but has since retreated to the $.30 range on massive volume of nearly 2 million shares- the most in one day since last February with the stock was about $1. News of the opening of a store in London and further major order flow is generating major interest in this stock, but it appears a bit heavy now. With the robust nature of the news and the rapidly improving volume, it wouldn't surprise me to see the stock head much higher in the next day or two, but stock with your stops to remain disciplined.

I'm really liking the way these Mexico based mining stories are behaving. How can you beat LSTG?

In fact, I like them so much that I believe I'll deliver another one before it runs away and gets out of reach. This candidate has a longer history. Looking at the chart- the lows are getting higher, and the highs are getting higher.

Right now, is on the low end of its last up move, and technically it looks really strong.

I'm afraid it might run away in this precious metals crazed environment, so I plan to introduce it tomorrow pre open.

Stand by for the next great idea. Pre open tomorrow.

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