Clean Coal (CCTC): Happy Ending to a Long and Convulted Story

A Long And Convoluted Story

This is a bit of a long story- one that appears to be headed for a very happy ending. Clean Coal Technologies (CCTC) is a penny stock investors have been hanging their hats on for quite a few years.

It’s a 5 cent story with pretty dramatic upside- the exact kind of story people like you and I love to find for a mere nickel. From 5 cents there’s not all that much downside, but if the dream becomes reality, the score of a lifetime.

This past March this little stock appreciated 300% over the course of about 10 days when the market learned a gigantic diversified conglomerate (Archean Group) with commodity based operations in Indonesia pledged to invest $2 million towards building a pilot plant to prove CCTC concept is sound.

The stock did a round trip back to the $.04 to $.05 level as investors awaited the final news on how and where that capital would be deployed.

Today, after the market closed, we learned exactly who will get it and how it will be spent. This could lead to another 300% rally that might just stick this time. This is the news CCTC’s audience has been waiting for.

Let’s start with a little background, and we’ll go from there.

Dirty, Filthy Coal- But There’s Lots Of It

I’ve spent the last couple hours reading about coal, and I now know more than I ever thought I’d need to know, and probably a lot less than I should.

Coal is used to power a lot of US utilities, but so is our very cheap natural gas. Coal pollution is a problem in the US, but a far, far bigger problem in the Far East- particularly China and Indonesia, where coal is the primary source of fuel for power plants.

As it turns out, coal is very “wet” and porous. It burns very well, but the wet and porous low grade coals give off huge levels of pollution that have blackened the skies all over the Far East, and created a horridly toxic environment.

Enter Clean Coal Technologies (CCTC)- a company that has captured the imagination of penny stock investors. CCTC claims to have a solution to the problem which has mind boggling commercial implications.

CCTC has a proprietary process for drying out or “cleaning” coal before it’s sent to a power plant to generate electrical energy. Using a combination of pressure and heat, CCTC dries out the coal and removes the toxic chemicals, which can then be transported out and actually sold for other purposes.

As you can see from the diagram, the Exhaust Gas Collection and Separation happens before the coal is moved on to the power plant. There are other companies offering to clean pre burned coal, but each of them must pulverize the stuff to dust, and it becomes un burnable as dust. It must be restored to its natural porous rock state.

Penny stock investors have been willing to bet this might just work. CCTC has been working diligently to get pilot programs going in Indonesia and Mongolia- two places where a lot of super cheap low grade coal is burned.

Today, after the market closed, the company made a critical announcement that should crank up the buzz in a major way from the Penny Stock community.

CCTC announced how it is going to spend the $2 million that was pledged by Archean Group in March. CCTC has entered into an EPC Contract (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) contract with US based engineering giant SAIC- a Fortune 500 company that generates over $10 billion in annual sales.

SAIC has been contracted to build a “proof of concept” plant in Oklahoma that will be 1/10th the size of a normal plant, and be used to demonstrate CCTC’s technology works.

So, while this little stock has certainly had its ups and downs, and the management needed to undergo and major turnover, it would appear CCTC is finally going to have the opportunity to prove this technology works. Without having some merit, it’s highly doubtful Archean Group would be ponying up $2 million to build a pilot plant.

From $.05, I’ll bet investors are willing to pounce on this stock now that there’s some concrete evidence huge companies have looked at their technology, and are willing to bet on it.

Where to from here? Read on……….

Deja Vu From March

To get some reasonable expectation of where we might go, let’s look at March’s chart when the $2 million funding was announced with Archean Group.

As you can see from the chart, this past March when CCTC announced it had been pledged $2 million to start moving forward on proving this Clean Coal technology works, the stock went berserk.

In a matter of a few days, the stock climbed from $.04 to a high of $.16. If you owned it at $.04, and sold on the spike, you quadrupled your money.

Even when it pulled back, it traded sideways at about $.08 for over a month- if you owned it at $.04 you could doubled your money and had plenty of time to get out.

I can’t say for sure where this stock will go over the next few days after this monster piece of news, but it seems to me it’s better than it was in March. We now have SAIC involved, and that’s a highly respected Fortune 500 company.

I’ve looked at this company in the past, and held off on writing about it. I was waiting for some sort of tangible break through. The breakthrough as a $.05 stock has arrived.

The next breakthrough will be pilot plant operations, and the company might have to prove itself again- however, this might happen when the stock is $.50- who knows? I just know with $2 million from the Archean Group funding and the EPC contract with SAIC (NYSE: SAI), this little stock takes on a whole new life. There’s already a heavily embedded audience as the stock trades 1.5 million shares on average, so their response might just send this stock rocketing up the charts.

The hard part is figuring out where it will open tomorrow. I suspect it’s going back to the $.16 level from March, so anything in the $.10 range offers a nice short term gain. Set your SSL (suggested stop loss) at $.04- but I don’t believe it will go there in the short term. Accumulate up to $.10 for a move to $.16 to $.20.

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Plandai (PLPL) Poised: One For Two On Bounces

One For Two

In the last week I’ve made the call on two different stocks that were streaking, and corrected to provide a better entry point for those who either missed the first run, or traded out for a profit.

One gigantic win, and one fizzled. In Major League Baseball with a bat in your hand, that will get you millions. In small stocks, it’s still pretty darn good- after all, stocks go only go to zero- there’s no ceiling as to how high they can go.

My win- calling the bounce in Luxeyard (LUXR)- which looks like it could make a new all time high today or tomorrow. As I disclosed in a previous edition, I sold some of the shares I own the last time the stock was close to the $1.20 level- I still own most of it- not this time- I believe the stock is destined to surpass $1.50 and might even find $2. Putting all the ups and downs aside, I picked it at $.80 on April 12th- $1.15 today for a 44% gain.

Yesterday call for a bounce on American Liberty (OREO) was premature- it appears I missed it by a day. If you pick it up on the open, you’re in at $1.40- now $1.30, but below my SSL of $1.30, so you might be out. The stock could still set up for a rally, and the volume is coming in nicely.

Perhaps unnoticed in yesterday’s trading was the big bounce in Nuvilex (NVLX)- which I called at $.06 back on March 18th. I’m sticking with this one for six months. I love the technology they’re working on. The stock has been quiet of late, but hit $.077 yesterday on huge volume- interest in surfacing. Net gain on that one 28% from day 1.

The Next Bounce: Plandai Biotech (OTC BB: PLPL)

I’m calling it – right here, right now. It’s sometimes tough to call the streaking stocks- up and down. Sometimes you just don’t hit the number perfectly. So, if you want to make money, and want to get in ahead of the crowd, perhaps it makes sense to look at one that is quiet, down, under followed, and no one wants. Then, when the market goes nuts for the stock, you can be a seller and notch some significant gains when everyone else is piling in.

I’d ask you to look back at my presentation on Plandai Biotech (PLPL)- back on March 26th. If you want to read the original presentation, simply go back and click on the date. At the time, the stock was $.25, and it’s quietly hovering just above my SSL of $.18- $.20 bid- but offered at $.245- we started at $.25, so no damage done on this one- still plenty of upside.

If you read the original presentation, this company is a combination Ag/Technology story that has developed a revolutionary new method for processing Green Tea Extract- a substance that is in high demand. This company is making the stuff 10 times more powerful than anyone else on Earth.

The company will be commercializing its product in South Africa with a debt financing of $13 million from the South African government, but the loan has not closed yet. When it does, I suspect the stock will go bonkers. It’s impossible to predict how high it will go, but the stock hit $.75 when the agreement was announced.

Today- in quiet trading, it’s about $.25.

I can’t guarantee it will head back to $.75- but I suspect the company is getting very close to closing this transaction, and once announced the stock will have a new life.

So, it you’re tired of chasing these stocks up and down the charts and trying to get on the right side of a trade, you want to own this one ahead of the closing, which I believe is imminent. If just makes too much sense from an economic development stand point.

Accumulate PLPL today while no one is paying attention. Look what happened with NVLX yesterday. Others have surged out of nowhere. Have a 2 to 4 week window in time, but don’t be surprised if the fireworks happen in short order. It simply makes too much sense- the South African government needs employers in these ag regions, and this company is perfectly positioned to put a mere $13 million to work- that’s chump change on a government scale, but huge for PLPL shareholders.

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Flipping the CALL and IRYS Pancake

Flipping the Pancake

Two of my 2012 calls have gone insane this week to the good and the bad, and it’s time to turn the pancake over on both of them. Magic Jack (NASDAQ: CALL), which has been a monster win, is offering us another opportunity to make money in my view. More below.

Recently introduced iTrackr Systems (OTC BB: IRYS), has been a absolute mess and I believe has been targeted by market makers who are aggressively shorting the stock. The stock might have now sold off enough to be good enough for a bounce, and that’s the other side of the pancake.

Here’s a review:

iTrackr (IRSY) Under Attack

My recent idea on IRYS looked pretty darn good out of the gates- having made a short term move from my $.68 entry level to about $.85- a quick gain of about 25% in the first two trading days. Yesterday, however, was a different story.

While I was making an appearance as the guest host on the Big Biz Show ( btw- sorry the online broadcast got screwed up- it should be working now)- the stock got absolutely annihilated.

To me, this looks like a classic manipulated short raid on the stock by market makers. You simply don’t see stocks trade like this for no reason.

Actually, in my view, there were some reasons behind this little penny stock getting tagged with the short seller bulls eye- there was some content published on the company from other sources that was highly inflammatory in my view, and brought poor little IRYS squarely into the short cross hairs.

The stock has traded an incredible amount of volume since making it’s debut last week. There are only about 8 million shares in the public float. The stock has traded 8.8 million shares since last Wednesday- there’s no way every single share in the public float has changed hands.

A quick look at the chart tells the whole story. Stocks don’t drop like that with no news. The two day drop is insane.

The stock may have made its bottom today. There was mid morning news that seemed to turn the tide, and it’s an endorsement of the company’s potential from a really strong investor.

About mid morning IRYS disclosed it has received an executed term sheet from Cornucopia Fund- managed by Omar Amanat. According to the news, Mr. Amanat is the co-founding board member of Twilight Studio as well as Summit Entertainment’s largest shareholder; Peak Group Holdings. He provided and raised 50% of the capital during Peak’s $1 Billion financing of Summit Entertainment. Recently Summit was sold to Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. (NYSE: LGFNews) for $412 Million.

Summit Entertainment owned Twilight Studio- the studio of the Twilight Movie Series Franchise. Just Google Omar Amanat – you will see this guy is one big hitter. The fund executed a term sheet which allows them to invest up to $1 million in IRYS at a fixed price of $.40. It was not disclosed how much has been invested so far. The shares the fund is purchasing will not be free trading for 6 months.

The stock is regaining some ground since this news came out. Perhaps short sellers are rethinking their view on this company after the indirect endorsement of one of the most astute investors and successful businessmen around.

In the meantime, my SSL, as published on the home page, for IRYS was $.60. If you’re out, you might want to consider coming back in. This could be a “V” shaped bottom if short sellers decide to start covering.

This one could be good for a bounce. I haven’t seen one attacked like this in sometime, so it’s a little strange, but could be a tremendous opportunity.

BTW- Full disclosure-I’m still long every single share I had when I published on IRYS last week. I have my own money at risk. I have not been paid anything by the company.

Magic Jack (NASDAQ: CALL) – Let’s Have Another Look

CALL has just gone nuts, rolling through $20 without much problem as settling in around $23. Fantastic move, and I hope everyone clipped 400% off the call options I recommended.

It might be time to either buy a put, sell or call, or short this stock. Next Monday the company comes out with the 2011 year end audit numbers after the market closes.

Now, I have no idea how good the earnings will be, but here’s what I do know.

95% of the time, when a stock makes a big run into earnings, it blips up briefly after the release, then sells off as the hot money comes out on the news.

I see no reason why that pattern wouldn’t repeat itself here.

Tomorrow I’ll have a specific recommendation for a trade on a post earnings pullback.

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Stevia Corp (STEV): Volume Breakout Alert

October 16, 2011
XIII, Issue 97

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Pretty Flowers Equal Profits


The pretty flower you see pictured here is all about your Blood Glucose level, believe it or not.

This is one of the species of the genus Stevia- a genus of about 240 herbs and shrubs in the sunflower family. The word “Stevia” is derived from the more common names for this genus: sweetleaf, sweet leaf, and sugar leaf.

Why is this so important? Because the extract from Stevia has 300 times the sweetness of sugar, and the taste has a slower onset and a longer duration. Most importantly, Stevia extracts have little effect on the consumer’s blood glucose levels. Therefore, none of the bad stuff associated with sugar.

What that means? Stevia is the new major sugar substitute on the block.

Widespread use of Stevia as a sweetener goes back to Japan in 1970. Western cultures were slow to adapt as we had other artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose, and saccharin.

The food industry is now moving away from chemical, artificially created sugar substitutes towards the natural product. Artificial sweeteners are known for their questionable after taste and controversial heath hazards.

Stevia appears to be the first fully adopted sugar substitute with known of those characteristics. It’s use is being widely adopted- want some of the names? You really only need to know 2- Pepsi (NYSE: PEP) and Coke (NYSE: K)- need I say more? There’s many more, but that’s about all you need to know in the beverage industry.

Stevia production is growing very rapidly on a global basis as demand for the natural sugar free sweetener is growing very dramatically.

After FDA approval in 1998, it took one year for Stevia sales to surpass sales figures for both saccharine and aspartame. Stevia is now in over 6,000 products and growing rapidly. In 1998 The Wall Street Journal called Stevia the “Holy Grail for beverage companies”, and the Journal has turned out to be right.

Enter Stevia Corp (OTC BB: STEV): Hot Right Out of the Gates


On September 22nd, Stevia Corp completed a voluntary share exchange with Stevia Ventures International, and the public company was born.

Stevia Corp is now a farm management company with a focus on Stevia agronomics, which include plant breeding, best agricultural practices, and post-harvest techniques. Presently, STEV has acquired two grower supply contracts and three nursery fields in Vietnam.

Last week on September 12th, STEV announced it had entered into a two year development agreement with Agro Genesis, a Singapore based Agro expert.

This presentation is going to be (yes pun intended) short, and SWEET. Why, because this is all about the volume. Consider this edition a MAJOR VOLUME ALERT.

STEV has only been public for a couple of weeks. In general, when companies come public via RTO, it takes a while and some corporate achievement for interest to develop in the stock. Not the case with STEV- this stock is absolutely rocking on the volume side.

Forget for the moment the size of the industry and the use of the product. When you look at the very recent volume in the stock, it tells you there is something very interesting and there are high expectations by the market for upside movement in STEV.

Look at the last 7 trading days- here’s the successive volume, starting from zero:

  • 985,685
  • 871,673
  • 1,117,551
  • 665,760
  • 200,890
  • 178,530
  • 574,488

With really little news and little fanfare, this stock has traded a total of 4,594,577 shares. That’s nearly $5 million worth of stock changing hands in the first 7 trading days of this stock’s life.

There’s something big going on here, and the volume is tipping you off.

I believe there’s a good chance this stock is ready to explode off the screen. The downside risk seems worth the upside as the stock is very liquid, but hasn’t really broken out to the upside yet.

I believe, in the short term (next 2 to 4 weeks), this stock could easily be headed into the $1.30 to $1.50 range, which represents a 30% to 50% return for you in a very short period of time.

Accumulate up to $1.10. SSL: $.85 (seems reasonable to risk 15%). Short term price target: $1.30 to $1.50, with a longer term price target of $3 to $5 looking out a year to 3 years.

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