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Anybody Can Deliver Solar

Residential solar is widespread in California where I live. Probably 40% of the homes in my neighborhood have solar panels on their roofs. The State of California has kindly provided tax subsidies for homeowners who installed solar as it helps diminish energy demand and gives people jobs. Wait a minute- that actually sounds like a good government program!!! Well, every now and then an accident happens and the government does do something right. Now- about that 13% unemployment.....

While solar panels are the energy saving norm, there's a whole other "Green" opportunity that has not been available at the home owner level.

Did you ever see the movie Rain Man starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise? Hoffman won the Academy Award for his performance as the autistic math savant.

In the early scenes from the movie, Cruise's character is seen driving a Lamborghini along the I10 Freeway near Palm Springs. As you are headed east on the 10, you drop over a ridge into enter into the narrow head of the Coachella Valley- home of Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and some of the greatest golf courses in the world.

The winds howl consistently through the head of the valley, and one of the most impressive "Wind Farms" on Planet Earth stretches for miles. These turbines power the entire Coachella Valley and some of LA, and there are literally thousands along the Freeway as you drive in.

This wind technology works, and is becoming more widespread every day. However, it's not commonly available for individual homes on an affordable basis- until now-

Enter Sauer Energy (OTC BB: SENY): The first to market with an affordable solution to installing alternative energy wind turbines for the home.

While that's all nice, here's what's really important. I believe the stock is poised to make a 50% to 100% move in the next 30 trading days, and you have the Pole Position.

Read on McDuff..... 

Sauer Energy (OTC BB: SENY) Has Done It

You're looking at it. To my knowledge, the first wind turbine specifically designed for residential installations.

As you can see from the picture, this is a rather modest home, and the unique turbine is unobtrusive. While it looks simple, the blades of the turbine have a revolutionary, high efficiency design.

For starters, government subsidies make this new technology affordable for almost any homeowner. The purchase and installation cost is about $8,000.

The California Energy Commission will give you a rebate of $4,500. The Federal government will provide $2400 in tax credits. Out of pocket, the projected net cost is $1,100.

The unique design of the windmill collects wind from 360 degrees. The super light weight composite material turns the turbine will little effort.

For a mere $1,100, you can generate your own electricity for your own home in the mildest of wind conditions.

To learn more about the company, visit their web site a

SENY is now moving rapidly from a development stage company to a commercial enterprise. According to one report I've read, over 100,000 potential customers have registered at SENY's web site for information on how they can get the system installed at their home.

SENY is on the verge of commercial introduction, and one research report I read forecast SENY would generate $4.5 million in 2012- their first year of coming out of R&D and commercially introducing the product.

SENY's unique product is starting to gain recognition. In September, SENY was invited to showcase it's system at a private educational event hosted by the University of Southern California, and sponsored by $12 Billion Edison International.

What's the Sucking Sound?

Think that sucking sound is the wind? Well, if it's the wind, and it blows the trading level of this stock back up the charts to the levels it enjoyed in the Spring, we've got a lot to gain here.

I believe that sucking sound you here is the wind getting ready to push this one back up the chart.

Things are changing rapidly. SENY is starting to get a lot of media coverage and invitations to prestigious events. The company is actively recruiting distributors all over the country, and has publicly stated their residential wind systems will commercially available for the first time in Q1 of 2012- which is just around the corner.

When investors first learned about this company in the Spring, the stock traded up into the $1.30 range, but they were ahead of the gun on commercial introduction. So, as the company starting gearing up to produce the systems over the summer, the stock headed south.

It's been trading in the $.50 range for the last 2 months. If this stock didn't go down in August or September when the markets were a bloodbath, I don't know why it would go down now. If you can pick up this stock at or near $.50, the downside risk in the short term seems pretty minimal to me.

I believe this stock is ready to break out again, and will be at much higher levels one month from today. Here's my suggestion for this trade:

Accumulate up to $.55 to $.60. Look for $.75 to $.90 in the next 30 days (40% to 80% roi), and set your SSL at $.38.

I believe we might have another 50% to 80% winner in the very short term. Updates to follow.

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