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Update on Recent Ideas

All the markets have been absolutely butchered since the nuclear distress in Japan became evident. Investors seem to prefer cash to any stocks, no matter how cheap. I believe that once the global investment community believes there won't be a nuclear melt down, investors will come piling back in. Hence my interest in presenting some small stock ideas that I believe are cheap and will trade much better over the coming weeks. I'm focused on alternative energy and green themes again as between oil prices and fears surrounding the nuclear industry, green will be back.

Envision Solar (OTC BB: EVSI): Look for some major new contracts out of these guys in the next several weeks. Stock is holding up beautifully despite the massive drubbing in the markets, which means it should trade very well when buyers come back.

Juhl Wind (OTC BB: JUHL): Had a little bit of an up day when I introduced the company. Very quiet now. I believe this one will be announcing lots of new contracts, and catch fire once we get past investor fears.

China Botanic (AMEX: CBP) was up 3% from our entry level on the first day. The company delayed putting out its Q1 numbers by one day, and that sabotaged the whole concept. The numbers were great, but the stock lost momentum. I sold when it hit the SSL (suggested stop loss), and took a small loss. This position is now officially closed out and off the site.

One quick and important note: Use www.otcmarkets.comto get all your quotes on the smaller stocks. With many BB stocks being ported over to the OTCQB, the data providers are all screwed up. It's now become the only reliable place to get your quotes on line. Even the big data providers like eSignal (who I use) and others have it screwed up. It's the only place to look for a really accurate quote.

What Do You Do With 200 Billion Plastic Bottles?

Do you know how many plastic bottles are used globally every year for water consumption? I looked it up today on Wikipedia- the number is - are you sitting down for the drum roll?- 200 billion bottles- yes folks- 200 billion plastic water bottles are consumed every year. I can't recall the exact number, but I read somewhere that if you lined up the plastic bottles used in one year, they would circle the Earth 10 times. Somebody confirm that for me.

So, where the heck are all those plastic bottles going? Many are still floating around the earth causing environmental problems, and many are being recycled.

Today's idea is a stock I wrote about 18 months ago, and popped back up on my radar screen last month.

Technology wise, this is a gem, and fits beautifully in with my current focus on green themes, which are all going to be back in "Vogue" with investors as soon as the Japan crisis is in the rear view mirror.

Sometimes great technology takes a while to commercialize. Such is the case with Axion International Holdings (OTC BB: AXIH). These guys take all those plastic water bottles and turn them into something else- building products. Well - not all 200 billion, but some of them.

So, what's unique about that? They have have a patented process that came out of Rutgers University that makes the stuff super strong- strong enough to be used for I Beams in bridges, cross ties for railroad tracks, bridge pilings, and in replacement of construction lumber.

You're looking at a picture of a locomotive that is about ready to go across a bridge built with AXIH recycled plastics over recycled plastic cross ties. Yes- the train made it over safely.

Not only do trains make it, but other heavy vehicles as well. This stuff is low priced, lasts forever, doesn't need to be maintained, and is cheaper than other materials. Plus, it's a really good use of garbage. 

Here's a military vehicle going over a bridge at Army Base Ft Leonard made from 13,000 lbs of plastic bottles, 78,000 milk jugs, and 335,000 8oz coffee cups. Pretty cool stuff.

When I first reported on these guys, they were still very involved in proving out their concept with the help of the Army and others. Now...Well read on.

Transitioning to a Commercial Success

So, you're a start up with some really cool technology. You've been running around the world proving it works, and you finally break through. 

AXIH has been installing rail road ties all over the world. Look at this string of press releases highlighting installations in Morocco, Calgary, and Northern California. Click Here

On February 1st of 2011, AXIH broke through with it's first big commercial contract- would you believe $15 million? Not bad for the first big one. It's with a major North American railroad who has agreed to purchase a minimum of $5 million in recycled plastic railroad ties each year for the next 3 years. The Railroad is not disclosed, but is described in the press release as a Class 1 company. Click Here if you want to read the news. 

Wasn't Warren Buffett buying railroads last year?

So, here's the next piece of news, which appeared pre open today, and it's a big one. Another big International deal, but guess who the buyer is this time. You got it:


Yes folks- pre open today, little AXIH announced it has cut a deal with Alcoa Fastening Systems, a subsidiary of Alcoa Aluminum, to provide industrial building products and rail road ties to to Australia Alumina Refineries in Western Australia. Click Here to read today's press release.

There's plenty of rebuilding going on in Australia right now. Remember the great flood of 2010? It seemed like it wiped out half the country. The AXIH recycled plastic building materials don't even notice water. Railroad ties are made of wood. Despite being treated, water eventually rots them. Concrete can suffer from water damage. Not with AXIH's stuff- water impervious forever.

As you can see, this stock ran from $1 to $2 in January as the company announced a bunch of new contracts and completed projects. Go to their web site at and check out both the products and the news releases. These guys have been busy.

This morning, pre open, AXIH knocked down a contract with a big multi national name- Alcoa

The stock has reset itself in this market drubbing. The company is back to announcing new contracts. You're the first to really know about today's news while the stock is still cheap.

I'm planning multiple editions on this idea. Next edition- why their technology is so unique, and how it works. Stand by for lots more from AXIH.

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