Global ePoint: Cooperating

Global ePoint did not gap up dramatically on last nights news as it has in the past. The news apparently wasn’t enough for the market to put the kind of charge in the stock it has on past announcements. Apparently, the market is looking for news of contract signings to make this one run.

As you can see from the chart, GEPT completed a perfect 66% retracement of its meteoric rise back in December. The weak early January market conditions are probably muting the stock’s ability to run up. Today’s failure of the stock to create a huge gap is great news for those looking to accumulate. I believe it should be bought in the $4.50 to $4.75 range for a gap up on the next Homeland Security related contract signing. The $4.50 level is a perfect 50% retracement of December’s gains.

9 thoughts on “Global ePoint: Cooperating

  1. gept when next news coming out is this co for real or just a hype


    Editor: I Don’t know when the next big news is coming out on this one, but I can say I have high hopes for this company. I don’t know why you would say it is a lot of hype when they have announced multiple new orders for their inflight video security systems and already generate over $20 million in annual sales. The stock seems to have support around the $4 level. Have you ever thought of buying it when there is no big news and it’s cheap, and then selling it when there is big news?

  2. What is the deal with this company. it has been on a drastic dive since last week. Is this based on the current state of the market? Do you still feel the stock will rebound after news of a new goverment contract. For me it gets more attractice each day as it keeps slipping back to November lows.


    Editor: It appears the market has to deal with a fairly big supply from the toxic financings the company has engaged in.  I am not concerned over the longer term. However, it’s painful for everyone when they trade so poorly. 

  3. Any thoughts or info on today’s collapse?


    Editor: Check today’s BLOG and last night’s edition.

  4. What’s wrong with this page? Why is my email displayed and my comment hidden?


    Editor: Comments and questions do not post live. The go into a holding take for moderation. I will not allow this forum to become a place for spammers selling mortgages and bashers with no legitimate questions. The questions do not appear until I answer them. If it didn’t work that way, these pages would become a mess.

  5. Now that this stock is below $4. what are your comments?


    Editor: This stock is so volatile that I believe all you have to do is wait a little while for a surge. For some reasons small caps have been getting clocked across the board this week. I think it is probably a buy, but waiting for more 411 from the company.

  6. What is going on behind the scenes with Global E-point? the stock is down almost $1.00 over the past couple of weeks??


    Editor: I believe the stock is dropping as the market for small caps has been shaky lately and it was so hot late last year. I believe the stock is a buy right now. I believe a turnaround could be coming soon.

  7. Can u you tell us where historical charts can be found for your recomendations,also what x-change they are trading from.Cheers


    Editor: I use the eSignal software for my charts. The service I use costs $122 per month, but is very robust and almost has too many features. There is a long learning curve for using it. If you want reasonably good free charts, is a pretty good choice.

  8. Where do you think this stock is going and are you in for the long term?


    Editor: I belive the company has a promising future in the Homeland Security. Those stocks have been hit pretty hard this year, but could start to rebound soon. Longer term, I think it will be fine. Short term- not much in the cards for the stock that I can see.