Blue Zone (OTC BB: BLZN)- Pioneers in the Broadcast Technology Tools for Convergence

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OTC Journal
November 13, 1999
Volume II, Issue 57

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Market Comment

In our opinion the market correction that began in Mid-July for the small and micro cap stocks is now over.  There may be some short term blips between now and the year 2,000, however, we believe that we will have a great market in our arena in the first six months of next year.

Many of the micro cap stocks that we follow are beginning to trade up off extended bottoms (recent examples include FNTTE and EGPDF), and there seems to be an absence of sellers.  Large cap Technology and Internet stocks are tearing up the charts, and the NASDAQ is making new all time highs.  Between now and the end of the year, we will be bringing you a number of new ideas and updates on some of the stocks we have previously covered, hopefully positioning you to make substantial profits in the first half of 2,000.

We are constantly on the outlook for exciting new Internet Related Technologies because the Internet is going to continue to grow at an astronomical rate.  The Company we are featuring this month provides a glimpse into the future of the Internet and the technology revolution which will allow the Internet to integrate into more traditional types of media.  If nothing else, this Company has one of the most unique and high impact web sites we have ever seen, and that alone is worth checking out.

Here is our November Profile:

Blue Zone, Inc.

The Future of the Internet: Convergence

Several centuries ago, the Printing Press was invented leading to the first form of media- the Newspaper.   Today, we refer to this whole industry group which includes all published text as "PRINT MEDIA".

Next came Radio, followed by Television.  Then, there was the recent phenomenal growth of the Internet.  Until then, Print, Radio, and TV were the medium by which we got out daily news and information.

Over the next five years, these four major Media Venues; Print, Radio, TV, and the Internet will blend into one hybrid medium which will give the viewer more content choices then ever imagined.

The term Convergence has been coined to describe the blending of all four forms of media, and Blue Zone (OTC BB: BLZN) is positioned with proprietary technology to be one of the leading companies in the business of providing broadcasters the tools to Converge Media on the fly right as the news is happening.  This is the future of broadcast news on all mediums.

Bandwidth: Its Growth and Importance

If you have a dial-up modem attached to your computer, and that's how you currently access the Internet, your technology in Internet Time is ancient history.

To provide you with quality content, both through your computer and your TV, bandwidth needs to increase to handle the enormous amounts of data and signals associated with enhanced content.  If you're not already experiencing High speed Internet access, you will be soon, either through High Speed DSL phone lines, new wireless technologies, satellites or cable (Cable Modems).

The big players began positioning themselves in the world of high speed bandwidth back in 1997.  Here are some recent events that demonstrate the importance of Bandwidth to the technology community:

Whether you're experiencing it now or not, increased bandwidth is here and it's only getting better, and with it media will Converge in ways we have yet to imagine.

Big Media is Storming the Web

The Internet has now proven itself to be a mass-market media.  Media Companies are increasingly using their marketing power to drive traffic to the Web, thereby leveraging their power.

Every major Network, top magazine, newspaper, and movie studio has a presence on the Web and is fighting for a competitive position.

Traditional media has embraced the Web by adding content, driving traffic, and leading the consolidation charge.  The Internet gives them the opportunity to leverage their mass market audiences to create new revenue opportunities.

Big Media is storming the Web because of the advantages it offers.  Here is a list of characteristics that major media companies love about the Web:

Blue Zone (OTC BB: BLZN)- Pioneers in the Broadcast Technology Tools for Convergence

Simply defined, the term "Convergence" describes the bridging of the gap between TV, Radio, Print, and the Internet.

There are no other public companies that we can find that compete with Blue Zone.  They provide the tools required for TV, Radio, and Print media to converge with the Internet.

Their technologies allow producers to author Interactive News on the fly as it is happening.

Here is the way the Company describes itself:

"Blue Zone is an award-winning leader in interactive television, radio, advertising and the Web.  Blue Zone is building a "convergence network" integrating TV, the Internet and print media.  Through its on-air/online toolkits, Blue Zone delivers new revenue streams and audiences to broadcasters.  For viewers world-wide, Blue Zone offers round-the-clock news, entertainment and e-commerce on TV, computers and hand-held devices."

On November 1st, Blue Zone announced the launch of its proprietary enhanced TV platform, which is an innovative product designed to reposition television stations at the center of the Interactive Universe.  This is a milestone product which TV stations can use to create Interactive Content on the Fly.

It is difficult to describe in print how this actually works, but we've seen it, and we'll give it our best try.

Here are several examples which may help you visualize Convergence:

Example One

You are sitting at home in the morning watching your favorite financial news station.  There is a story on a stock you follow.  You have WebTV on your television.  You click on the name of the company on your TV screen.  You are automatically connected to the Internet, and a browser opens at the bottom of the screen, leaving picture-on-picture with the news story at the top.

You immediately go to a chart on the stock, or other related stories you see through your browser, so that now you are in control of the content being routed to the bottom of your picture.

You quickly make a buy or sell decision on the stock based on instantaneous information you have chosen, and execute the transaction immediately through your on-line brokerage account.

Example TWO

You go to work during the Major League Baseball playoffs.  You go to your favorite web site with the latest live scores and highlights from today's game.

Your team is winning, and you want to watch the Game.  You go to a live video feed from the Web Site for the last couple of innings.  Your team wins.  You are so excited that you immediately connect to the team's Web Site which is linked at the bottom of your screen and purchase play off tickets.  You then go to the team's on-line store, and order two commemorative T-shirts from the championship.

Example Three

You are listening to the radio on the way to work, and they announce a special promotion for tickets to an upcoming concert which requires you to answer some trivia questions.

You get to work and on your PC you go to the Radio Station's Web Site, where there is a live video feed of the Radio Station's broadcast studio, a live broadcast of their show, and the contest is available to enter via a link at the bottom of your monitor screen.  You open the contest window, submit you entry on-line, and win the tickets while listening to a live broadcast and watching the host of the show at the top of your screen.

Hopefully this attempt to describe Convergence paints a picture of the tremendous future revenue possibilities, for advertisers and the networks.  A lot of what we have described here is currently available, however, bandwidth to the average desktop prevents the delivery of much of this quality content.

Existing Customer Base and Products

Blue Zone is not a start-up.  They have been in business for nearly a decade, and have an impressive track record.  As long ago as November of 1997, Blue Zone won the award for "Best of Comdex" for technical achievement. The award was given for the Blue Zone designed BCTEL MultiMedia Gateway (MMG) Service. This high speed Internet service is built on ADSL technology, and provides the fastest consumer connection currently available (1.5 mbps).

Their client list includes the following well recognized names:

A list of press releases and achievements can be reached by clicking here.

They have recently introduced several new Platforms by which Media Producers can create a live multimedia experience for viewers on the fly, or as it is happening. Click Here to read the press release.

The News Biz Platform allows producers to create "Lower Third" Graphics (the bottom third of your monitor) on which links can take viewers to related information.

Media BZ, Radio BZ, and Film BZ are all tools that can be made available to content creators.  The Company creates revenues through strategic consulting, production and maintenance fees for broadcaster's web sites, and shares in revenues from these sites.

Recent Financing

Blue Zone initially began to trade publicly on September 7th, via an RTO (reverse takeover) from a company formerly known as Western Foods.  On October 14th, Western Foods officially changed names to Blue Zone, and the symbol became BLZN.

In the interim, on September 23rd, Blue Zone announced the completion of a private placement, yielding $5.25 million in proceeds to the Company. Click Here to read this press release.

This is important for two reasons.  First, we know that the company has the capital it requires to launch these initial Convergence technologies.

Secondly, the pricing of the funding is very important to investors contemplating a purchase of shares in the open market.  This private placement was done in the form of units priced at $5.63.  Each unit contained one restricted share of common stock and 1/2 of a purchase warrant.

These restricted shares are not eligible to trade publicly for one year under SEC Rule 144.  The associated warrant converts at $5.63.

Investors choosing to purchase shares in this Company that are restricted with a cost basis of $5.63 did so with the expectation of getting a return on their investment.  However, shares of Blue Zone closed today at $5 in open market trading, allowing the individual investor an entrance level 11% lower than institutional investors paid two months ago without the burden of a one year restriction.

To us, this entry level represents opportunity.  As our members know, our theme is to try to uncover young and exciting companies with new technologies that you wouldn't be likely to find out about on your own.  Very little is known about Blue Zone, but if they become a leader in the new Convergence Technologies that allow the Internet, TV, Radio, and Print to blend successfully, it is a certainty that Wall Street will learn about them and higher levels are a reasonable expectation.

Several Important Notes

Please visit their Web Site found at, and check it out.  The site has some of the most clever Internet tricks we have ever seen, and it is worth spending some time there.  See if you can figure out how to access some of the information contained within.  The Team and Projects sections are particularly clever.  Hint: after you get past the Flash Clip, click on the word "SET".

When you get to the home page, you may not be able to view it if you don't have Flash 4 installed on your computer.  The "ToolBox" will allow you to download the latest version.

You can also go to the HTML version if you are a less advanced Web Surfer for information on the Company.

There have been no financial statements published yet as the Company just became Public two months ago.  We will provide them for you as soon as they are made public.  However, the recent $5.25 million funding gave us a comfort level that the company had the required capital to execute their business plan.

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