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Getting Back on Track

This is one I've been watching for sometime, and have already bought and sold for my own account. And- best of all, made money. I love the penny stocks, have been buying and selling them for years, and every now and then find a pretty good situation.

I have already started accumulating today's idea for my own account for the second time. I suspect this one will get a lot of publicity over the coming weeks, and I'm currently in for a 7 to 10 day trade. I bought this stock once before in the low $.60 range, and ended up selling over $.80- it was a pretty short term trade, so I was very pleased.

I started re-accumulating this one at $.64 last week, and currently own a total of 37,650 shares at an average cost of $.66 per share. If you buy this stock based on what you read today, for all you know, I might be the selling you my shares. You should think of this as a conflict of interest. If you do it in the next couple of days, barring anything cataclysmic in the markets, you won't be buying my shares. I'm looking to see where we are a week to ten days from now.  However, I do reserve the right to buy and sell it any time I like. If market action forces me to act, I'll act.

This is the first idea for the rebirth of the OTC Journal. With the launch of last year, I haven't paid as much attention to this publication as I had in the past. That's over now. 

I've got this idea for your consideration today. I'll be featuring and AMEX idea Tuesday morning if it all checks out. Then, we'll see where we go from there.

Envision Solar (OTC BB: EVSI): A Niche Company in A Hot Sector

Solar is certainly a hot topic once again as crude oil and prices at the pump start to reach for the stratosphere. 90 Octane is $4.25 a gallon in San Diego. They are all talking about "Alternative Energies", and "Infrastructure" as the solution to our energy needs.

So, as long as Solar is hot (yes, pun intended), I'm going to look for hot solar stocks- particularly small ones.

Envision Solar is a San Diego based company. I live in San Diego, so you might guess that's how I stumbled onto this one. 

This company is not developing some new fangled solar technology. This company has identified a special niche market in the solar space, and this year is now making the transition from a development stage company to a revenue generator by doing something really simple- landing contracts.

Try to image how many parking facilities in the United States have some sort of roof style car port to protect the occupants. How many times have you parked your car under a tree to prevent it from overheating? 

Envision Solar (EVSI) has developed a turnkey package to help companies save energy with what they call the "Solar Grove". Instead of parking under a tree, how about parking under a car port with a solar panel? And, taking this one step further, image that solar panel being able to recharge your electric car.

The image on the left is the 235 Kilowatt carport found at Kyocera's N. American headquarters in sunny San Diego. This is the largest privately owned solar generating system in San Diego. The system has 75 "Solar Trees", and helps defray Kyocera's energy costs by harnessing solar energy and keeping employees' cars from roasting in the sun. You guessed it- installed by EVSI.

Ever been to Round Rock Texas? Neither have I, but if you happen to work for Dell Computer, you probably at least familiar with it. On your right- you got it- the parking lot at Dell's Round Rock Campus. 

In the Dell parking lot, they have recharging stations for electric vehicles hooked under the car ports, fed by the solar energy collected by the panels on top.

Energy here to fore lost overheating your car and ruining your upholstery is now being harnessed by (1) covering your car so it's not exposed to the elements and thereby shortening it's life span, and (2) capturing the heat energy that was being wasted to wreck your car.

Here's what has really attracted me to this stock- the chart. 

Here's a chart of the stock. I first picked up on the movement in this stock when it was in the mid $.60 range in February. I took a position, watched it roll up, and sold it in the $.80 range when the stock started to get tired. I notched a really nice gain in a couple of weeks.

I watched the stock. When it bottomed, I watched for the rebound, and started accumulating the position I described above once again. I was bidding for the stock all day Friday to no avail- it's become very hard to buy.

Here's the big picture- the stock ran from $.40 To $.80. It then gave back 50% of its gain, and is now gathering momentum to the upside once again. This suggests the short term sellers are exhausted, and the buyers are coming back.

On the news front, the company recently announced the design and installation of a solar parking project at the Ecotech Institute. EVSI has also partnered with Proteus On-Demand Facilities of Austell Georgia to deliver EVSI's LifePort and LifeVillage products.

I love penny stocks. I have my own money in this one, but no relationship with the company of any kind beyond that. I'm in mostly because I like the way the stock is behaving- especially when you consider how hard the markets were pounded at the end of last week- this stock went up in the panic.

If it can break above $.80 and make a new high, the move could continue on to about $1- a level at which I will take a profit. If it heads the other way, especially on increasing volume, I'll consider selling at or below $.65. I don't want to risk too much.

There's the first idea for readers of the OTC Journal. Hang in there for more in short order.

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