BrandPartners Break Out

BPTR hit a new post OTC Journal coverage high today of $1.08, and finished the day at a new closing high of $1.04. This is the first time the stock has closed over the $1 mark since first featuring the company back in October at $.65.

From a valuation perspective, with an estimated $.14 per share in earnings for 2004, this stock is still absurdly undervalued, especially if they can maintain their torrid growth pace from 2004 and stay profitable.

The stock really broke out when it finally eclipsed the $.90 level in late December after three tries.

As you can see from the chart, $.90 has now become support instead of resistance. I see nothing but higher levels ahead. Pullbacks should be used as buying opportunities. This one is just getting started. $1.50 remains conservative target price.

16 thoughts on “BrandPartners Break Out

  1. Penny stock weekly also follows BPTR. They look to take half profits at $1.25 and let the rest ride.

    Editor: Don: Not a bad strategy. However, if it does break above the $1.20 mark it will be making a new all time high since restructuring. You could end up giving up some profits.

  2. I think you are correct. I have accumulated 88,500 shares so far and will go to 100,000 on any dip. My average price is about $081.5. Keep us informed. ty JLP

  3. You are correct in your analaysis. I have purchased 88,000 at an Average of $0.815, and will purchase up to 100,000 shares on any pull back. Over $1.50, I will probably double up. Keep us informed. ty jlp

  4. This is a diamond in the rough. I have followed company since it was private. Great new management, niche service, way undervalued. I am accumulating.


    Editor: I believe you doing the right thing. Sooner or later someone is going to come along and want this company and its stock in a big way.

  5. can someone explain to me the recent sec filing on 2/01/05


    Editor: It looks like it was just an ammendment to a previously filed registration statement from last year. Pretty much a non event as far as I can tell.



  6. Since it has droppped a little below $1 should you accumulate more shares now?


    Editor: Doug- planning a Blog update on BPTR later today or first thing in the AM. Will have a look at the chart.

  7. Since the stock has dropped below $1 do you think this is a time to accumulate? I got in when it was .67


    Editor: Planning to do an edition or a blog entry on this soon.

  8. The large blocks are very confusing. It appears the SBSH has unlimited supply. What’s the deal?


    Editor: There is clearly some supply out there at this time. However, based on the large blocks you have noted, it would seem someone is willing to buy them at this level. Once this problem is cleaned out, the stock will probably try for its next level.

  9. How does the SHO designation affect the shares that trade? What is the short interest in the stock? Any idea???


    Editor: The stock is not on the threshold list, so I don’t believe there is any significant short interest in the stock. Besides, who would short a stock at this price with this corporate performance? You’d have to be crazy. Sooner or later someone is going to come along and want this stock.

  10. The activity today is great. It’s nice to see such large volume coming into the stock at it’s 52 week high. Plus, the 4MM contract doesn’t hurt.


    Editor: The 52 week high is actually $1.20, but it is trading at a new high since I first began covering the company.

  11. Do you know when the year end earnings will be announced? The 3Q’s results were released about 6 weeks after Q end. It now has been 2 months since year end. Thanks, JLP


    Editor: I don’t know exactly when they will be announced, but I am led to believe they will continue to be strong, and 1st quarter numbers will be strong as well.

  12. I was in the wooden furniture business before I retired. I have called the factory several times to try and arrange a plant tour. My calls have not been returned.


    Editor: Since I don’t run the company, I don’t know what to tell you. However, BPTR is a design company, not a manufacturer. They don’t own furniture manufacturing plants.

  13. SP holding above $1 with low volume, anyone know when the full year results are out?


    Editor: I believe they will be out Friday after the close, but I can’t say for certain.

  14. Does anyone ever give good news on Friday afternoon?


    Editor: I usually ask companies to put out good news on Fridays so the maximum number of investors possible have the opportunity to review the news before the next time the market opens.

  15. Go figure! BPTR peels off 16 cents over the week and leaves me scratching my head. I wonder.. what’s causing the sell-off… insiders dumping…retailers nervous about the year end report.. or is it just sell on the news. Well the Markets close and out comes the news. From what I can see, the good news story is fully intact. And, a strong book suggests this story only gets better as 05 unfolds. Now, I’m sorry I wasn’t fast enough to pick up more shares at 99 cents. Somehow I don’t think they’ll be selling at $. 99 on Monday morning.


    Editor: Not too far from $.99 as the day ends. A bit of a disappointment on the price, but the company is delivering the goods. I believe we will look back at this as a buying opportunity.

  16. 2 months on and now it’s trading at 87 cents. I just finished listening to the conference call and as far as I can see this company is in great shape. It just keeps growing its client base, it’s revenue and is making money. Obviously management is happy with growth and frustrated with valuation. Listing on the Amex is a goal and I get the impression that they are working towards that. Moving to a higher board aside, as I listen between the words I get the feeling that management believes their primary goal is to keep growing the company, and that doing so will eventually be rewarded by a higher evaluation. I like their focus on growing the business. This is a solid company on the OTCBB that has earned my patience.


    Editor: I agree- it is an easy one to hold on to in this lackluster market. If the stock can get to the $1.25 range, I believe they will qualify for AMEX and that might help tremendously.