Time Warner Calls Closed

For all those who are following the trade:

I closed out my Time Warner trade today with a quick $1,000 pre fees profit. Monday at the open, I picked up 100 March 16 calls at $.65- sold today for $.75 on a $6500 investment in less than two trading days.

I also closed out a position which I hadn’t published in this BLOG for short term trading ideas in the QQQQs. Last week, I picked up 50 QQQQ Mar 43 calls at $1.64-total investment about $8200- closed today at $1.98 for a pre trade fee profit of about $1700.

All in all, a good day with $2700 in trading profits on a couple of short term gambles.

I might have left some profits on the table over the next few days, but in light of market conditions I prefer to stay light on my feet.

One thought on “Time Warner Calls Closed

  1. you should think about posting a section on the basics of options trading, i have never attempted it and no nothing about trading options. thx

    Editor: It’s much higher risk than owning the stock, but great for short term trades in higher priced security and more leverage. Will work on that.