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Are You Still Ready For Some Football?

I'm ready to kick back and watch some Football today. After all, it's the second Sunday of the NFL season- the most popular professional sport in the US today.

Ok- get some snacks ready- perhaps a beer or a soft drink. Break out my Chargers Jersey, and settle in to scream loudly at the TV as the Chargers defense tries to wrestle the ball out of Tom Brady's hands and get it back to Philip Rivers today so the Chargers have a chance.

I settle in, turn on the TV, and start watching the game.

But wait- The Chargers game is not the only thing I'm interested in. What about the other games? What about checking me emails? What about checking my browser for Fantasy Football updates?

Aren't all the forms of media we can get merging on our devices through Cable, Fiber, Wi-Fi, 3g and 4g wireless, and cellular? Why can't I get all that stuff on my TV while I'm watching my game today?

There is only one company that makes a Hi-Def Smart TV that allows you to do everything. This device is the perfect integration of Hi-Def TV and the PC Computer.

I wrote this company up at the end of July at $.60, with a target of $.80 to $1.00, and an SSL of $.50. I missed my target by a few cents- the stock has since seen a high of $.76, and a low of $.45.

The stock made $.74 before it made $.45, so it could be characterized as a win- but certainly not an overwhelming win.

However, this stock has to be looked at again right now because some things have changed.

Let's start with the commercial launch. Their VioSphere Smart TV is now available for order online starting at about $1,000, and comes with the following components:

  • 22", 26", 32", 37", 42", 47", 55", and 65"- LCD screen with 1080pHD.
  • Touch Screen
  • Built in DVD Player/Burner
  • Bluetooth- wireless key board and devices
  • Wi-Fi
  • Ethernet LAN
  • 10-11 mega pixel embedded Web Cam
  • 320GB hard drive
  • Inputs: HDMI, USB, VGA, S-Video, DVI, AV, microphone, and headset jacks

I know the phrase "Disruptive Technology" is a bit of a cliche, but it applies here. This thing could be disruptive, and it could really capture the imagination of investors.

So, What's Changed?

A few things have changed since I first featured this company on the last day of July. For starters- investors love this one, and the daily volume shows it.

This stock now trades 300,000 shares on a quiet day with frequent drafts up over 1 million shares in a day.

Secondly, we just haven't made enough money in this one yet. I first featured it at $.60, and Friday it closed at $.64. Ok, we're not going broke, but we haven't made enough money on this one yet to get excited.

Ok- that's two good reasons to trade into this stock immediately. However, there's an even better reason to do it right now!!

Ray Dirk's research was out with commentary on this company last week. Dirks is a former Goldman Sachs analyst, who now writes occasional commentary on small and micro cap stocks.

On September 10th, Dirks published a report claiming, as follows:

"Nyxio Technologies will be able to announce a number of Substantial Orders for its Innovative New Products in the next few weeks and months. The VioSphere Smart TV product alone could generate orders of Two Hundred Million Dollars or more in the next few months. For all of the reasons spelled out in this article on Nyxio Technologies (NYXO), Ray Dirks and his Team of Money Managers and Security Analysts believe that NYXO should appreciate by ten times to about $3.00 per share within One Year, go up by 20 times to about $7.00 per share within 2 Years, and rise by over 40 times to at least $12.00 per share within 3 Years. "

So, since July, all you have is the commercial introduce of their "Disruptive Technology" product, volume increasing to 300,000 to 1 million shares per day, and a respected analyst calling for $200 million in sales and $3 per share in the next year.

I believe I need to make a change on NYXO. I think the short term target needs to be $1.20, and the SSL should be dropped to $.50. The most important consideration- if this company starts announcing large orders, you don't want to be watching the stock- you want to be watching their TV as the stock you own climbs the charts. What's the risk? There's been no big orders yet, but the stock hasn't given much ground either, so the downside seem pretty limited.

A quick glance at the chart tells you all you need to know- this stock is starting to get what your favorite NFL team needs- the BIG MO!!! Momentum to the upside.

Look for large product orders to start driving this one higher.

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