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November 2000

Update on NetSol International (NASDAQ: NTWK)

Posted on November 14, 2000
Special Announcement for AOL Members: Please download the new AOL 6.0 version, and you will finally get a quality HTML version of our newsletter without using the link at the beginning. You can find it at AOL for free. Two companies we follow are sponsoring conference calls tomorrow morning to discuss... More »

PhotoChannel Networks (OTC BB: PHCHF; MSE: PNI) UPDATE

Posted on November 04, 2000
NetSol International Trading Alert- Red Hot We are finally rolling into November and small stocks are beginning to trade consistently well for the first time in months. Our last two Trading Alerts have both been winners, with NetSol International (NASDAQ: NTWK) closing above $11 from Thursday's alert... More »

Trading Alert: NetSol International (NASDAQ: NTWK)

Posted on November 02, 2000
Just a quick note on last week's trading alert- Udate (OTC BB: UDAT)- The stock so far has been a non-event. Nobody has made or lost much money. The company issued a press release yesterday stating their intention to apply for a NASDAQ listing- Look for the stock to trade above $4 tomorrow with a little... More »

October 2000

OTC Journal Review

Posted on October 30, 2000
This weekend's edition is devoted to four of the companies we write about frequently. We receive a lot of email about all four, and we thought it was appropriate to share our views on each of these stocks. It seems as if we are on the verge of returning to a bull market environment. Historically, September... More »

September 2000

Comment on NetSol International (NASDAQ: NTWK)l

Posted on September 10, 2000
At long last the Stoctalklive Application is now available in its first formal version. Many thanks to those members that helped during the beta testing phase. Use the Application- You Automatically Have a Chance To Win $1 Million We are very excited about our affiliation with StockTalkLive. Through... More »

August 2000

Netsol (Mirage Holdings) (NTWK) Stock Update

Posted on August 31, 2000
Recently we have had a major surge in membership to the OTC Journal as a result of our current Referral Contest. We are offering $10,000 in prize money for members that bring in the most referrals between now and the end of September. It has come to our attention that e-mail addresses are being entered... More »


Posted on August 26, 2000
Trading Alert: NetSol International- NASDAQ: NTWK On August 9th we published a short term trading alert on NetSol International, our favorite stock of all time. The stock closed at $26.875 that day.  We projected that the stock was destined for $30 short term. On August 11th the stock traded as... More »

Pawnbroker.com (PBRR) Stock Update

Posted on August 12, 2000
The behavior of the microcap stocks we follow is characteristic of the mature stages of a bear market. After several months of being dead on our computer screens, stocks are starting to surge on volume. Each of these surges is being sabotaged by sellers, but that is to be expected. As the stocks start... More »

NetSol International (NASDAQ: NTWK)- Possibly Higher in the Short Term

Posted on August 10, 2000
We've got our ear to the ground for potential money making opportunities during this exceedingly quiet August. Here's one idea worth having a look at. You make up your own mind. NetSol International (NASDAQ: NTWK)- Possibly Higher in the Short Term Long term members know this is our favorite stock and... More »

July 2000

Pawnbroker.com (OTC BB: PBRR)- A Major Breakthrough

Posted on July 11, 2000
We hadn't planned on doing a special Monday night edition, but there were a couple of events that we learned about after the market closed today which were too exciting to wait on until tomorrow. We wanted this information on everybody's desktop before the market opened tomorrow. You might want to act... More »

June 2000

NetSol International (NASDAQ: NTWK) Stock Review

Posted on June 29, 2000
  Special Announcement The Month of July is going to be very exciting for members of the OTC Journal.  We are introducing three new features that you can use to enhance your investing experience. We are going to start the month off with the launching of the new OTC Journal Referral Contest... More »


Posted on June 07, 2000
Market Comment As we predicted in last weekend's newsletter this has been a choppy week with slight upside bias. Friday's PPI number is huge for the market direction. Wall Street is totally focused on interest rates. The current rebound has been fueled by rising unemployment, decreasing housing starts... More »

March 2000

News Regarding NetSol International (NASDAQ: NTWK)

Posted on March 19, 2000
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our members that gave us feedback on the new format this past week. 95% of the e-mails we received favored the new look and scrolling ticker bar, so we will keep it.  The new format will not entirely appear for AOL subscribers, web based e-mail... More »

News on StockGroup Holdings, (OTC BB: SWEB), NetSol International, (NASDAQ: NTWK), and Envoy Communications (TSE: ECG)

Posted on March 03, 2000
There is a lot of exciting news to cover today. The market for small and micro caps exploded, and stocks are trading extremely well in this arena.  We just went through a minor correction, but the solid uptrend seems to be back in place. Here is a quick review of some of the exciting things that... More »

January 2000

NetSol International (NASDAQ: NTWK)- The News just keeps getting better

Posted on January 07, 2000
Welcome to the 21st Century. Consider people's lifestyle at the turn of the last century as opposed to today.  Now try to visualize life at the end of this century.  It boggles the mind. We have a lot of exciting programs planned for Year 2,000.  Here are two upcoming events you will want... More »