GEPT Entry Level?

Global ePoint is finally rebouding today after a tough month. Late Friday, GEPT announced it had received FAA certification on the Boeing 777 for its video cockpit surveillance technology, and the news has the stock on the move.

Despite the poor performance in January, this stock could be a lot of fun to trade as it is very volatile and volatility lends itself to good trading if you can get on the right side of it.

I believe the news flow out of the company is going to pick up from here forward. Sources tell me the company has a renewed commitment to shareholder information. No guarantees- time will tell.

However, I am pretty sure the stock wants to find its way back over the $5 level in fairly short order-maybe over the next twoto four weeks.

Here’s an extremely short term look at the stock as measured from last week’s low. Today, the high trade has been $4.40- last week’s low was $3.50. A 50% retracement of that move would be just under the $4 level. No use splitting hairs over a couple of cents- the idea is either going to work or it’s not going to work whether you own it at $3.98 or $4.02. Therefore, for those looking for a good level to get in, I believe around the $4 mark looks very good as an entry point.

6 thoughts on “GEPT Entry Level?

  1. “I believe around the $4 mark looks very good as an entry point.” Nice chart, I’m in to $3.96


    Editor: Appears to be building a base for its next move up.

  2. Do you have any idea what the reason is for the stock going down below the entry level you recommended?


    Editor: This seems to be a totally news driven stock, and the company is not delivering consistent news flow. Once it does, it will probably trade better.

  3. GEPT had an opportunity to present itself on Feb. 16th .. archive available at I was expecting and hoping for a GEPT executive to talk about their business model and provide some guidance re progress, competition, market dynamics, etc. Instead we get some glitz, a mindless script, stock shots of Airbus equipment in flight, all delivered by a presenter who provided no information as to her connection (if any) to the company. In my humble opinion, the presentation was complete waste of time. This type of stuff might occasionally be useful as an intro to a sales cold call. It is very off-putting for the serious investor. Have you any way of giving GEPT direct feedback? Do they have an IR department?


    Editor: I watched the presentation as well, and also felt it lacked substance. I thought the best part was the intro from the guy an Unterberg. Working on getting the feedback you suggest. Sometimes, the companies do not cooperate as much as you would like.

  4. Do you have any idea what the reason is for the stock going down ?


    Editor: I would guess lack of news flow would be the primary contributing factor combined with a general market malaise. I am hearing things are going to pick up again soon, but no guaranttees.