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Froggy's Jumping Back Up

Nice win in the short term from last year. I believe I'll just call this one the FROGGIE. Very catchy. This site could absolutely explode. Us older internet users- those of us who have been there from the beginning- we have watched the unopposed development of Craigslist.

This plain vanilla web site of global personal ads has grown from one man's innocent hobby to 20 billion page views per month- all uncontested with little or no competition.

Wake up Craig- there's a new amphibian on the block. FrogAds is trying to muscle into Craiglist territories, and meeting with some early success on the advertiser end.

I wrote about this company back on December 13th. The stock leapfrogged from $.42 to $.60 in a couple of trading days, and starting drifting back down through the Christmas and New Years holidays.

FROG started jumping back up yesterday and traded nearly 500,000 shares, making it appear as if FROGGIE is getting ready to leap off the lily pad.

Of late, FROG has announced very shortly after its official commercial launch, has moved into the top 65,000 most trafficked web sites and now has 1.5 million ads placed on the site.

Frogads will also be the first major site to combine classified ads with traditional online advertising and auction sales. This is unique- no one has put these services combined together- until now. 

FROG Finding Its Legs

FROG jumped back into the picture after a rather protracted pullback of late, and might be starting a nice rebound phase.

As you can see from the chart, both the price and volume are on the increase.

The stock traded down as low as $.22 early in the year. I've been watching for a sign of a rebound in this one.

It happened yesterday when the stock traded very high volume- nearly 1/2 million shares, and closed very near the high of its range for the day.

It seems to me this stock is entitled to bounce back into the at least the $.42 range- that would be 61.8% of the drop.

Longer term this one might get interesting. Making the top 100,000 most trafficked web sites in such a short period of time is quite an achievement.

If the site becomes viral, look out above. This one could really get some legs. A good entry level today is about yesterday's closing level- around $.33.

If this stock is ready to deliver a nice technical rebound, there's a great trade here.

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