Global Payout (GOHE): Really Getting Serious

Global Payout (GOHE): Finally Getting Serious

You're not going to believe this one- did you know the annual fees financial institutions collect every year in the US alone for cashing checks is $9 billion? Of course, these fees are borne primarily by the people who can least afford them- the "Unbanked".

Here's the magnitude of the problem. 73 million working people in the US do not have a traditional bank account. These are people working in Fast Food, Transportation, Farming, Health care, Waste Management, Staffing- etc. Military personnel and people working in Multi Level Marketing experience the same "Under-banked" problems.

Global Payout has spent the last 3 years developing a network to seemlessly get money from those who owe it to people to those people who have earned it and need it. Many of these people work for Multi Level Marketing companies who's networks are scattered all over the country.

In the last 3 months, GOHE's platform has come together, and customers are lining up to use their service.

Global Payout (GOHE) offers the service to provide millions of the un and underbanked with a debit card that can be funded from their benefactor. Through GlobalPayout's proprietary platform, money and credit gets into the right hands.

Their services are truly Global. In the last several months, GOHE has signed 4 new contracts with the following:

  • A Hong Kong based MLM company with 10,000 enrollees
  • "Better Living" Oniline Luxury Goods network
  • An organization in Brazil with 10,000 people to pay
  • A contract to provide users of "Bidders Paradise" with a prepaid Discover Card - there are 5,000 affiliates

Global Payout (GOHE) is rapidly becoming a truly global company. While the market for the unbanked and under banked in the US is 73 million individually, it's closer to one billion individuals around the world. GOHE's infrastructure allows them to do business in the US, Canada, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Now- on to making money from GOHE- rapidly becoming a serious global transactions company.

It's Starting Now

When I provide a trading alert, I'm always looking for a company on the verge of some sort of fundamental breakthrough. PMXO- my last trading alert, traded from $.028 to $.07 the first day. My home page shows a 120% gain on that idea, and it ended up being suitable for a short term trade.

Today, after the market closed, GOHE announced it had loaded $2.57 million onto debit cards in International Pre Paid cards through August 9th. GOHE also states the company has a "solid pipeline of new business for the remainder of 2013 and into 2014."

Three years in the making, and their platform is finally generating a substantial amount of new business which now appears to be growing almost daily. Hence, now is the time to look at the stock for profit potential- so- let's look at the chart.

Basically the chart doesn't really tell me much other than the stock could easily surge to its early 2013 high of $.15 (a triple on your money), or a more recent May high of $.09 (a double from today's closing price).

If their business keeps growing and the company continues to land transaction business as it has, there's no reason this can't be a $.25 stock somewhere down the road.

The stock has been pretty quiet over the course of the summer, and today's post close news is the wake up call.

I can easily see this stock trading up with little resistance at the open tomorrow, and who knows where from there.

To give yourself significant upside, don't trade into the stock much above the $.07 level. I can see $.10 to $.15 on today's news easily.

Set your SSL at 30% below your entry level so you don't risk too much capital in case it goes the other way. So, if you're in at $.07, set your SSL at $.05.

This is a super cheap stock with a great turn around story. This could be a red-hot Trading Alert.

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